TCOOP 2013: sanpri sizzles in Event #23 ($215 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)

44 hands, five eliminations, and 39 minutes... 30 of them spent in deal negotiations. So went the final table of the third of five hyper-turbo events in the 2013 TCOOP, Event #23 presenting the added element of a short-handed format. 2,863 players cried "gambool!", tossing their $215 into a prize pool that topped out at $603,520.40. 360 made the money with first place set to earn $95,056.20.

Eleven Red Spades entered the fray, including Johnny Lodden, Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman, Marcin Horecki, Matthias De Meulder, and a recently relocated Chris "Money800" Moneymaker (Welcome to Canada!). However, the only one to cash was Team Online's Shane "shaniac" Schleger, who also pulled double duty as final table host.

It took less than two hours to narrow the field to seven players. Blinds were up to 100,000/200,000 and Pachila25 was all-in from the big for 105,428. Small blind kokynho completed and turned over 5♣5♦ while Pachila25 showed A♣3♥. Although Pachila25 flopped a gutshot wheel draw, he didn't improve any further and went out on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: kokynho (3,432,778 in chips)
Seat 2: bootswild (1,453,867 in chips)
Seat 3: marki.hrubes (3,511,899 in chips)
Seat 4: blofoktonos (473,644 in chips)
Seat 5: Comeback2008 (4,369,900 in chips)
Seat 6: sanpri (1,072,912 in chips)

Two down in two hands

Hand #1. The action folded to table short stack blofoktonos on the button. He moved all-in for 433,644, Comeback2008 reshoved from the small blind and sanpri got out of the way in the big. Although blofoktonos led through the turn with A♣4♦ vs. K♦6♦, Comeback2008 spiked a pair of sixes on the river, eliminating blofoktonos in sixth place.

On the next deal, bootswild picked up A♠7♠ under-the-gun and moved in for 1.37 million, but kokynho found A♦T♣ in the big blind and made the call. A ten on the flop left bootswild drawing only to running cards and unable to improve, he hit the rail in fifth place.

Sanpri doubles, deal scuttled

It was sanpri's turn to move in on Hand #3. Down to 653,000, sanpri made a button shove with K♥9♣ and kokynho reshoved from the small blind with pocket fours. Sanpri won the race with a king on the flop and doubled to 1.66 million. As the fourth hand was dealt, everyone agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Kokynho took down the blinds with a min-raise and with the following chip counts, negotiations began.

Comeback2008 4,883,544
kokynho 4,753,733
mark.i.hrubes 3,051,899
sanpri 1,625,824

Shane "shaniac" Schleger presented the foursome with chip count chop numbers. Unhappy with the $45k and change the formula gave him, sanpri informed his opponents that he'd only make a deal if he received at least $51k. Marki.hrubes quickly put the kibosh on that idea, and cards went back in the air.

Marki.hrubes iced

Hand #6. Total cooler. Holding 8♣8♥, marki.hrubes opened for a min-raise to 400,000. Sanpri three-bet shoved for 1.34 million and marki.hrubes snap-called, only to be shown A♥A♦. The K♠J♦7♦Q♥6♥ board dashed marki.hrubes' hopes for a revenge KO, and his stack slipped to 1.62 million. Comeback2008 snagged the rest of marki.hrubes' stack on the next hand, his pocket sixes holding up against K♦6♦. For his fourth-place finish, marki.hrubes picked up $33,193.62.

I don't give you nothing

Comeback2008, sanpri, and kokynho quickly agreed to pause the action and take another run at making a deal. Schleger presented them with the following ICM figures:

Comeback2008: $74,552.29 (6,839,619 in chips)
kokynho: $68,392.51 (4,248,733 in chips)
sanpri: $64,815.47 (3,226,648 in chips)
Left To Play for place 1: $8,000.00

Comeback2008 was the first to agree to the deal, followed by kokynho. Sanpri asked for an additional $2,000, a thousand each from each opponent. While Comeback2008 agreed to fork over the extra $1k, kokynho wasn't willing.

"I dont give you nothing," kokynho wrote in the chat box.

Sanpri eventually relented, accepting the additional $1k from Comeback2008 and closing the deal. With $8,000 still left to play for, action resumed.

Kokynho KOed

Despite getting his money in with a dominating hand, kokynho lost the vast majority of his stack when sanpri's K♠4♠ flopped a flush against kokynho's K♥5♥. Left with only 1.4 million in chips, kokynho moved all-in with J♥8♣ on the button. Sanpri called with 9♥T♥ and flopped a nine, ending kokynho's run in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 5: Comeback2008 (6,209,619 in chips)
Seat 6: sanpri (8,105,381 in chips)

Comeback2008 and sanpri passed their blinds back and forth more than twenty times before this match was decided. In the final hand, sanpri open-shoved with K♣3♣ and Comeback2008 snap-called with pocket nines, only to watch his opponent flop two pair:

Congratulations to sanpri, our newest TCOOP champion. He banked $73,815.47 for the win while runner-up Comeback2008 earned $73,552.29.

PokerStars 2013 TCOOP Event #23 ($215 NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo) results

Players: 2,863
Prizepool: $603,520.40
Places paid: 360

1. sanpri (Mexico) $73,815.47*
2. Comeback2008 (Germany) $73,552.29*
3. kokynho (Czech Republic) $68,392.51*
4. marki.hrubes (Czech Republic) $33,193.62
5. bootswild (Canada) $21,123.21
6. blofoktonos (Cyprus) $10,784.90

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $8,000 in play for the winner

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Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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