2013 TCOOP: Ticiz takes time in Turbo to win Event 20 (PL Omaha 6-Max)

It was a Turbo event, that much was certain, number 20 of 50 in the 2013 PokerStars TCOOP. And yet for the few minutes that the blinds allowed it felt like a deep stack, with little rush among the six finalists, least not from Ticiz, from the Netherlands, who, with no shortage of 82 dollar PL Omaha flair, won the title and a first prize of $25,351.55.

It was all wrapped up neatly, well in advance of the half hour mark, but the final only really came to life heads-up, and that was because of the hand prior to that.

Waking up stunned from an almighty three-way all-in pot, railers would have seen Ticiz emerge with a massive lead, some 7.8 million to eventual runner up shiryaevv's 2.2 million. In next to no time their chips were in, Ticiz's two pairs toppling the two nines that shiryaevv mustered in defence.

No surrender

Ticiz had been merciless, particularly at Shiryaevv's attempt to Parlay. But sometimes it's hard to judge whether the offer of a deal is turned down simply because a player misses the chat box, or whether they wish to project an iron-faced, big chinned image. If it was the latter then Ticiz pulled it off nicely.

Raising his head above the parapet after the departure of Tjepan in fourth place and kunkku in third, shiryaevv typed "deal?" one imagined from beneath the table on which his computer sat. It was an appropriate use of the white flag but Ticiz remained silent. Somehow inevitably the game was up a hand later.

TCOOP - 20 pic.jpg
The final table gets under way

Some 25 minutes prior it had been a different story, with shiryaevv leading the final table after one hand played. Armed with 2.4 million chips (with the average being 1.68 million and blinds of 60,000/120,000) he was able to watch as the others fought for their own survival around him.

Seat 1. Tjepan, 1,968,591
Seat 2. Kunkku, 2,049,246
Seat 3. Zobenvals, 1,410,605
Seat 4. Aldenpogi, 1,523,334
Seat 5. Ticiz, 1,367,088
Seat 6. Shiryaevv, 1,591,136

Zobanvals shoved first, getting called by Tjepan only for both to make a pair of kings for a split pot. As blinds shifted up a notch to 70,000/140,000 aldenpogi proffered a deal, which was widely ignored, not least by Zobanvals who again wanted to get his chips into the middle. He did so soon after, eliciting a call from shiryaevv ...

With the break over, and blinds up to 80,000/160,000 aldenpogi, a SuperNova from the Philippines, reached out to his countryman kunkku to kick-start a deal. kunkku though had earlier revealed his was not really from the Philippines and instead kept quiet, despite aldenpogi's insistence that with blinds so big, the final was essentially crap shoot. No one agreed, at least not in the chat box, and play resumed with aldenpogi's departure in the very next hand.

Ticiz shoved and Alden called all-in to make a pair of threes. Ticiz though won with two pairs, kings and sixes, to move up to 2.4 million chips. It was about now that the turbo became the Pedestrian COOP, or something.

Holding on to the lead

Shiryaevv was still ahead, with 3.7 million, but took to letting the others fight among themselves. With the small blind reaching six figures, there were still few showdowns. Instead there was tanking and consideration, pausing and thought as flops and turns were deliberated. Crapshoot? Undoubtedly not. This was civilised poker; akin to the men in dinner jackets ordering drinks in the lounge as the Titanic went down, demanding that fate wait its turn.

Kunkku moved all-in, and was called by Tjepan, but both made ten-to-ace straights and the status quo returned. kunkku then doubled up through shiryaevv, moving all-in on the turn to reach 2 million. Then it was Ticiz's turn. He shoved, seizing the lead...

Tjepan was left with a little more than two big blinds but even he wasn't going anywhere, doubling a hand later through shiryaevv. Tjepan was still short, but in this final a million chips would take you a long way.

Three way trouble

It was a million that took Tjepan to a dramatic three-way all-in, the type of hand reserved not for deep stack events, or regular events for that matter, but for Turbos, glorious swashbuckling moments that reminded everyone, player and railbird alike, that this was not chess, but poker, with the speed turned up really high.

It left Ticiz with close to eight million and shiryaevv with a little more than two. No deal. Everyone was awake now and Ticiz, a former Sunday Million winner, had this one sewn up within a minute.

That's 20 TCOOP events down, 30 still to go.

2013 TCOOP Event 20 $82 PL Omaha (1R1A)

Entrants: 1,082 (720 re-buys, 216 add-ons)
Prize pool: $151,350
Place paid: 144

1st. Ticiz (Netherlands) $25,351.55
2nd. shiryaevv (Russia) $18,918.75
3rd. kunkku (Philippines) $14,378.25
4th. Tjepan (Denmark) $9,837.75
5th. aldenpogi (Philippines) $6,492.91
6th. zobenvals (Latvia) $4,540.50

Day five of the 2013 TCOOP is now under way with the half way stage about to be reached. But there's still plenty of action to come, with tournament left to play and all the TCOOP information you need at your fingertips available on the TCOOP homepage.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter

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