TCOOP 2013: LastDrive is the last one driving in Event 8 ($82 NLHE, Big Antes, 2x Chance)

Everyone knows that these events in the TCOOP series are a quick affair. They all know that if they are lucky enough to make it to the final table that most of the action will be preflop, and that they will have to make some loose calls to be the last player standing. It's all about making the decision on when to make those calls and when to just sit back that will determine wether they are collecting the hardware at the end or not.

LastDrive was up for that task in Event 8 coming in as one of the players in the middle of the pack to start the final table but ended up at the one on the top at the end. Once the last card hit the table most of the prizepool had been paid out as the final two players had agreed to a deal and were left playing for $6,000. End the end LastDrive walked away with $68,000 and the new title of being a TCOOP Champion.

Entrants: 4805
Re-buys: 2,015
Prize Pool: $511,500.00
Paid Players: 630

It only took 2 hours and 27 minutes to get down to less than 630 players remaining which meant that everyone remaining was guaranteed $184.14. Over the next two hours the 630 shrunk down to a final table of 9. In that time Christain "el grillo" de Leòn Angeles, the only Team PokerStars Pro to make the money, was eliminated in 145th place collecting $460.35.

With Angeles gone the remaining 144 players focused on getting to the final table. By the time there were only nine standing StøvsugerN, winner of a TCOOP event last year, was at the top looking way down on everyone else. Being the only player with over 10-million in chips and carrying almost a two to one chip lead over second place StøvsugerN was the player everyone else was chasing. Here is a look at how the players sat at the start of the final table:

Seat 1: Faaqs (415,490 in chips)
Seat 2: ParaMiGente (1,211,600 in chips)
Seat 3: naboullla (1,643,727 in chips)
Seat 4: StøvsugerN (11,214,636 in chips)
Seat 5: 1MTM91 (2,708,942 in chips)
Seat 6: LastDrive (3,976,086 in chips)
Seat 7: wodka88 (2,471,749 in chips)
Seat 8: Djelly (3,700,040 in chips)
Seat 9: young_diam18 (6,757,730 in chips)


Now that the field was on a single table the action did not slow down. In the first hand of final table play ParaMiGente moved all-in from the cutoff, naboulla then moved all-in from the button and the blinds folded. ParaMiGente was all in with A♣9♠ against naboulla's 7♥7♣. The board ran out K♦8♦4♣ 5♠ 2♦ brining no assistance to ParaMiGente who collected $4,092 for a ninth place finish.

Two hand later the short stack on the table, Faaqs managed to get a double through 1MTM91, but those chips were soon gone as in two hand after getting the double Faaqs was once again all-in, this time against StøvsugerN. Faaqs was looking prime for a double with Q♠9♦ against StøvsugerN's 9♣2♥. The 7♦6♥2♠ flop gave StøvsugerN a pair of twos and the lead in the hand. That lead was only improved as the 2♣ turn gave StøvsugerN a set of twos leaving Faaqs drawing dead meaning the A♠ river meant nothing. Faaqs collected $6,393.75.

It took more than just a few hands for the next elimination but it happened in much the same manner. The chips were in the middle pre flop and the player with the second best hand came out victorious. With naboulla moving all in from middle position Djelly called from the big blind. Djelly was behind with 9♦7♠ and looking to improve to eliminated naboulla who held A♣6♦. That improvement came on the flop as a seven appeared on the 7♥4♣3♣ flop. The 6♠ turn and K♠ river did little to help naboulla who collects $11,508.75 for seventh place.

Three hands later StøvsugerN's increased with the elimination of 1MTM91. Once again all the chips were in the middle pre flop but this time the best hand pre flop was able to win, but not without needing some help. StøvsugerN held 6♦6♥ against 1MTM91's K♦8♦. The K♠9♠4♥ flop gave the lead to 1MTM91 who now held a pair of kings. The 4♠ turn gave both players a second pair but it was the 6♣ river that gave StøvsugerN a full house to eliminate 1MTM91 in sixth place collecting $16,623.75.

Play was down to four-handed shortly after as wodka88 moved all-in from the button after LastDrive had shoved all-in from the cutoff. LastDrive had two overs Q♦J♠ to wodka88's 9♠9♣. The Q♣J♥2♥ flop was all that LastDrive needed to send wodka88 out as the 6♠ turn and 7♠ river was not enough to help wodka88 stick around. For a fifth place finish wodka88 collected $21,738.75.

Two hands later they were down to three-handed when young_diam18 moved all-in from the button with K♣8♥ and was called by StøvsugerN who held A♠T♥. The board ran out A♦3♣3♠ J♥ T♠ giving StøvsugerN the 13-million chip pot and eliminating young_diam18 in fourth place collecting $28,899.75.

A couple hands later LastDrive got play down to heads-up when he got all-in with Q♠Q♦ against Djelly's 4♥4♠. With the board reading 8♦3♥3♣ T♣ A♠ LastDrive's pocket queens held up to eliminate Djelly in third place for $42,198.75.

When heads-up play began StøvsugerN held just under a two to one chip lead over LastDrive and the two wanted to discuss a deal. After a short discussion the players agreed on the following chop and play resumed.

Left to play for: $6,000.00

LastDrive managed to get a double in a couple of hands with A♠9♥ on a 6♠4♥2♥ 4♣ 9♣ board against StøvsugerN's K♦T♦. A few hands later StøvsugerN got all of his chips into the middle with A♠J♦ against LastDrive's Q♦T♦. The K♦Q♠4♥ flop shifted the advantage to LastDrive who now only needed to avoid an ace or ten to get the win. The 2♠ turn and 9♦ was not an ace or ten meaning that LastDrive would collect the extra $6,000 and be forever known as a TCOOP champion.


Congrats to LastDrive on your win in Event #8.

TCOOP Event #08 ($82 NLHE, Big Antes, 2x Chance) Results:

Entrants: 4805
Re-buys: 2,015
Prize Pool: $511,500.00
Paid Players: 630

1st place: LastDrive (Greece) - $68,335.76
2nd place: StøvsugerN (Denmark) - $71,500.00
3rd place: Djelly (Denmark) - $42,198.75
4th place: young_diam18 (Austria) - $28,899.75
5th place: wodka88 (Germany) - $21,738.75
6th place: 1MTM91 (United Kingdom) - $16,623.75
7th place: naboulla (Lebanon) - $11,508.75
8th place: Faaqs (Netherlands) - $6,393.75
9th place: ParaMiGente (Netherlands) - $4,092.00

The second installment of TCOOP is just getting underway and with it being the fastest series around you best head over to the TCOOP information page to get all of the information that you need to get involved. You can also find the series leader board and a list of satellites.

Michael Reed is a freelance contributor to for the PS Blog.