TCOOP 2014: OutPlayD_77 dashes way to PLO victory in Event #30 [$11+R PLO 6-Max]

Sleep-deprived OutPlayD_77 agreed to a deal with five players remaining. It was 8 A.M. for the Australian. At that juncture, OLD TIME GIN held over 50% of the chips in play, but by the time action reached heads-up, OutPlayD_77 seized a narrow lead. Heads-up between OutPlayD_77 and OLD TIME GIN lasted nine minutes or 22 hands. The lead flip-flopped several times in that short stretch. OutPlayD_77 was on the ropes and out-chipped 110 million to 18 million before sparking a comeback. OutPlayD_77 dodged three potentially deadly bullets and staved off elimination with three timely double ups by winning four out of the last six hands. Despite the exhaustion, OutPlayD_77 finally put away OLD TIME GIN en route to a stunning TCOOP victory.

TCOOP Event #30 $11+R PL Omaha [6-Max, 3x-Turbo] attracted 4,063 PLO-centric enthusiasts. They juiced up with the prize pool to $246,620.00, after contributing a total of 18,594 re-buys and 2,005 add-ons. The top 510 places paid out.

Team PokerStars Pros in the hunt for a TCOOP title included George Danzer, Marcel Luske, and Martin Hruby. Meanwhile, Mickey 'mement_mori' Petersen was the sole member of Team Online who took a shot in this event.

Teemu1981 bubbled off the final table in seventh place after making a final stand with Q♠9♣5♠2♥ against OLD TIME GIN's Q♥T♣7♣6♥. The board ran out T♠8♠8♦K♣6♣. Teemu1981 lost with a pair of eights against OLD TIME GIN's two pair -- tens and eights. With Teemu1981's elimination, the final table of six was set.


TCOOP Event #30 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: BriDge2PaiN (10,359,160)
Seat 2: nden (12,748,892)
Seat 3: OutPlayD_77 (14,641,249)
Seat 4: sqmpork (19,706,024)
Seat 5: sateboy (7,608,416)
Seat 6: OLD TIME GIN (63,057,259)

The final table commenced during Level 47 with blinds at 1M/2M. OLD TIME GIN held a commanding lead with 63 million or almost half the chips in play, while sateboy sat on the shortest stack with 7.6 million.

sateboy eliminated in 6th place

On the second hand at the final table, we witnessed our first exit. Short-stacked sateboy opened to 7 million, sqmpork bumped it up to 12 million, and sateboy called all-in for the remaining 608,416.

sqmpork: J♦T♥9♣8♣
sateboy: A♦Q♦J♣5♦

The board ran out 8♥5♥2♥8♠5♣. Although sateboy rivered trip fives, sqmpork turned trip eights to win the pot. The Netherlands' sateboy busted out in sixth place, which paid out $4,315.85.


With five remaining, action was paused to hammer out a deal. OutPlayD_77 from Australia said, "I need to go to bed. 8am here." OLD TIME GIN sat on a monster stack worth 64 million or more than 50% of the total chips in play. The ICM numbers were floated: OLD TIME GIN ($28,880.57), sqmpork ($23,139.11), nden ($18,457.55), OutPlayD_77 ($18,403.27), and BriDge2PaiN ($14,549.50). They also had to leave $4,000 on the table for the eventual winner. Those terms were quickly agreed upon and action resumed.

nden eliminated in 5th place

With a deal in place, three rapid-fire eliminations ensued. nden open-shoved for 5,389,732, and OutPlayD_77 re-shoved all-in for 14,641,249 and big stacked OLD TIME GIN called. Three-way.

OutPlayD_77: A♣A♠Q♠7♣
nden: Q♥Q♦8♥4♠

Yeah, the old AA vs. KK vs QQ hand. The board ran out J♠8♦2♦T♥7♥. None of the players improved, so OutPlayD_77's Aces held up. OutPlayD_77 doubled up and won both the side pot and main pot. Russia's nden finished in fifth place, which paid out $18,457.55.

With four to go, OutPlayD_77 chipped up to 35.6 million. OLD TIME GIN still retained the lead, but the once-monstrous stack was reduced to 51.4 million.

BriDge2PaiN eliminated in 4th place

BriDge2PaiN limped, OutPlayD_77 raised to 6 million, and BriDge2PaiN called. The flop was Q♣9♦3♦, BriDge2PaiN bombed in all-in for 11,718,320, and OutPlayD_77 called.

