TCOOP 2015: shalomrum sizzles in Event #27 ($27+R NLHE 2xTurbo)

It seems like the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker only just started, but already we are 27 events into the 2015 TCOOP schedule. But I guess that's the nature of the Turbo. Blink and you'll miss it!

Today's offering was an event that took a whole five hours to reduce a field of 4,021 to a champion with Israel's shalomrum claiming the top prize after a heads-up deal.

The event was a $27 No Limit Holdem Rebuy 2xTurbo Event that produced a prize pool of $388,601.95 following a massive 9,206 rebuys and another 2,602 add-ons.

The top 540 players would finish in the money with Uruguay's Tomatee the unfortunate bubble as the remaining players locked up at least $163.21 for their efforts.

We could only spot one red spade in the entire field, most likely due to the start time not favouring European or North American players, and others on this side of the world busy in the Aussie Millions Main Event. However one Team PokerStars Pro did make a pretty good run at the title as Japanese online pro Naoya Kihara finished in 64th place for $660.62 in prize money.

When Russian vinnkels busted out in tenth place, our final table of nine was set as follows:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: maji ve (4,020,683 in chips)
Seat 2: leplato (4,987,115 in chips)
Seat 3: TAKEMETOBED (1,923,916 in chips)
Seat 4: cro_giga (9,145,055 in chips)
Seat 5: HhCMotU (6,394,568 in chips)
Seat 6: firemandave9 (5,191,014 in chips)
Seat 7: Yoggi744 (2,028,396 in chips)
Seat 8: Fishenzon (5,454,016 in chips)
Seat 9: shalomrum (13,329,237 in chips)

The final table blinds started at 150k/300k with a 37,500-chip ante, so most players didn't have the luxury to wait for premium hands, yet on the first hand of the final table, two players were dealt monsters.

leplato thought it was Christmas when looking down at Q♦Q♥ but Yoggi744 held K♣K♥ for a big double in a dramatic start to the final table.

The biggest pot of the tournament to date would see Fishenzon also find a double up in a battle of the blinds with A♦7♦ pairing the seven against shalomrum's A♠5♥.

It would take a couple of orbits to lose our first player - a relative eternity in the turbo MTT world. maji ve would be the one to fall when J♠J♦ was unable to hold against Fishenzon's A♠Q♥. The board ran out Q♣3♣4♠K♦6♦ to pair the queen and eliminate maji ve in ninth place for $3,108.81 in prize money.

leplato would only last one more hand. Again it was a race with leplato's 8♦8♥ looking to hold against firemandave9's Q♥A♣ with all the chips in preflop. An ace on the flop on the board of 5♦A♠J♥6♣7♦ would spell disaster for leplato who had to be satisfied with $4,857.52 for eighth place.

TAKEMETOBED will probably have nightmares in bed about their final hand of this tournament. TAKEMETOBED three-bet jammed A♣K♠ and shalomrum called with a dominated A♥3♦. Most times that would end in a double up, but this time, the 3♠T♠9♣2♦J♥ board would pair up shalomrum's kicker for the knockout blow. An unlucky TAKEMETOBED took home $8,743.54 for seventh place.

As the blinds were rapidly increasing, Yoggi744 was down to just over three big blinds when all in from the big blind with J♣T♥. firemandave9 had shoved with J♦Q♠ with the kicker playing on the board of 6♥A♦4♥5♥6♦. Yoggi744 was out in sixth place with the Russian picking up a nice five-figure return of $12,629.56.

HhCMotU was the short stack of the final five players and was down to under two big blinds before a remarkable surge saw HhCMotU win four hands in a row, including two double ups and the elimination of cro_giga in fifth place.

cro_giga shoved from under the gun with A♥Q♥ but HhCMotU found K♦K♣ to quickly re-raise to isolate. The table folded around and the kings held through the board of 4♣5♣J♥4♥9♠. cro_giga would leave with a handy $16,515.58 in prize money.

The pots just kept getting bigger with Fishenzon falling on the very next hand. Fishenzon tried a button steal with an above-average K♥8♥ but shalomrum was sitting in the small blind with A♥K♠. It was all-but-over on the flop as the board was spread 9♠6♦A♣2♠2♣. shalomrum took it down to leave Fishenzon to depart in fourth place for a $22,344.61 score.

Things went cold for HhCMotU who would be next to fall in third place. HhCMotU slipped back before shoving 7♠7♦ from the small blind into firemandave9's A♣Q♠ in the big blind. The board ran out J♠A♥5♥8♣6♠ to pair the ace and eliminate HhCMotU for $32,059.66.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 6: firemandave9 (23,732,020 in chips)
Seat 9: shalomrum (28,741,980 in chips)

The heads-up play was pretty tight and the pots small, with the exception of two big hands. shalomrum made a straight in the first hand to take a nice lead but next hand, firemandave9 doubled right back with pocket threes turning a set to win the race against king-jack.

With the chips back close to even, the players agreed to a deal based on stacks with $6,000 left in the middle for the eventual champion.

It didn't take long for the chips to fly as firemandave9 had a shot at the title with A♠K♥ against shalomrum's 5♦5♠, but the board bricked out to swing the advantage back to shalomrum and a few hands later, it was all over.

A desperate firemandave9 moved all in with 9♥6♥ but was in trouble against shalomrum's A♥6♣. The board was dealt 8♠K♠4♦7♣K♣ and it was all over!


Two-time MicroMillions champion firemandave9 picked up a post-deal total of $50,690.13 while the TCOOP title and $55,788.88 in prize money goes the way of Israel's shalomrum. Congratulations!

TCOOP-27: $27+R NL Holdem [2x Turbo] - $300K Guaranteed
Entrants: 4,021 (Rebuys: 9,206, Add-ons: 2,602)
Prize Pool: $388,601.95
Places Paid: 540

1. shalomrum (Israel) $55,788.88*
2. firemandave9 (Australia) $50,690.13*
3. HhCMotU (Germany) $32,059.66
4. Fishenzon (Canada) $22,344.61
5. cro_giga (Croatia) $16,515.58
6. Yoggi744 (Russia) $12,629.56
7. TAKEMETOBED (Finland) $8,743.54
8. leplato (Malta) $4,857.52
9. maji ve (Israel) $3,108.81

* denotes heads-up deal

The 2015 Turbo Championship of Online Poker runs right through until February 1st with a guaranteed $15,000,000 in tournament prize pools across 50 fantastic events. The highlight of the series is the TCOOP Main Event on February 1st which offers a $2,000,000 prize pool guarantee and a top prize of at least $300,000.
Check out the TCOOP home page for the full schedule, satellite information, results, series leaderboard and more.

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