TCOOP: Who needs a schedule?

TCOOP logo.pngI have to confess that my tournament game is a bit rusty because I haven't played many big tournaments lately. My main issue about playing big tournaments is that if I do well, they take too long and that makes it really hard to have a working schedule like non-poker professionals have.

However...turbos are a different story and most of my poker play has been turbos. The beauty about big turbo tournaments is that you can start one right after lunch and finish it before dinner time!

To be honest, I haven't planned a schedule around the TCOOP tournaments, because I just came back from the Bahamas. But, guess what? I don't have to, because the tournaments won't take 8-12 hours to finish. I can just decide to play a tournament and since it will most likely not take more than 3 or 4 hours, I won't have to think too much ahead on my planning.

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The strategy for turbo tournaments is a bit different than the strategy for regular tournaments. It might be because you get less time to play with each player and there is a bigger guessing game, since there is less information. However, I feel that what really impacts the play style is that most people feel like they need to put their chips in the pot quicker at turbos, even when it's still too early for that. Well, if everyone is playing looser, you need to open your stacking off range a bit, but the key words here are "a bit." This is my advice for the early levels, but whenever you get less than 20 or 30 big blinds, don't be shy with your chips, otherwise you won't survive long. I think that the key advice there is "Be aggressive to survive."

PokerStars innovated quite a bit with their Turbo Championship of Online Poker and it's a great opportunity to play in a series of big tournaments without the usual time commitment that comes with them, but with all the fun of tournament poker!

As always, PokerStars will have a ton of satellites for each main event and a huge range of buy-ins, so you can always expect to find something for you there!

See you at the tournaments!

André Coimbra
@PokerStars in TCOOP