BriDge2PaiN: K♥J♦T♣3♣
OutPlayD_77: A♦A♣Q♥9♠

Although OutPlayD_77 started out with Aces, a fortuitous flop helped him improve to two pair. The turn was the 9♥ and the river was the J♠. BriDge2PaiN rivered a King-high straight, but that was not good enough to beat OutPlayD_77, who turned a full boat -- nines full of Queens. For a fourth-place performance, BriDge2PaiN collected $14,549.50.

sqmpork eliminated in 3rd place

On the next hand... more fireworks. OutPlayD_77 min-raised to 4 million, sqmpork re-raied to 14 million, OutPlayD_77 four-bet to 44 million, sqmpork called all-in for 10,314,440.

sqmpork: Q♦J♦9♠8♥
OutPlayD_77: A♠K♣J♥3♣

The board ran out 8♦5♥3♥9♦3♠. Although sqmpork turned two pair, OutPlayD_77 rivered trip treys to win the pot. Sweden's sqmpork busted in third place, which paid out $23,139.11.

HEADS-UP: OLD TIME GIN (Canada) vs. OutPlayD_77 (Australia)
Seat 3: OutPlayD_77 (79,704,990)
Seat 6: OLD TIME GIN (48,416,010)

Down to two and OutPlayD_77 held the lead with 79.7M to 48.4M. Heads-up battled was only 22 hands, but the lead bounced back and forth like a tennis match.

Hand #3: On the third hand of heads-up, OLD TIME GIN struck blood first after dragging a 102 million pot with a full house against OutPlayD_77's flush.

Hand #7: OLD TIME GIN quickly coughed up the lead after losing a 72.5 million pot with a pair of eights against OutPlayD_77's two pair -- Queens and eights.

Hand #12: OLD TIME GIN re-seized the lead with a 110 million pot and a full house against two pair, cracking OutPlayD_77's K♣K♦7♥4♦ in the process.

Hand #17: Down to just 18 million, OutPlayD_77 doubled up with Q♦T♣4♣2♦ against OLD TIME GIN's K♣5♠6♥2♠. OutPlayD_77 turned a pair of Queens and OLD TIME GIN's hand never improved.

Hand #20: Three hands later, OutPlayD_77 avoided another elimination after doubling up with A♦T♠T♦8♥ against OLD TIME GIN's A♠T♣7♥5♣. OutPlayD_77 flopped a straight to win a 60 million pot, while OLD TIME GIN slipped to 67 million.

Hand #21: On the penultimate hand, OutPlayD_77 won a 120 million pot after rivering the Wheel against OLD TIME GIN's two pair.

OLD TIME GIN eliminated in 2nd place; OutPlayD_77 wins TCOOP Event #30!

When the final hand began, OLD TIME GIN's stack had dwindled to approximately 7.8 million and OutPlayD_77 was sitting on top a mountain of chips worth 120 million. OutPlayD_77 opened to 12 million and OLD TIME GIN was all-in preflop.

OutPlayD_77: A♣K♣3♣2♣

OLD TIME GIN was ahead with Queens, but that would get quickly neutralized after a flop of A♥7♦6♠. OutPlayD_77 took the lead with a pair of Aces and further improved on the turn when the 3♦ spiked. The river was the J♦ and OutPlayD_77's two pair -- Aces and treys -- held up. OLD TIME GIN lost the pot with a pair of Queens and was knocked out in second place.

For a runner-up performance, OLD TIME GIN collected $28,880.57 as part of the five-way deal.

Congrats to OutPlayD_77, who earned $22,403.27 for a first-place finish in Event #30.

Watch the final hand in the replayer:

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TCOOP-30: $11+R PL Omaha (6-Max, 3x-Turbo)
Entrants: 4,063 (18,594 re-buys, 2,005 add-ons)
Prize pool: $246,620.00
Places paid: 510

1. OutPlayD_77 (Australia) $22,403.27 *
2. OLD TIME GIN (Canada) $28,880.57 *
3. sqmpork (Sweden) $23,139.11 *
4. BriDge2PaiN (Germany) $14,549.50 *
5. nden (Russia) $18,457.55 *
6. sateboy (Netherlands) $4,315.85

* denotes a deal among the final five players

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