TCOOP 2013: glosik is mixed-game master in Event #48 ($320 8-Game)

In last year's TCOOP, Kaila final tabled Event #48 8-Game mixed event, but finished in second place out of 557 runners. In this year's TCOOP, Kaila made another deep run and advanced to final table in consecutive years. However Kaila's luck ran out and busted in sixth place, which opened a clear path for Russia's glosik to win this year's Event #48 $320 8-Game.

Event #48 attracted 620 of the premier mixed-game players in the virtual world. They created a prize pool worth $186,000. The top 78 places paid out with $35,340 set aside for the eventual champion.

Several familiar faces took a shot at a TCOOP title. Among the Team PokerStars Pros in Event #48 were Matthias De Meudler, Jonathan Duhamel, Nacho Barbero, Angel Guillen, George Danzer, Victor Ramdin, Marcel Luske, and Theo Jorgensen. PokerStars Team Online demostrating their deft mixed game skills in this event included Shaniac, mement_mori, Jorj95, talonchick, and nkeyno.

None of the Team PokerStars Pros or Team Online members cashed in Event #48. Nacho Barbero came the closest. Although the Team PokerStars Pro from Argentina got off to a hot start, he busted in 94th place and missed the money by 16 spots.

Notables who cashed in Event #48 included ely_cash41 (4th), Kaila (6th), Kroko-dill (7th), jsoucy (10th), cnew27 (11th), AJSuited16 (17th), CharismA3 (22nd), brianm15 (43rd), gbmantis (44th), THAY3R (45th), buck21 (46th), Ana Marquez (59th), NoraFlum (61st), seymouraces (71st), and Anders "Donald" Berg (73rd).

With 12 players remaining on the last two tables, both Kaila and Korko-dill were eyeing spots at the final table. Kaila was seeking redemption after last year's runner-up performance. Kroko-dill lurked in the middle of the pack and he was trying to become the first player to win a PokerStars Grand Slam (Sunday Million plus all 3 COOP events) and a become a Triple COOP champion (after already winning a WCOOP and SCOOP title).

When action went hand-for-hand with seven remaining, ely_cash41 held the lead with 880K. Kroko-dill and Kaila were the two shortest stacks left with both under 150K.

Kroko-dill eliminated in 7th place

During a round of Razz, Kroko-dill got it all-in against jokkee_apart. Kroko-dill's 10-9-6-3-2 was edged out by jokkee_apart's 9-6-4-3-A. Russia's Kroko-dill bubbled off the final table in seventh place and won $3,887.40. He narrowly missed a chance to win a Triple COOP and an elusive Grand Slam title.


Event #48 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: NAR74 (395,468)
Seat 2: Kaila (149,506)
Seat 3: Akademnuk (495,134)
Seat 4: ely_cash41 (888,946)
Seat 5: jokkee_apart (903,616)
Seat 6: glosik (267,330)

The final table commenced during Level 61. Blinds were 50K/100K. The big stack was ely_cash41 with Kaila clinging on to dear life with a shorty.

Kaila eliminated in 6th place

The first bust out at the final table occurred during a round of Stud Hi/Lo. Short-stacked Kaila moved all-in on third street with (X-X)8♣. Jokkee_apart called with (X-X)5♠. When the cards ran out, neither player had a qualifying low hand. Although jokkee_apart missed an open-ended straight draw, he backdoored two pair -- Queens and sixes -- for the win while holding 8♥7♥5♠6♠6♥Q♣Q♦. Kaila tabled 8♠J♣8♣J♠2♦Q♠4♣ for a smaller two pair -- Jacks and eights. Alas, Kaila was knocked out in sixth place. Kaila finished in second place in this event last year and made back-to-back final tables, but didn't have enough firepower to inflict any damage with a short stack. For a sixth-place finish, Kaila earned $5,784.60.

ely_cash41 eliminated in 5th place

Action flattened out at five-handed, which was surprising for a turbo and no one busted for a much longer time than everyone expected. During that lull, Ely_cash41 fell to the back of the pack after a hyper-aggro Glosik seized the lead and pushed his stack toward 1 million.

