2013 TCOOP: Kolbi111 clobbers PLO field en route to victory in Event #30 ($11+R PLO 6-max)

Germany's Kolbi111 began the final table third overall in chips and sat back until it got three-handed before launching an full-out assault on the other two players. They never saw it coming. In consecutive hands, Kolbi111 dispatched each of them and secured a TCOOP title in Event #30.

Event #30 $11+R PLO (6-max, 3x Turbo) attracted 5,083 runners, who added 21,830 re-buys and 2,607 add-ons. They created a total prize pool worth $295,200. The top 660 places paid out with $45,019.74 set aside for the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros in this event included Johnny Lodden (244th), Toni Judet (272nd), Martin Hruby (874th), Andre Akkari (916th), Fatima DeMelo (1,033rd), Marcin Horecki (2,186th), and Michael "DocMick" Keiner (2,399th).

PokerStars Team Online members in the hunt for a TCOOP crown included GodlikeRoy (117th), mement_mori (696th), and sirfreddy83 (1,672nd).

The money bubble burst 2 hours and 35 minutes into the tournament. Three PokerStars players secured themselves a cash (Team Pros Johnny Lodden and Toni Judet, and Team Online GodlikeRoy). With 660 remaining, Johnny Lodden was in the top 50 in chips.

Toni Judet and Johnny Lodden eliminated

Romanian Team Pro Toni Judet cashed in Event #30, but failed to go super-deep. Judet met his fate when he opened to 100,000 and wriedthansen called from the big blind. The flop was Q♦8♥2♦.... wriedthansen bet 220,000, Toni Judet moved all-in for 223,888, and wriedthansen called.

Toni Judet: A♠A♣5♦5♠
wriedthansen: Q♠7♠4♠3♠

Judet was ahead with Aces against wriedthansen's top pair, but the turn was the J♦ and the river was the 4♣. Judet had Aces snapped off when wriedthansen rivered two pair to win the pot. Team PokerStars Tonu Judet finished in 272nd place, which paid out $153.50.

Johnny Lodden held a big stack for most of the day and he met his demise playing a rather large pot. Lodden initiated the fracas when he raised to 88,000 and shinbunshi called from the small blind. The flop was 9♠4♥2♣ and both players checked. The turn was the A♥... shinbunshi checked, Lodden fired out 99,000, shinbunshi check-raised to 480,000, Lodden bombed it all-in for 489,644, and shinbunshi called. Lodden was ahead with A♠K♣T♣3♠ for a pair of Aces, but shinbunshi held a flush draw. The 7♥ spiked on the river and filled in shinbunshi's flush. Lodden lost the pot and headed to the exit in 244th place, which paid out $165.31.

Godlike Roy eliminated

It was time for GodlikeRoy to make a stand. He was getting short and the field was being liquidated so fast it was hard to keep up with the eliminations. Yayundray opened to 300,000, GodlikeRoy moved all-in for 302,926 and Yayundray called. Yayundray led with A♠Q♦8♠3♣ vs. GodlikeRoy's 8♥7♦6♦3♦. The board ran out K♥9♥5♣J♥9♠. Both players did not improve their hands, but Yayundray won the pot with a pair of nines and an Ace-high kicker. Team Online GodlikeRoy went busto in 117th place and won $280.44.

With ten remaining, abruzzi1988 was the chipleader with a 30 million stack. Action went hand-for-hand when the field thinned to only seven players. Abruzzi1988 was still in front with 42 million.

Short-stacked blackDonii bombed in all-in for 5,027,135 and Artem205 re-raised to 17,081,405. Everyone else got out of the way. Artem205 trailed with A♣8♦7♦5♦ against blackDonii's A♠K♥7♥2♦. The board ran out Q♦T♠9♦6♦K♠. Artem205 won the hand with a Queen-high flush. Hungary's blackDonii lost with a pair of Kings and bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Event #30 $11+R PLO 6-max - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Kolbi111 (36,954,230)
Seat 2: foxinfox (21,786,412)
Seat 3: Artem205 (41,326,612)
Seat 4: abruzzi1988 (38,720,927)
Seat 5: Tinas21 (4,548,152)
Seat 6: trampek (15,612,667)

