TCOOP: wcsquad3 wins Event #25 ($215 NLHE), $85K after four-way chop

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngMarking the midway point of the 50-event Turbo Championship of Online Poker was Event #25, a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament. Think Sunday Million, only with 5-minute levels, meaning a winner would necessarily be determined in considerably less time than the 12 hours or so it normally takes to decide the most popular weekly tourney in online poker.

All told 3,589 entered this one, creating a total prize pool of $717,800 and besting the tourney's $500K guarantee. The top 450 finishers were scheduled to divide the loot, with $112,696.12 due the player collecting all 17,945,000 chips barring any final-table deals.

It took about two hours and 15 minutes for the cast bubble to burst, at which point Pupfishes led the way with just over 182,000, kolko7 was next with about 162,000, and felixschmu third with right at 140,000.

There were three representing Team PokerStars among the final 450 players. Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, Challenger to Team PokerStars Greece, had an above-average stack of about 72,000, while both Martin Staszko (Team PokerStars Czech Republic) and Alex Kravchencko (Team PokerStars Russia) were hovering below average with about 30,000 each.

Within half an hour they were already down to 150, with two of those three PokerStars representatives among the casualties. First Staszko was knocked out by KingGr in 380th ($387.61). Then Kalfas saw most of his short stack go to Donkab0mber, then the rest to atticus '35 to go out in 329th ($409.14).

Meanwhile Kravchenko hung on a bit longer, slipping quickly into the danger zone, then doubling through wcsquad3 to extend his tourney life a bit longer. But a few hands and a few levels later Kravchenko would be all in against wcsquad3 with A♥Q♠ to the latter's pocket tens, and after the community cards didn't improve the Russian's hand he was out in 130th ($882.89).

As the field quickly shrunk below 100, it was Donkab0mber who'd pushed out to be the first player over 1 million chips, sitting well in front with FouTight his nearest competitor with just over 600,000.

But others would soon rush past Donkab0mber as players continued to fall at a rapid pace, with Kravchenko-killer wcsquad3 becoming the first to 2 million with 20 players left. Five eliminations later, wcsquad3 was the first to reach 3 million as well, though would lose a chunk to kashmirpoker after his 8♦8♥ failed to hold up versus A♣[10d] with 11 players left.

That hand occurred just before the four-hour break, at which point kashmirpoker had jumped into the lead with just over 2.91 million, bearsfan75 was next with 2.53 million, and wcsquad3 now third with 2.52 million.

Not long after play resumed, kashmirpoker knocked out xbet_kiddi in 11th ($4,414.47), then Donkb0mber lost most of his stack to dUT73 after the latter's K♦Q♦ outdrew Donkb0mber's A♦6♦.

Down to just over 225,000, Donkb0mber picked up K♦K♠ and quickly committed his stack from UTG. It folded back to kashmirpoker who'd already put in the 140,000 big blind, and he called the difference with 6♦5♣.

Alas for Donkb0mber, the board came 3♥2♣J♣4♥3♠, giving kashmirpoker the straight and knocking Donkb0mber out in 10th ($4,414.47).

Just over four hours in, the final nine had been set.


Seat 1: MilanRabsz -- 1,916,682
Seat 2: PokerAlex84 -- 1,043,870
Seat 3: kashmirpoker -- 4,750,076
Seat 4: wcsquad3 -- 1,968,336
Seat 5: bearsfan775 -- 2,248,826
Seat 6: BenaBadBeat -- 970,852
Seat 7: yali1961 -- 1,862,316
Seat 8: fricirics -- 1,582,908
Seat 9: dUT73 -- 1,601,134

It would take just under an orbit for the first elimination to occur. With the blinds up to 80,000/160,000 (Level 45), PokerAlex84 raised all in for 666,370 from the cutoff and it folded to bearsfan775 in the big blind who called.

PokerAlex84 showed A♠3♥ to bearsfan775's K♠6♠. The board rolled out 5♥A♦6♥, pairing both players. But the turn brought the 6♦ to give bearsfan775 trips, and after the Q♥ river PokerAlex84 was out in ninth.

A little later it was yali1961 shoving all in for 1,141,066 -- about 4.5 big blinds -- from early position and getting one caller in kashmirpoker from the button. yali1961 had A♣4♠ and was hoping to catch an ace to beat kashmirpoker's K♠K♥. But the community cards came 2♠8♠5♣J♥Q♦, and yali1961 hit the rail in eighth.

The next three knockouts took place in the span of just four hands.

First bearsfan775 pushed from middle position for 895,186 with A♥J♦ and MilanRabsz called from the BB with Q♥3♦. The board brought a pair for bearsfan775, but trips for MilanRabsz, coming A♠3♣2♣T♥3♠ to send bearsfan775 away in seventh.

