TCOOP 2015: DeFrag3 cleans up Event #41 ($215 PLO, Heads-Up, Super KO)

Nothing subtle about the fast completion of TCOOP 2015's Event #41 Pot-Limit Omaha, Heads-up, Super Knockout tournament. Getting through eleven matches of a game which requires players to channel their inner gambler at a speed seen at a Formula One race takes equal parts patience and degeneracy. Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias nearly notched his first TCOOP win, but it would be DeFrag3 cleaning up after winning all 11 matches and $19,261.32.

Read below about DeFrag3's run to the title:


Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias - close but not today

If there was a consolation in busting out of a major tournament before the money, the Super Knockout prize pool addition softened the blow for many players today. Former Battle of the Planets promotion champ Sh0ckdaWorld would have gone out in 65th place with zero dollars to show for the two heads-up victories. Instead Sh0ckdaWorld received $103 for each win before opening up the "regular" prize pool holding $19,261.32 for the TCOOP event champ.

In the round of 64 2012 WCOOP Event #3 champ utvekklo2 would be cracked by huevo2000. If the name sounds familiar, huevo2000 was the finalist in this event last year losing to ongggg. Sunday Warm-Up champ ely_cash41 would also leave today without adding a TCOOP title as VejVo finished off riverdave a few minutes later to open up the next round worth a minimum of $616.35.

MicroMillions champ Bruno GT got into the spirit of the TCOOP winning the round of 32 match in just seven hands over Wi11212. Towards the end of the round, huevo2000 would concede to Adinkaa preventing a return to the final table year but collecting $616.35 plus four bounties on the way out.

The round of 32's last table pit Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias against Grazvis1. Arias (who has earned Supernova Elite status) would pull off the victory getting seated with Bruno GT in the next round. Arias would move on to the quarterfinals but Super Tuesday and SCOOP champ NhFy would not earning $924.52 and six bounties.

Untouchble10 was swatted away quickly by Arias in the quarterfinals as the former member of Team PokerStars Online took the first seat in the semi-finals. Arias would be joined quickly by DeFrag3 and frankieraise as the match between Adinkaa and SCOOP 2012 Event # 35-H champ plplaya would determine the last seat.

Despite a furious comeback, plplaya would not add a second leg of the Triple COOP as Adinkaa moved on.


DeFrag3 vs. twin-caracas


No messing around in the eight minute semi-final match between Arias and DeFrag3. DeFrag3 was not going to be pushed around by the Supernova Elite and quickly took an 8,795 to 1,205 chip lead into this final hand. With the blinds at 30/60 and the flop showing A♣T♠7♣ Arias shove in his remaining chips showing K♣ J♥ J♠ T♦ good for a pair of jacks and a gutshot. DeFrag3 held the open ender 7♦ 8♠ 9♥ 3♠ which promptly hit on the turned 6♦. After the rivered 3♠ Arias was escorted off the stage in fourth place ($5,393.08 plus eight bounties).

Adinkaa vs. frankieraise


Equally anxious the start up the final table, Adinkaa and frankieraise would battle through 15 minutes nearly even in chips when this decisive hand came up. With the blinds at 40/80 frankieraise led for a pot raise as Adinkaa three-bet the pot and frankieraise called to see a couple of hearts on the 9♣K♥6♥ flop. Adinkaa pushed out a 1,440 chip bet as frankieraise called to see a 7♣ on the turn. Adinkaa shoved for 2,673 as frankieraise barely covered and called holding two pair J♦7♦T♠K♦. Adinkaa's cracked aces A♣3♠2♣A♦ now had a flush draw going to the river. The club did not get there but the 6♦ paired the board, giving Adinkaa the higher two pair knocking frankieraise down to 334 chips.

Four hands later Adinkaa swept up the remains, starting up the spotlights below:


Adinkaa vs. DeFrag3


Usually the final players in these heads-up tourneys make a quick deal to split up the last two prizes, however both players were determined to play it out for the $19,261.32 up top.

After nearly 25 minutes of play DeFrag3 opened up a chip lead to 7,623 to 2,377. Adinkaa, not fazed by the deficit, raised to 248 as DeFrag3 called to see a two diamond A♦7♠4♦ flop. DeFrag3 checked as Adinkaa followed through with a 272 chip bet. DeFrag3 leapt out with a check-raise to 1,312 as Adinkaa three-bet all-in for 2,129 holding a pair with a straight draw 6♠9♠7♣5♣. DeFrag3 showed the flopped two pair A♣J♠4♥9♣ as both watched a couple of broadway cards Q♦ and T♠ hit the turn and river awarding DeFrag3 the TCOOP 2015 Event #41 title and $19,261.32!

TCOOP 2015: Event #41 ($215 Turbo PL Omaha, Heads-Up, Super-Knockout)

Entrants: 748
Regular places paid: 64
Regular prize pool: $77,044.00
Bounty prize pool: $77,044.00

1. DeFrag3 (Russia) $19,261.32 + 11 bounties
2. Adinkaa (Bulgaria) $10,015.72 + eight bounties
3. - 4. frankieraise (Netherlands) $5,393.08 + seven bounties
3. - 4. Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias (Venezuela) $5,393.08 + eight bounties

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David Aydt
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