TCOOP 2013: Fukuruku wins one for Ukraine in Event #45 ($109 NLHE Turbo)

The final day of the 2013 TCOOP schedule kicked off with a $109 turbo event that drew 2,941 players. The final prize pool of just under $300,000 meant that first place was scheduled to receive just over $46,000. After a five-way chop that number dropped but for Fukuruku it was still a nice pay day taking home $29,446.32.

Having started the final table second in chips Fukuruku used that stack as well as one could but it wasn't without a minor hiccup before reaching the deal. That minor hiccup only set Fukuruku back for one hand as he kicked right back the next hand getting a double and getting right back into the mix.

With just under 2,941 entrants 378 players earned a cut of the prize pool, but not a single one was a Team PokerStars Pro or Team Online member. Of the eight that entered Vivian Im had the best finish coming in at 469th place.

By the time they reached the final table Tomatee was sitting at the top but only by a small margin over Fukuruku and martiniikid. Here is a look at how they were seated at the start of final table play.


Seat 1: magromauro (2,408,309 in chips)
Seat 2: Fukuruku (5,152,976 in chips)
Seat 3: T. P. RED 13 (1,932,902 in chips)
Seat 4: FIL HELMET (1,646,154 in chips)
Seat 5: martiniikid (4,058,332 in chips)
Seat 6: shadow_wins (2,098,874 in chips)
Seat 7: Tomatee (6,583,085 in chips)
Seat 8: rnoord (2,721,970 in chips)
Seat 9: LaurisL91 (2,807,398 in chips)

The first elimination came when T. P. RED 13 shoved all-in from the small blind with A♦K♠ getting called by FIL HELMET who held K♥Q♦ in the big blind. The K♣Q♥4♠ flop gave FIL HELMET two pair to pull ahead of T. P. RED 13's single pair. With the 2♠ turn and 5♣ river T. P. RED 13 was unable to improve getting eliminated in ninth place collecting $2,499.85.

Two hands later brought the next elimination as magromauro was all-in pre flop holding K♦J♥ against FIL HELMET's J♦J♠. The Q♠5♥4♠ A♣A♥ board delivered no assistance to magromauro who collected $4,264.45 for an eighth place finish.

After a few hands that involved a pre flop raise and everyone else folding rnoord moved all-in from the small blind and was called by LauriL91 in the big blind. LaurisL91 held the lead in this battle of the blinds with K♥9♦ over rnoord's Q♥5♣. The K♣T♥2♥ flop only extended that lead leaving rnoord looking for runner-runner to stave off elimination. The 8♣ turn ended things sending rnoord out in seventh place collecting $6,911.35.

In another battle of the blinds shadow_wins called an all-in shove of martiniikid from the big blind. With martiniikid having shadow_wins' covered in chips shadow_wins was looking for the A♦8♦ he was holding to hold against martiniikid's Q♠8♠. The Q♣T♦4♠ flop changed everything and now shadow_wins was looking for some assistance. The 8♥ turn gave shadow_wins a few extra outs but none of them came on the river as a 5♠ was dealt. For a sixth place finish shadow_wins collected $9,852.35.

The remaining players started to see who was interested in looking at the numbers for a chop after the elimination of shadow_wins. It took them a few hands to decide to take a look at the numbers and then a couple more before the tournament was paused.

In the last two hands played as the remaining five players tried to get the tournament paused the chips continued to move around, but only between two players. LaurisL91 and Fukuruku first got all-in pre flop with LaurisL91 all-in holding A♣K♦ against Fukuruku's A♠9♥ in a battle between the blinds. The board ran out 8♣7♠2♣ 7♥ J♥ giving LaurisL91 the double. The next hand, which only happened because a player accidentally un-checked the deal box, but it allowed Fukuruku a chance to get some chips back. Once again LaurisL91 was holding A♠K♥ while Fukuruku held 7♥7♣. The only difference this time was that fukuruku was the player all-in. The A♦J♥7♠ flop hit both players but it was the set of sevens keeping fukuruku in the lead. The 9♠ turn and 5♦ river didn't improve LaurisL91's hand giving Fukuruku the pot and evening out the stacks amongst the players.

After a short delay waiting on an administrator to come in to give the numbers the players debated on what kind of chop they wanted, seeing the numbers for both a chip chop and ICM. They finally agreed on going with the chip chop and play resumed. Here is a look at the numbers:

FIL HELMET: $28,796.26
LaurisL91: $28,230.50
Fukuruku: $26,946.32
Tomatee: $26,131.25
martiniikid: $23,267.76
Left To Play for place 1: $2,500.00

A few hands after reaching the deal FIL HELMET moved all-in from the button over the top of a min-raise from Fukuruku. Fukuruku called showing 8♥8♦ while FIL HELMET held Q♣8♣. The board ran out A♥K♥6♦ A♣ 5♥ eliminating FIL HELMET in fifth place collecting $28,796.26 thanks to the above deal.

Two hands later saw a three way pot that had martiniikid and LaurisL91 all-in against Tomatee. Tomatee's 7♠7♣ was ahead to start followed by LaurisL91's A♥Q♣ and martiniikid's 9♣8♥. After the 9♦8♦3♣ flop martiniikid moved into the lead with two pair. The T♥ turn and 4♥ river changed nothing meaning that martiniikid wins the main pot, Tomatee takes the side pot, and LaurisL91 was eliminated in fourth place collecting $28,230.50.

The next hand got things down to heads-up when martiniikid and Tomatee once again mixed things up. It was Tomatee who was ahead to start the hand holding J♦J♣ against martiniikid's K♥9♦. The A♦K♣7♦ flop gave martiniikid a pair of kings to pul ahead of Tomatee's pair of jacks. The 2♦ turn and Q♠ was of no assistance to Tomatee who collected $26,131.25 for third place.

Only four-million chips separated the final two when heads-up play began with martiniikid holding the lead and the blinds at 200,000/400,000/50,000. The pair only saw one flop before the final hand but in that time Fukuruku took the lead over. The final hand started with martiniikid min-raising from the small blind, Fukuruku called and the pair saw an A♠7♦5♠ flop. Fukuruku checked, martiniikid bet 577,656, and Fukuruku called. The 8♥ turn brought a 1,472,959 chip bet from Fukuruku, martiniikid shoved all-in and Fukuruku called showing 8♣5♥ for two pair (eights and fives) against martiniikid's A♣9♣ for a pair of aces. The 4♣ river meant nothing to either players hand bringing an end to the tournament. For second place martiniikid collects $23,267.76 while Fukuruku collected $29,446.32.

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Congrats to Fukuruku on your TCOOP win.

TCOOP Event #45 ($109 NLHE Turbo) Results (reflects a 5-way deal):

Entrants: 2,941
Prize Pool: $294,100.00
Paid Players: 378

1st place: Fukuruku (Ukraine) - $29,446.32*
2nd place: martiniikid (Netherlands) - $23.267.76*
3rd place: Tomatee (Urugay) - $26,131.25*
4th place: LaurisL91 (Lithuania) - $28.230.50*
5th place: FIL HELMET (New Zealand) - $28,796.26*
6th place: shadow_wins (Australia) - $9,852.35
7th place: moord (Netherlands) - $6.911.35
8th place: magromauro (Brazil) - $4,264.45
9th place: T. P. RED 13 (Czech Republic) - $2,499.85
*indicates a deal

The second installment of TCOOP is coming to an end. Head over to the TCOOP information page to see who sits atop of the series leader board.

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