On the next hand wcsquad3 open-pushed for just over 2.84 million from UTG and it folded around to MilanRabsz in the small blind who called for his stack of 2,378,118. wcsquad3 had 9♥9♣ and MilanRabsz Q♠Q♥, but the flop came 9♦6♠8♦ to give wcsquad3 a set. The turn was the K♣ and river the 6♣, and MilanRabsz was gone in sixth.

Then two hands later it was dUT73 pushing for 1,117,384 (less than four BBs) from UTG and fricirics calling from the big blind. dUT73 had Q♠9♠ and fricirics A♦2♥, and this time the best preflop hand held as the board came 4♥8♦K♣5♠A♣ to eliminate dUT73 in fifth.

After that flurry, the remaining four called a halt to things to talk about a possible deal. At that point wcsquad3 had a small lead with 5.18 million to BenaBadBeat's 5.17 million, with fricirics third with about 4.54 million and kashmirpoker last with almost 3.05 million.

With the help of host and Team Online member Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman, "chip chop" numbers were produced. Those figures came out to $76,631.37 for wcsquad3, $76.559.14 for BenaBadBeat, $72,270.96 for fricirics, and $62,068.15 for kashmirpoker, leaving $10,000 for which to play.

Three players agreed, but kashmirpoker wanted to compare those figures to ICM calculations. As kashmirpoker worked out those numbers himself, fricirics chimed in:

fricirics: Kashmir! do not play 4 max 35k sng!

There was $297,529.62 left of the prize pool to be divided between the four players, and with the average stack a little under 15 big blinds it certainly appeared everyone was eager to deal.

After a few minutes kashmirpoker produced new figures based on his ICM calculations: wcsquad $75,653.01, benabadbeat $75,605.14, fricirics $72,587.55, and kashmirpoker $63,683.91, again leaving $10k for the eventual winner. After a bit of discussion the other three said they were fine with the new figures, although after double-checking the math Thurman had to inform the group that kashmirpoker's total was off by one cent.

kashmirpoker: lol
fricirics: :)
kashmirpoker: take 1 cent from me then
kashmirpoker: as punishment
wcsquad3: take it kashmir you earned it
BenaBadBeat: yep
kashmirpoker: lol

Indeed, that extra penny would go to kashmirpoker. The deal having been sealed, cards were soon back in the air.

On the very first hand back, kashmirpoker open-raised all in for 3,010,306 from the button and BenaBadBeat called from the big blind. kashmirpoker had K♠6♦ and BenaBadBeat 8♣8♠, and five cards later -- 5♦T♠Q♠3♣T♥ -- they were down to three.

Five hands after that wcsquad3 had lost some chips, but doubled through fricirics when his K♠Q♥ caught two pair versus fricirics' A♦J♥ on a preflop all-in. That left fricirics with but 373,410 chips, all of which went in on the next hand after a wcsquad3 button raise.

fricirics had a fighting hand -- A♦6♥ -- versus wcsquad3's K♠T♣, and was still good through the turn as the board came 7♥9♣7♣Q♥. But the river was the K♣, pairing wcsquad3 and knocking out fricirics in third.

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Heads-up play began with wcsquad3 out in front with 11,262,990 versus BenaBadBeat's 6,682,010. The two played relatively cautiously for the next several hands, during which stretch BenaBadBeat closed the gap to pull close to even.

The pair managed to play 26 hands altogether, with the end finally coming near the end of Level 49 (blinds 200,000/400,000).

In the final hand, wcsquad3 opened for the minimum to 800,000 on the button, then BenaBadBeat reraised all in for 8,382,010. wcsquad3 made the call, leaving about 1 million behind.

wcsquad3: J♠J♣
BenaBadBeat: J♦T♦

BenaBadBeat needed help, but the board didn't bring it, coming Q♥7♠Q♠6♥4♣. Just a tad over five hours after it had begun, TCOOP #25 had a champion!

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Congratulations to wcsquad3 for taking down the TCOOP title and grabbing the extra $10,000 following the four-way chop. A nice $85k-plus score for wcsquad3, not to mention the groovy TCOOP gold-plated card capper!

TCOOP Event #25 Results ($215 NLHE) (*reflects four-way deal):
1st: wcsquad3 ($85,653.01)*
2nd: BenaBadBeat ($75,605.14)*
3rd: fricirics ($72,587.55)*
4th: kashmirpoker ($63,683.92)*
5th: dUT73 ($30,729.01)
6th: MilanRabsz ($23,328.50)
7th: bearsfan775 ($16,150.50)
8th: yali1961 ($8,972.50)
9th: PokerAlex84 ($5,742.40)

As mentioned we're just tripping over the midway point of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. But it's moving fast! Check out the TCOOP site for details regarding remaining events and satellites.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in TCOOP