Short-stacked ely_cash41 was hunted down during Razz. Holding (X-X)4♣ ely_cash41 opened to 100,000, jokkee_apart with (X-X)5♣ bumped it up to 200,000, ely_cash41 moved all-in for 215,026, and jokkee_apart called. The boards ran out:

ely_cash41: A♦Q♥4♣J♦2♦6♦9♣
jokkee_apart: 8♥A♠5♣3♦7♠J♠K♠

For Razz... jokkee_apart won the hand with an 8-7-5-3-A low against ely_cash41's 9-6-4-2-A. For a fifth-place performance, ely_cash41 earned $9,300.00.

Akademnuk eliminated in 4th place

During Stud... shortstacked Akademnuk hit the road. On fifth street, Akademnuk (X-X)7♦8♣A♥ got it all-in against jokkee_apart (X-X)J♣T♠4♣. On seventh street both players tabled their hands:

jokkee_apart: Q♣K♦J♣T♠4♣K♠T♣
Akademnuk: J♦9♦7♦8♣A♥2♦4♠

Akademnuk could only muster up Ace-high after whiffing on a gutshot and a flush draw. That meant jokkee_apart won the hand with two pair -- Kings and tens. Russia's Akademnuk finished the tournament in 4th place and took home $13,020.00.

With three to go, jokkee_apart held the big stack with 1.7 million, glosik sat in second with 8.7 million, and NAR74 was the shorty with 444K.

jokkee_apart eliminated in 3rd place

The swings are tough. One second, jokkee_apart was on top of the world with the chip lead and moments later, jokkee_apart busted in third place. During a round of NL, jokkee_apart's K♦Q♣ lost to glosik's A♥9♣. On a board of 7♠A♦Q♦T♣8♥. Glosik won the pot with a pair of Aces and rocketed into the lead with 2 million. That loss crippled jokkee_apart, who slipped to 141K.

On the next hand, jokkee_apart bombed it all-in for 141,440 with T♦3♦ against glosik's A♦T♠. The board ran out A♥T♣7♥3♥5♠. Both players finished with two pair, but glosik's Aces and tens beat out jokkee_apart's tens and treys. For a third-place finish, Norway's jokkee_apart collected $19,065.00.

HEADS-UP: glosik (Ukraine) vs. NAR74 (Russia)
Seat 1: NAR74 (934,208)
Seat 6: glosik (2,165,792)


With two to go, action was paused to discuss a deal that entailed a split of $31,163.64 for the big-stack glosik and $28,216.36 for NAR74 with $2,000 left on the table for first place. However, glosik did not like the numbers and the players began a lengthy and tense negotiation. After almost twenty minutes, they both agreed to new terms... glosik locked $31,500 and NAR74 got $27,800 with $2,000 left on the table for the winner. Play resumed.

NAR74 eliminated in 2nd place; glosik wins Event #48

Heads-up only lasted nine hands. When action changed to Triple Draw, glosik won the first two hands (worth 2.2 million) and had NAR74 on the ropes. On the third hand of Triple Draw, glosik delivered a knock-out blow.

NAR74 was all-in in the big blind for 108,416. On the first draw, both NAR74 and glosik drew three cards. On the second draw, NAR74 discarded two and glosik discarded one. On the third and final draw, both players stood pat. NAR74 showed J-9-8-7-3 but it was not good enough to beat glosik's 8-6-6-4-2, and glosik won the pot... and the tournament. NAR74 was knocked out in second place, but earned $27,880 for a gutsy runner-up performance.

Congrats to Ukraine's glosik for winning TCOOP Event #48 and $33,500.00 for first place.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #49 $320 8-Game - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 620
Prize Pool: $186,000
Payouts: 78

1. glosik (Ukraine) - $33,500 **
2. NAR74 (Russia) - $27,800 **
3. jokkee_apart (Norway) - $19,065
4. Akademnuk (Russia) - $13,020
5. ely_cash41 (Mexico) - $9,300
6. Kaila (Canada) - $5,784.60

** Denotes a deal was made between the final two

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