TCOOP 2013: Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin, the little aggressor winning big

Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin is not a high stakes player, yet given the $59,259.48 profit he raked in little more than two hours by winning TCOOP-15 you'd be forgiven for thinking that he was. Sorin, a 22-year-old originally from Caransebes, a small city in Romania, has come a long way since he borrowed $100 from a friend a couple of years back to kick-start his poker career.

"I started to play poker two years ago but I didn't have so much money so only seriously started to play in July last year. I read poker books (Kill Phil, Kill Everyone, etc) and borrowed a hundred bucks from my best friend. I played a couple of tournaments at low stakes ($0.50-$1) and then boom! I won a six-handed tournament with 3,000 people to win more than $500. From there I've started to grow," said Sorin.


Ghita 'SorinRF' Sorin

And it's been a particularly explosive growth during TCOOP for Sorin who currently sits third on the TCOOP leader board. Not only did he win TCOOP-15 but he also finished ninth in TCOOP-4 for another few thousand, and that could have been a very different, bigger story. Sorin was all-in against the eventual winner, Jonathan 'MONSTER_DONG' Karamalikis, for most of the Australian's stack and was ahead all the way up until the river. That result certainly didn't dull his enthusiasm for the format.

'I like to play turbo tournaments because they are perfect for me; the speed, the snap calls at 'higher' levels. I just love it," said Sorin. "I think TCOOP will be my favourite section of the year on Pokerstars. I love turbo tournaments because they are perfect for little aggressors like me. If you're weak, you die. Aggressive poker is in the top of the world in this moment!"

Little aggressor or big bully, poker seems to be paying dividends for the Romanian. Sorin had used his earlier "small earnings" to take care of himself through college, where he's studying 'Automatics and Computers' at university in Timisoara (a much larger city than Caransebes).

"I like to spend money with my brain because I know how it is to live with and without cash. My family is a modest one. They offered me a normal life, a good one and I want to thank them for that," he said, but what will he do with this TCOOP scores totalling $62,785.76?

"About the money, what can I say... I don't know what to do with it! I think I will invest some in a small business and I will help my parents because they are the most important people from my life. I also wish I could play at higher level in a big competition with the pros at the PCA or the WSOP and I think this will be my goal: to win one of this or both of them."

Given his rapid rise over the last week perhaps his tongue-in-cheek claim may be one that we look back on in a few years with nostalgia.

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