2013 TCOOP: PSMozak obliterates the final table and wins Event #24 ($109 6-max PLO Hi/Lo)

With ten players remaining in Event #24 $109 PLO Hi/Lo (6-max), Bulgaria's PSMozak seized the chip lead and proceeded to decimate the rest of the field. When the final table began, PSMozak sitting on a mountain of chips -- more than half of all chips in play -- put on a clinic and knocked out everyone at the final table. All five opponents. It was a dominating performance and Bulgaria's PSMozak easily clinched a TCOOP title.

Event #24 attracted 1,481 runners and a prize pool worth $148,100. The top 192 places paid out with $24,436.71 is set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros participating in this event included Marcin "Goral" Horecki (120th) and Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby (660th). PokerStars Team Online members taking a shot at a TCOOP title included GodlikeRoy (145th) and Shaniac (890th).

Only two familiar faces cashed: Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki and Team Online Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin.

GodlikeRoy bowed out in 145th. Faced with a short-stack, GodlikeRoy made a final stand with 7♦5♦4♠2♦ against AlwaysGoBig9's A♦K♣9♦2♠. The board ran out Q♣4♥3♦K♦8♣. GodlikeRoy whiffed on a flush and straight draws, and could only muster up a pair of fours and an 8-5-4-3-2 low. AlwaysGoBig9 scooped the pot with a pair of Kings and an 8-4-3-2-A low.

Horecki went the deepest, but busted out in 120th place. On a board of K♠7♣6♣, Horecki shoved all-in and Macr0s called. Horecki tabled Q♠7♥4♠3♥ and Macr0s held A♥J♣8♥2♠. Horecki actually hit the flop and picked up a gutshot. However the turn was the 6♥ and the 8♣ fell on the river. Horecki lost with an inferior two pair and a 8-7-6-4-3 low. Macr0s rivered a better two pair and had a better low 8-7-6-2-A, so he scooped the pot and rocketed toward the top of the leader board.

With 15 to go, LadyDoDo91 held the lead with 1.3 million and was the first player to pass the 1 million mark. LadyDoDo91 didn't hold onto the lead for long and busted in 11th place. With 10 to go PSMozak snagged the lead and sat on a mountain of chips in excess of 2.7 million, which was twice as much as PIUlimeira in second place and four times as much as staknchips83 in third place.

PSMozak closed in on 4 million after knocking out two players simultaneously (staknchips83 in eighth place and shinbunshi in ninth place). PSMozak scooped when his A♦K♦4♥2♣ made a Wheel on a board of A♥5♠3♥8♣K♥.

With 7 to go and action hand-for-hand, ApKTuK made a final stand with A♠8♥7♦4♣ against danylaroo2's J♥J♣6♣4♦. The board ran out Q♣Q♠T♥9♣2♥ and danylaroo2's Jacks held up. Without a qualifying low, danylaroo2 dragged the entire pot, and ApKTuK bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Event # 24 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: eds_empire (416,406)
Seat 2: Alesu' (441,780)
Seat 3: PIUlimeira (1,254,199)
Seat 4: danylaroo2 (887,669)
Seat 5: PSMozak (3,897,241)
Seat 6: evilroyca (507,705)

The final tale commenced during Level 40 with the blinds at 50K/100K. Bulgaria's PSMozak held the lead with approximately 3.9 million, which was more than half of the total chips in play.

danylaroo2 eliminated in 6th place

PSMozak didn't waste any time by pushing his weight around. The table bully min-raised to 200,000 and danylaroo2 called. The flop was 9♦7♠3♣... danylaroo2 checked, PSMozak bet 400,000, danylaroo2 check-raised to 1,087,669 and PSMozak called.

PSMozak: A♦8♣7♣2♥
danylaroo2: A♠6♥5♥3♦

The turn was the 6♣ and the river was the 5♦. PSMozak scooped with a nine-high straight and a 6-5-3-2-A low, while danylaroo2 finished up with two pair and a 7-6-5-3-A low. The U.K.'s danylaroo2 became the first player to go busto at the final table. For sixth place, danylaroo2's pay day was $4,028.32.

Alesu' eliminated in 5th place

Romania's Alesu' moved all-in for 291,780 and big-stacked PSMozak called. PSMozak was ahead with Q♠J♣J♠2♣ against Alesu''s A♥Q♣7♥2♥. The board ran out T♠9♣7♣4♣A♦. Alesu' could only put together two pair, but PSMozak rivered a flush and won the pot (without a qualifying low). Alesu' busted out in fifth place, which paid $6,072.10.

evilroyca eliminated in 4th place

It didn't last four-handed very long before PSMozak opened to 360,000, evilroyca bombed it all-in for 515,410, and PSMozak called. PSMozak led with J♠6♥2♥2♦ against evilroyca's A♠9♦7♦4♠. The board ran out Q♦J♥J♣T♠9♥ and evilroyca's two pair was not good enough to beat PSMozak, who been running so good, that he flopped trip Jacks. Without a qualifying low, PSMozak dragged the entire pot. Canada's evilroyca earned $9,478.40 for a fourth-place finish.

eds_empire eliminated in 3rd place

And the rich keep getting richer. PSMozak opened with a min-raise to 420,000, eds_empire called all-in for 247,812. PSMozak was ahead with A♦A♥K♦T♣ versus eds_empire's 8♦8♠5♥3♣. The board ran out J♠7♠5♠9♦J♦. Without a qualifying low, PsMozak won the pot with two pair -- Aces and Jacks -- which beat out eds_empire's Jacks and eights. The U.K.'s eds_empire collected $13,699.25 for third place.

HEADS-UP: PIUlimeira (Brazil) vs. PSmozak (Bulgaria)
Seat 3: PIUlimeira (1,304,199)
Seat 5: PSMozak (6,100,801)

PSMozak held a sizable lead, but that did not mean PIUlimeira was going to give up with out a fight. PSMozak was not in a rush, especially with escalating blinds. The two started out slow and played small ball over the first twenty or so hands Action paused near the top of the hour for a schedule five-minute break. When play resumed, PSMozak went to work and needed only five hands to deliver a knockout blow.

PIUlimeira eliminated in 2nd place; PSMozak wins PLO8 6-max TCOOP title!

On the 28th hand of heads-up... PIUlimeira opened to 600,000, PSMozak bumped it up to 1.6 million, and PIUlimeira called all-in for 644,199. PSMozak was slightly ahead with A♣K♦J♥5♦ against PIUlimeira's K♠T♦5♠4♣. The flop was Q♥J♦7♠ and PSMozak flopped a pair of Jacks (and a Broadway straight draw), but PIUlimeira picked up an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the J♠ and PIUlimeira added more outs with a flush draw, but PSMozak improved to trip Jacks. The A♦ spiked on the river. Although it filled in a Broadway straight for PIUlimeira, the Ace on the river gave PSMozak a full house -- Jacks full of Aces. Without a qualifying low, PSMozak won the entire pot and knocked out PIUlimeira in second place.

For a runner-up performance, PIUlimeira earned $18,364.40. Congrats to
PSMozak for winning TCOOP Event #24 and taking home a first-place prize worth $24,436.71.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #24 $109 PLO Hi/Lo (6-Max) - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 1,481
Prize Pool: $148,100
Payouts: 192

1. PSMozak (Bulgaria) - $24,436.71
2. PIUlimeira (Brazil) - $18,364.40
3. eds_empire (United Kingdom) - $13,699.25
4. evilroyca (Canada) - $9.478.40
5. Alesu' (Romania) - $6,072.10
6. danylaroo2 (United Kingdom) - $4,028.32

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