TCOOP 2014: AlexKP's dinner and championship dessert

At 27 years old, PokerStars player AlexKP (you can just call him Alexander) needed dinner, and nothing (like, you know, winning a Turbo Championship of Online Poker event) was going to stop him from having it.

The man from Denmark is used to having his way. He doesn't spend much time doing things he doesn't want to do.

"I enjoy my life, and do what I want," he said today. "I'm very happy I'm able to do just that."

Alexander has been a pro for eight years, and in that time he's already won a WCOOP bracelet and a TCOOP title. He's also been putting his cash to work.

"I have made some different investments," he said. "One I've made into a company that makes PC games is very fun and interesting to follow. I enjoy that a lot."

But over the weekend, his mind was on two things at once: steak and poker.


That's your man standing over his dinner the other night, a photo he posted on the PokerNet forum. This was early on in Event 23 when his belly was still full and his mobile phone still had a full battery.

See, that's the beauty of the PokerStars Mobile app. It allows people like Alexander to get on with dinner while still playing something fun like TCOOP.

"It was fun. The format was perfect for mobile," he said. "6-max hyper turbo. Lot of all-ins, and you don't need stats or reads. You keep getting to new tables all the time."

For a lot of people, that's where the story would end. But not for Alexander.

This man kept burning through the tournament so fast that he ran down the battery on his phone. Did he run to a computer? No. He just picked up his iPad and loaded up the PokerStars Mobile app on that.

And, yes, he won the event for more than $80,000.

It's not his biggest win, but that doesn't bother him. After all, he got to eat some great steak without having to stop playing TCOOP. It was yet another good night in the life of a man who does want he wants.

"Preparing dinner, eating dinner, and then shipping the TCOOP as dessert," he said. "All from my living room."

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