TCOOP 2013: khanrava cashes top prize in Event #28 ($82 NLHE 2X-Chance)

Second chances, we all want them, but we don't always get them.

Event #28 was one of the few opportunities where players were given one. The $82 buy-in event was a 2X-Chance tournament, and out of all the second chances, only one player made it to the top, khanrava.

khanrava outlasted a field of 3,111 players, 1,379 of which re-bought for a second chance. All these chances and second chances managed to break the guarantee, creating a $336,750 prize pool.

Like most PokerStars tournaments with large prize pools and multiple chances, Event #28 saw a few Team PokerStars players. The red-spade pro to make it the furthest in this event was Marcin "Goral" Horecki, who managed to finish 169th $370.42.

Naturally, players who lasted longer than Goral made it further. Players who managed to last at least 4 hours and 10 minutes made it to the final table. The tournament reached its final nine players when our champion dealt C1awViper a deadly blow.

WIth 70K/140K blinds, C1awViper moved all-in for 1,098,480 from the small blind and khanrava called from the big. A flip ensued when khanrava turned over A♠K♣ to C1awViper's [10s][10h].

The coin fell in khanrava's favor when the board fell 9♦K♠3♥3♠8♠. C1awViper was out in 10th and our final table was set.

The final table


Seat 1: onmybicycle -- 1,231,298
Seat 2: lipeabruzzi -- 2,267,684
Seat 3: BUKLA0! -- 3,049,886
Seat 4: Nedifen -- 1,138,794
Seat 5: imcastleman -- 2,422,163
Seat 6: chip slap u -- 4,366,967
Seat 7: marciofort -- 2,164,358
Seat 8: glanzer -- 820,826
Seat 9: khanrava -- 4,928,024

onmybicycle had made the final table but after a few hands, he was on his way out. onmybicycle moved all-in from under-the-gun for 1,551,298 and imcastleman called from middle position.

onmybicycle turned over [aq]Q♦ while imcastleman showed A♥K♣. The board came 3♥[10s]9♦7♥J♠ and onmybicycle became the first final table elimination. For the 9th place finish, onmybicycle took home $2,862.37.

Our next elimination came the form of two eliminations. glanzer had managed an early double-up as the tournament short stack, and was slightly ahead of Nedifen when they were both eliminated:

Nedifen was out in 8th, cashing for $4,552.86 while glanzer finished 7th for $7,913.86. The tournament wouldn't stay six-handed for very long, two hands after the double kill, we had our 6th place finisher.

With 100K/200K blinds, khanrava raised to 400,000 from the cutoff and lipeabruzzi moved all-in for 1,587,684 from the button. The blinds released and khanrava called.

khanrava: A♣7♦
lipeabruzzi: K♦K♠

Things were looking good for lipeabruzzi until the board came A♥4♣Q♦6♠[10c]. The ace eliminated lipeabruzzi in 6th place, a finish worth $11,281.12.

khanrava then continued knocking players out by making BUKLA0! our 5th place finisher. In a battle of the blinds khanrava moved all-in for 8.4 million from the small blind and BUKLA0! called all-in from the big.

BUKLA0! showed the the best starting hand possible, A♠A♦, while khanrava turned over J♥7♦. The board was a cruel 2♦[10c]9♠8♦8♠ and khanrava hit a straight. BUKLA0! was out in 5th, earning $14,648.62.

But khanrava wouldn't stop there. After taking a few player out, khanrava dealt another blow:

Our 4th place finisher earned a 4th place paycheck worth $19,363.12.

Still unsatisfied with the amount of eliminated players, khanrava's reign of terror continued. khanrava moved all-in from the small blind and imcastleman, left with only a bit more than 1 million, called all-in.

khanrava: J♦8♠

The board came Q♥K♥J♠Q♣7♠ and imcastleman was out in 3rd, earning $28,287.00 and bringing the tournament down to our final two players.

khanrava entered the match with 15,908,968 to chip slap u's 6,541,032. In common khanrava fashion, our champion dealt with his opponent quickly:

chip slap u was our runner-up finisher and won $39,568.12. This made khanrava the grand champion of Event #28, a title worth $53,039.67.

2013 TCOOP Event #28 ($82 NLHE 2X-Chance) Results:

Prize Pool: $336,750
Entrants:3,111 entries, 1,379 re-buys
Places Paid: 396

1st: khanrava (United Kingdom) -- $53,039.67
2nd: chip slap u (Estonia) -- $39,568.12
3rd: iimcastleman (Canada) -- $28,287.00
4th: marciofort (Brazil) -- $19,363.12
5th: BUKLA0! (Sweden) -- $14,648.62
6th: lipeabruzzi (Brazil) -- $11,281.12
7th: glanzer (Austria) -- $7,913.62
8th: Nedifen (Bulgaria) -- $4,552.86
9th: onmybicycle (Netherlands) -- $2,862.37

There was more than $300,000 awarded today, but there are still millions left for the taking this TCOOP. Check out the TCOOP homepage for a full schedule and satellites to the remaining events. Check some out, get your turbo on and headline our next wrap.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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