The final table commenced during Level 47 with blinds at 1 million/2 million. Artem205 held the lead with 41.3 million and Tinas21 took on short stack honors with 4.5 million.

foxinfox eliminated in 6th place

Big-stacked abruzzi1988 raised to 5 million, foxinfox bumped it to 16 million, abruzzi1988 re-raised to 27 million, foxinfox called all-in. Abruzzi1988 led with A♥A♠K♥6♠ versus foxinfox's A♣Q♦Q♠4♣. The board ran out J♥8♣2♦ 6♥4♥ and foxinfox did not improve, which meant his pair of Queens were no match for abruzzi1988's Ace-high flush. Ukraine's foxinfox became the first player to get knocked off the final table. For sixth place, foxinfox collected $4,723.20.

trampek eliminated in 5th place

It didn't last five-handed before we saw fireworks when abruzzi1988 opened to 6,413,043, trampek shoved for 7,362,667, and abruzzi1988 called. Although abruzzi1988 trailed with A♠K♦Q♦5♦ against trampek's A♣A♦4♦3♠, the flop was K♣Q♠7♣ and abruzzi1988 took the lead with two pair. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the 3♥. Neither helped trampek and wbruzzi1988 won the pot with two pair. Alas, trampek's Aces were snapped off and he was out. Poland's trampek won $8,856 for a fifth-place finish.

Tinas21 eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked Tinas21 called all-in for 3,192,608. Artem205 limped from the small blind and abruzzi1988 checked from the big blind. Both blinds checked it down to the river. The board finished up K♠8♠5♠4♦J♠. Artem205 won the pot with Q♦T♣5♣5♦ after flopping a set of fives. Both abruzzi1988 and Tinas21 mucked their losing hands. Tinas21 took home $14,951.88 for fourth place.

With three remaining, abruzzi1988 held the lead with 73 million, Artem205 sat in second with 56.2 million, and Kolbi111 was the short-stack with almost 30 million.

Artem205 eliminated in 3rd place

Artem205's stack incurred a hit and had slipped to third in chips. It didn't take long before Artem205 and Kolbi111 squared off. Artem205 opened to 17.5 million, Kolbi111 raised to 55 million, and Artem205 called all-in for 24,314,990. Kolbi111 was ahead with A♥K♣4♦4♠ against Artem205's Q♥9♥8♠5♠. The board ran out A♣Q♦6♥4♣6♣. Artem205 whiffed on a gutshot and could only muster up two pair. Kolbi111 dragged the pot after turning a set and then rivering a full house. Ukraine's Artem205 busted in third place and won $23,616.00.

HEADS-UP: Kolbi111 (Germany) vs. abruzzi1988 (Netherlands)
Seat 1: Kolbi111 (126,192,460)
Seat 4: abruzzi1988 (32,756,540)

When heads-up began, Kolbi111 held approximately a 4-1 advantage over abruzzi1988. If you blinked, then you missed the knock out. Their match-up lasted only one hand.

abruzzi1988 eliminated in 2nd place

The tournament was decided on a single hand... abruzzi1988 raised to 15 million, Kolbi111 bumped it up to 40 million, and abruzzi1988 called all-in for 17,756,540. It looked promising for abruzzi1988 with 9♠9♣8♦7♠ against Kolbi111's Q♦J♥7♣4♦. However, the board ran out K♦4♥3♥7♥A♥ and Kolbi111 won the pot with two pair. The Netherlands' abruzzi1988 was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up performance, abruzzi1988 won $32,472.

Congrats to Germany's Kolbi111 for winning Event #30, the TCOOP title, and collecting $45,019.74 for first place.

Check out the final hand via the replayer:

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Event #30 $11+R PLO [6-max, 3x-turbo] - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 5,083
Prize Pool: $295,200
Re-Buys: 21,830
Add-ons: 2,607
Payouts: 660

1. Kolbi111 (Germany) - $45,019.74
2. abruzzi1988 (Netherlands) - $32,472
3. Artem205 (Ukraine) - $23,616
4. Tinas21 (Norway) - $14,951.88
5. trampek (Poland) - $8,856
6. foxinfox (Ukraine) - $4,723.20

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