TCOOP 2015: Distaples dismantles field winning $42K ($215 NLHE [Heads-Up])

Call it high-speed roshambo (or rock-paper-scissors) as adding the turbo aspect to a heads-up tournament made it more about guessing your opponents next move versus catching or waiting for the right cards. The 2015 TCOOP Event #11 $215 buy-in NLHE Heads-up tournament was longer affair than most in this series, clocking in at seven and a half hours. Only Distaples managed to move through all ten rounds of play earning $42,670.00 after a two-way deal.

Read below for the story behind Distaples' victory:

Despite the often slow starts to a large heads-up tournaments, the field of 1,339 wilted to the 128 money spots in just three and half hours after Ignorant_Kid's kicker problems against Frizen77 opened everyone's wallet.

Only 45 minutes passed until StoyanB, a two-time final tablist in the 2012 TCOOP series (runner up Event #15 and fourth place in Event #19) would be all-in holding 6♠5♠ against ClearM1nd's 8♠A♣. The A♥ T♣ Q♥ K♦ 8♥ board did not help StoyanB reach the final table again, earning $535.60 in 65th place.

In the round of 64, 2010 Event #5-M SCOOP champ Joe "floes" Serock would fall short of adding a leg of the Triple COOP finishing in 60th place ($1,071.20). At the end of the round -ANALNATSHA- would find an ace on the river to defeat desertie, and assuring $1,874.60 to the remaining 32 players.


Joe "floes" Serock

Perhaps if Event #11 started tomorrow, SUNDAYKING would have had a different result. Instead ibetfreely would take the monarch down, as only eight tables and 16 players remained alive after nearly six hours for the $53,560.00 sitting up top.

Going into the sixth hourly break, 2012 SCOOP Event #14-M champ Zack "Zackattak13" Korik remained alive to add a notch towards achieving the PokerStars Triple COOP.

But barely.

Down 1,615 to 8,385 chips with blinds at 30/60, Korik staged a huge comeback. First, he would double up on the first hand back from the break, hitting a straight on the river to stay alive. Korik doubled through again four hands later to take the lead 6,140 to 3,860. Then he punched his ticket to the quarterfinals with a rivered flush against the seemingly unlucky SlyderS1 who flopped top set and watched it go down in flames.

Korik was not the only player remaining with a major victory here at PokerStars. caecilius would be able to add another win towards the unprecedented Stars Slam having won the Sunday Million back in December of 2012 for $209K.

LEON7475 would be the first to punch a ticket to the semi-finals after knocking off Barry Neuvel. Russia's Distaples was not far behind, claiming a seat worth at least $16,068.00.

caecilius and Zack Korik however would not move towards claiming another major victory (in this tournament at least) as both were defeated before the seventh hour of play earning $8,301.80 apiece.


Distaples vs. chipchucker5


As you can see from the screenshot, Distaples took a commanding lead early in this one. With the blinds at just 25/50 Distaples was losing 4,550 to 5,450 and after betting every street, Distaples would push all-in after the 7♥ Q♦ J♦ 6♠ 3♥ river. Holding top pair, chipchucker5 9♠Q♠ made the call but was shown a turned set of sixes 6♣6♦ by Distaples. Six hands later Distaples would claim the first seat in the finals.

Frizen77 vs. LEON 7475


The second semi-final would last a bit longer as LEON 7475 took a 6,572 to 3,428 chip lead into the seventh hourly break. However, that lead would not stand long as two minutes back from the break Frizen77 would flop quad aces and double through. Frizen77 would not relinquish the advantage as four minutes later LEON 7475 was all-in holding 7♠K♠ after flopping top pair 3♣ 4♣ 7♥. But, Frizen77's flush draw 5♣J♣ would miss on the turn 4♠ and wait until the river A♣ to notch the other seat in the finals.


Distaples vs. Frizen77


Immediately Distaples and Frizen77 would sit down to discuss chopping up the remaining prize pool. Since both the players started with 5,000 chips, there was no haggling over a chip lead as they agreed to an even split of $37,670.00 leaving $5,000.00 in the pot for our champion.

For the first 20 minutes Distaples looked like the title would be shipped without much effort. But, Frizen77 would score a double up with a flopped two pair against Distaples' top pair to even the match.

Despite the resetting of the chip counts after the double-up, Distaples poured on the aggression and four minutes later with the blinds at 60/120 took a 7,530 to 2,470 chip lead again. Feeling the need to grab some chips, Frizen77 would shove all-in over a min-raise. Holding Q♠K♦ Distaples made the call and dominated Frizen77's J♦Q♦. The advantage quickly turned into a sweat after two diamonds hit the 9♦4♦8♥ flop. But, the 6♥ and 3♥ landed safely on the turn and river shipping Distaples $42,670.00 as tonight's 2015 TCOOP Event #11 champion!

TCOOP-11 $215 NLHE (Turbo, Heads-up)

Entrants: 1,339
Places Paid: 128
Prize Pool: $267,800

(* denotes part of two-way deal)

1. Distaples (Russia) *$42,670.00
2. Frizen77 (Portugal) *$37,670.00
3 - 4. LEON 7475 (Croatia) $16,068.00
3 - 4. chipchucker5 (Mexico) $16.068.00

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in 2015