TCOOP 2016: A win for Nanos while Lewis and Margereson go close

There were plenty of names that sounded familiar in the latest round of TCOOP results. Events 24 to 27 played out on Tuesday with final tables featuring players we've seen at this stage of big events before. Some won, some lost, while others faded into the background. Still, there was plenty to talk about.

Perhaps the most noticeable winner was Konstantinos "arxigos" Nanos who won TCOOP-26. Nanos is best remembered for reaching the final table of EPT Vienna back in Season 10, alongside Daniel Negreanu. But since then he's gone on to win a first TCOOP title, and then a second yesterday, this one worth more than $161,000.

Elsewhere it was about who nearly won.

Aggro Santos finished fourth in TCOOP-24, while Georgios "GeoManousos" Sotiropoulos finished fifth behind Nanos in TCOOP-26. Then in TCOOP-27 810ofclubs finished third, but only after taking the biggest share of a three way deal with Leviathan74 and eventual winner wemax. 810ofclubs is in great form, having only recently reached the final table of the PCA main event. In the Bahamas though he was known by a different name: former EPT winner Toby Lewis.


Here are all the day's results in full. Click on the link in each to read the full final table report.

TCOOP-24 ($82 PL Omaha H/L, 6-Max, Turbo)
Entrants: 1,206
Total prize pool: $90,450
Places paid: 156

1. Raabinator93 (Germany) $15,150.81
2. imcastleman (Canada) $11,306.25
3. Grebinat (Ukraine) $8,592.75
4. Aggro Santos (Mexico) $5,879.25
5. sandman201 (Canada) $3,853.17
6. Olsen83 (Denmark) $2,713.50

TCOOP-25 ($82 Stud, Turbo) results
Entrants: 540
Total prize pool: $40,500
Places paid: 72

1. André "Sira Al Aziz" Santos (Czech Republic) $7,654.70
2. mddgfc (United Kingdom) $5,609.25
3. droseff (Bulgaria) $4,131.00
4. pxc666 (China) $3,037.50
5. 10Badboy10 (Russia) $2,025.00
6. manunanu (Australia) $1,417.50
7. krec23 (Russia) $1,012.50
8. fel_iv (Brazil) $708.75

TCOOP-26 ($700 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, Turbo, Ultra-Deep)
Entrants: 1,377
Total prize pool: $915,705
Places paid: 176

1. Konstantinos "arxigos" Nanos (Austria) $161,164.89
2. BARBARVSSA2 (Russia) $114,463.12
3. anteen (Sweden) $86,991.97
4. Domce (Lithuania) $64,099.35
5. Georgios "GeoManousos" Sotiropoulos (Austria) $45,785.25
6. Kiiiiiiik (Germany) $27,471.15.
7. RPILON (Canada) $18,314.10
8. cwirek1982 (United Kingdom) $9,157.05

TCOOP-27 ($27+R NL Hold'em, 2x-Turbo)
Entrants: 3,086
Rebuys: 7,345
Add-ons: 2,083
Total prize pool: $307,218.70
Places paid: 397

1. wemax (Hungary) *$38,000.00
2. Leviathan74 (Greece) *$32,547.49
3. 810ofclubs (United Kingdom) *$39,745.48
4. Blunty2004 (Germany) $17,665.07
5. apoelhinio (United Kingdom) $13,364.01
6. M Cunha G (Brazil) $10,291.82
7. XHorizon101X (Canada) $7,219.63
8. Deividas K (Lithuania) $4,153.59
9. GiBobH/L (Poland) $2,611.35
* Reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $4,000 in play for the winner

Find all the results from this year's Turbo Championship of Online Poker, along with links to all the stories from the series, on our TCOOP results page.

Coming up today

There are another four TCOOP events to be played today, meaning another $375,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won. The highlight of the day is arguably a toss-up between TCOOP-28 and TCOOP-29, both of which boast a $150,000 guarantee. We'll let you decide from the list below.

TCOOP-28: $82 NL Hold'em (Turbo, optional re-entry) $150k GTD - 08:00 ET
TCOOP-29: $215 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Turbo shootout, Progressive Super KO) $150K GTD - 10:00 ET
TCOOP-30: $7.50+R PL Omaha (6-Max, 3x Turbo) $50K GTD - 12:00 ET
TCOOP-31: $82 Stud H/L (Turbo) $25K GTD - 14:00 ET

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Leader Board after 27 events

Lastly for now a look at the current leader board standings after more than half of this year's events played. There's a new name at the top in the form of TedyKGB88 who overtakes KommeisterX at the top.

1TedyKGB88United Kingdom235
3ouchbadbeatUnited Kingdom200
5Zagalo87Czech Republic175
8G's zeeCanada160

That leaves five days still to play in TCOOP 2016. Check out the TCOOP homepage for everything there is to know about the Championship, as well as details of how to win your seat for each event, including the Main Event on Sunday, in one of countless satellites now underway.

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