TCOOP: wintyara swiftly secures Event #33 title ($33 razz)

13996-TCOOP-thumb.pngRazz has a well-earned reputation as one of poker's most painful variants, the sad brick-brick-brick of uncooperative late-street cards having caused immeasurable suffering to many who have played the game.

Accelerate the pace of the game by spreading it as a turbo-style tourney, however, and the duration of such suffering becomes reduced considerably. And so, in let's-get-this-over-with fashion, TCOOP Event #33 ($33 razz) came and went in a flash. Before the crying could go on too long.

A total of 2,178 players put up the $33 entry fee for Event #33, making for a total prize pool of $65,340 and once again topping another TCOOP guarantee (this one $50K). The top 288 finishers divided the dough, with $11,222.69 due the winner.

It would take just under two hours for the cash bubble to burst, with none of the half-dozen or so representatives of Team PokerStars who participated having made the money. The closest misses were Anders "Donald" Berg (Team Online) who finished 388th and Team Pro Martin Staszko who was eliminated in 354th.

At the two-hour break there were 280 players left, with giRL90ihqdaa, JD9712, and as1025 atop the leaderboard.

As the stakes continued to rise swiftly every five minutes, the field shrunk dramatically over the next hour, whittling down to just 20 players. By that point wintyara had collected enough bets to take the lead with over 2.33 million, followed by mire (1.84 million) and Nakkehai (1.13 million).

It would then require less than 10 minutes for them to reach the final table. As it happened, eliminations happening almost simultaneously at the last two tables meant that only seven players would be left when the first final table hand was dealt.

Over at the five-handed table, a short-stacked sateboy was all in by third street against Madhouse77 and soon was eliminated in ninth ($490.05) Meanwhile at the four-handed table, it was Nakkehai claiming the last of ahustler147's chips to send the latter out in eighth ($653.40).

With just seven left, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Nakkehai -- 1,306,463
Seat 2: wintyara -- 3,230,172
Seat 3: heniek31 -- 1,364,184
Seat 4: empty
Seat 5: JD9712 -- 710,180
Seat 6: gandolo -- 815,248
Seat 7: imre -- 2,488,256
Seat 8: Madhouse77 -- 975,497

The stakes were already 120,000/240,000 (Level 35) by the time the final table began, meaning even the leaders didn't have too many big bets with which to battle.

It took just five hands for the next elimination. On third, gandolo raised with a [7] showing and Madhouse77 made it two bets with an [A]. It folded back and gandolo called. Both checked fourth, then gandolo led fifth with [7][T][5] showing and Madhouse77 called with [A][J][3] up. Madhouse77 drew an [8] on sixth while gandolo picked up a pairing [T], and when Madhouse77 bet gandolo raised for the last of his stack, getting a call.

Madhouse showed [7][4] / [A][J][3][8] to gandolo's [2][6] / [7][T][5][T]. Madhouse77 drew a [4] on seventh while gandolo got a [7] -- pairing cards for both -- meaning Madhouse77's 8-7-4-3-A was best and gandolo was out in seventh.

The next knockout happened moments later. wintyara had pushed over 4 million, and started pushing the action, too, after calling heniek31's raise on third, betting out on the next three streets and getting called by heniek31 until the latter was all in. wintyara showed [7][2] / [8][A][2][4] and heniek31 [2][A] / [6][J][3][9], and after both were dealt jacks on seventh it was wintyara's 8-7-4-2-A beating heniek31's 9-6-3-2-A to reduce the field to five.

Just two hands later the stakes were 200,000/400,000 when a series of third-street raises saw Nakkehai all in versus JD9712 and imre. JD9712 then bet fourth and was called, then raised all in after imre bet fifth.

JD9712: [8][2] / [A][4][7]
imre: [5][2][ / [4][2][3]
Nakkehai: [5][A] / [3][Q][2]

Decent draws all around. Didn't work out so well for Nakkehai, though, who ended up getting another [Q] and a [T] to be knocked out in fifth place. imre picked up a [9] and [4] to wind up with a 9-low, while JD9712 drew a [6] and [8] for a 7-6-4-2-A and survival.

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Just two hands after that, imre and Madhouse77 bet back and forth until imre was all in on third street, and when all of the cards were dealt imre had [7][J] / [6][8][2][2] / [K] for a jack-low, not enough against the 8-low of Madhouse77's [8][9] / [4][7][3][T] / [5], meaning imre was out in fourth.

The remaining trio played a few hands before having the tourney paused to talk about making a deal. By then wintyara led with 4,378,356, JD9712 was next with 3,803,183, and Madhouse77 third with 2,708,461.

The three agreed to terms in short order, leaving $1,000 on the table for which to play. "Well done gentlemen," typed JD9712 to his opponents. "You were by far my toughest opponents." Good luck wishes were exchanged, and soon cards were being dealt once more.

After about 10 minutes wintyara had increased his lead, pushing out over 6.54 million to Madhouse77's 2.59 million and JD9712's 1.75 million.

Then, with the stakes 300,000/600,000 (Level 39), wintyara and Madhouse77 would each put the maximum four bets in on both third and fourth streets, plus enough to get the last of Madhouse77's chips in on fifth.

A snapshot at that moment:

wintyara: [4][5] / [6][3][6]
Madhouse77: [5][4] / [7][9][2]

And then another seconds later:

wintyara: [4][5] / [6][3][6][J] / [A] -- 6-5-4-3-A
Madhouse77: [5][4] / [7][9][2][2] / [J] -- 9-7-5-4-2

Madhouse77 was out in third.

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Heads-up play began with wintyara the massive leader with 9,284,317 to JD9712's 1,605,683. JD9712 would chip back some over the next 15 hands, but was still way behind with just 2.57 million to wintyara's 8.31 million when the final hand took place.

The stakes now 400,000/800,000 (Level 40), the pair put three bets each in on third, then three plus a little more in on fourth to get JD9712 all in. wintyara had [9][2] / [5][7] and JD9712 [6][8] / [4][T].

wintyara would pick up a [4] and then two queens to make 9-7-5-4-2, and that would prove enough as JD9712 drew [8][A][Q] to end with a T-8-6-4-A. Take a look:

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Congratulations to wintyara for winning Event #33 and the TCOOP title, besting a field of 2,178 in a quick -- and hopefully mostly pain-free -- three hours and 43 minutes!

TCOOP Event #33 Results ($33 Razz) (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: wintyara ($9,517.86)*
2nd: JD9712 ($8,214.33)*
3rd: Madhouse77 ($7,636.61)*
4th: imre ($4,573.80)
5th: Nakkehai ($3,267)
6th: heniek31 ($1,960.20)
7th: gandolo ($1,360.80)
8th: ahustler147 ($653.40)

A few more days of TCOOPin' remain. Check that Turbo Championship of Online Poker site for information about remaining events and satellites.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in TCOOP