TCOOP 2013: Apostolis20 achieves win in Event 6 ($55 NLHE 6-Max Shootout)

It can be tough for poker players to show up to a tournament on time, especially when late registration often allows some leeway. TCOOP Event 6, however, was a shootout and offered no late entries. Those who didn't make it were shut out of the shootout.

It behooves players to show up on time for a turbo such as this anyway, where five-minute levels require some quick thinking and early-stage strategy. The buy-in was $50 + $5, and players were excited to get in on the second day of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. So, the action began with these registration numbers:

Players: 3,672
Guarantee: $100,000.00
Prize pool: $183,600.00
Paid players: 216

The $100K guarantee was smashed into pieces by the sizeable field. Not unusual for a TCOOP, really.

Players launched into Round 1 action, and there were 1,296 players who made it through when the tables were completed in just over an hour. Round 2 took a little longer, ending just before the three-hour mark with 216 players. Everyone was then guaranteed at least $301.10 for their efforts and a spot in the next round.

Round 3 thinned the field to 36 players in just over an hour, and players were then guaranteed a minimum of $1,285.20.

Round 4

Table 6 was the first to finish, as Storm00555 defeated proagent_99 to take a seat at the final table. Zufa777 then eliminated aramesko on Table 4 and had a short break to watch competitors before getting back to the cards.

Just after the five-hour break, remaining players resumed in Level 11. It didn't take long for NE14ABET? to bust HOLLANDSNEXT in 11th place, and the 10th place elimination of -->KR!LL3<-- brought Table 5 to heads-up play. Table 1 then completed when Xerophyten defeated Aikon007. TURCII was eliminated on Table 3 by apostolis20 to leave only one table running.

Mcarre doubled through josheroP with pocket sevens over A-4 during heads-up, and mcarre continued to stay aggressive and maintain the lead. However, josheroP found an opportunity to double with pocket fives over A-Q. That left mcarre crippled.

Mcarre doubled twice to 6,188 chips and then pushed again, that time with Q♥9♠. JosheroP called with K♥J♥, and the king-high held up to the 4♥3♦8♥6♣2♦ board. Mcarre of Belgium was eliminated in seventh place with $1,285.20.

Final table set

Round 5 brought the final six players together, and they all began with equal chips in Level 1, with blinds at 25/50. They were seated as follows:

Seat 1: Xerophyten (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: NE14ABET? (5,000 in chips)
Seat 3: apostolis20 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 4: Zufa777 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: josheroP (5,000 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 6: Storm00555 (5,000 in chips)

2013 TCOOP - Event 6 FT.JPG

It didn't take long for all six players to agree to pause the tournament to discuss an even-money chop. Each player was to receive $14,807.67, though shorter-stacked josheroP was to receive $14,807.65. They were required to leave $2,000 to add to the winner's money, and they all agreed to the deal.

JosheroP may have had the shortest stack at deal time, but several moves, including one that pulled in a pot of more than 4K chips, put josheroP out in front and left Xerophyten as the shortest of the six. Level 4 also saw Storm00555 take a 3,500-chip pot from apostolis20, leaving the latter short.

Storm00555 was on a roll, it seemed. When Storm00555 raised preflop, Xerophyten pushed all-in with A♦9♦. Storm00555 called with A♠Q♣, but Xerophyten made a straight on the 7♥3♦6♥T♥8♣ board for the double-up.

Apostolis20 then took a chance and doubled through josheroP in this hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Soon after, josheroP made the push from the big blind with 4♣3♠, and initial button raiser apostolis20 called with K♣Q♠. The board came 9♣K♠A♥7♠3♣, and the pair of kings eliminated josheroP in sixth place with $14,807.65.

Apostolis20 takes over

Zufa777 was the next player to move. The hand started with an UTG raise from Zufa777, and apostolis20 reraised all-in from the big blind. Zufa777 called all-in for 2,040 chips with 2♠2♥, and apostolis20 showed A♣K♣. The flop of T♠K♦J♦ gave apostolis20 the lead with kings and the straight draw, but the 2♣ on the turn gave the advantage to Zufa777 with the set of deuces. But the Q♦ hit on the river to complete the straight, and Zufa777 had to leave in fifth place with $14,807.67.

On the very next hand, apostolis20 and Storm00555 got into a preflop raising war from the blinds, finally seeing a flop of J♥J♦4♦. Storm00555 bet, and spostolis20 check-called. The 2♦ on the turn brought a bet from apostolis20 and call from Storm00555. The 2♣ on the river prompted another bet from apostolis20, and Storm00555 called all-in with A♣A♦. But apostolis20 showed J♣7♣ for the full house, and Storm00555 was gone in fourth place with $14,807.67.

Four hands after that, Xerophyten got involved with NE14ABET? to see a raised flop of K♠J♣6♥. A bet and call led to the A♣ turn, at which point Xerophyten bet again. NE14ABET? raised, and Xerophyten reraised all-in. NE14ABET? called with Q♦T♥ for the turned straight, and Xerophyten showed A♠9♥ for top pair. The 5♠ on the river ended the tournament for Xerophyten, who took home $14,807.67 for third place.

Apostolis20 leads NE14ABET? heads-up

The final two players began their battle with these chip counts:

Seat 2: NE14ABET? (8,515 in chips)
Seat 3: apostolis20 (21,485 in chips)

NE14ABET? stayed strong during the match, slowly but surely climbing until there was fewer than 1K chips separating their stacks. Then the two tangled a bit to see a raised flop of 3♥7♣5♠. Apostolis20 bet, and NE14ABET? check-called. The 7♥ on the turn prompted another bet from apostolis20, and NE14ABET? responded with a check-raise. The call brought the 4♦ on the river. NE14ABET? led out with a bet, and apostolis20 raised all-in. NE14ABET? called with 7♠6♠ for the straight, but apostolis20 displayed 4♥4♣ for the winning full house. NE14ABET? had to accept second place and the $14,807.67 that went with it.

Apostolis20 of Greece claimed the TCOOP title and $16,807.67 in cash. Congrats!

2013 TCOOP Event 6 results for 01/18/13:

Players: 3,672
Paid players: 216

1st place: apostolis20 (Greece) - $16,807.67
2nd place: NE14ABET? (UK) - $14,807.67
3rd place: Xerophyten (Germany) - $14,807.67
4th place: Storm00555 (Russia) - $14,807.67
5th place: Zufa777 (Russia) - $14,807.67
6th place: josheroP (Czech Republic) - $14,807.65

There are many more TCOOP tournaments on the schedule, and satellites are available for all of them. Make sure to check out the TCOOP home page for all information about the series.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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