TCOOP 2016: aramesko goes low to win Razz title ($82 Razz Turbo)

While most players seem to enjoy their poker games with a No Limit Hold'em format, PokerStars still finds room for those who like to sling chips in the non-Hold'em games. Event 33 presented them with the only Razz game on the schedule and they came out in force.

The $82 buy-in tournament had a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool, then drew enough players to more than double that number. Event 33 had 724 entered when registration closed to generate a prize pool worth $54,300 with more than $10,000 set aside for the 2016 TCOOP Razz champion.

It took a little over two hours for the field to reach the money with 96 getting paid and they blew past the bubble with barely a pause. Three hours after the start and the remaining players were staring at a good chance of hitting the final table. Team PokerStars' resident Twitch(er) Jaime Stables came close but was unable to make it past the last two tables.


They were soon down to the final table bubble and it only last a few rounds of hand-for-hand action before Koreanpowah lost two big pots in a row to go out in ninth place. The last eight players took their seat at the final table but few were in great shape thanks to the big limits and extra bet courtesy of the Stud game.

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The average stack was less than three big bets (not to be confused with those No Limit Hold'emers big blinds stats) so the pace was expected to stay fast. Or turbo if you will. No one could afford to miss a bet or catch bad too many times.

2016 TCOOP-33 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: kema56 (342,660 in chips)
Seat 2: bcoulas (799,096 in chips)
Seat 3: renkenfish (272,418 in chips)
Seat 4: Kevin0126 (497,010 in chips)
Seat 5: holtekila (442,856 in chips)
Seat 6: mr.peretz007 (374,458 in chips)
Seat 7: dimastik007 (299,954 in chips)
Seat 8: aramesko (591,548 in chips)

Limits: 80K/160K

dimastik007 can't double early, eliminated in 8th

It took only two hands before one of the shorter stacks was dealt a hand worth taking all the way down. Kevin0126 completed showing 7♦ and dimastik007 called with 4♥. There was another bet from Kevin0126 with 7♦J♦ to get another call from dimastik007 with 4♥Q♣.

Fifth street saw dimastik007 call all-in after Kevin0126 bet out again and the cards were turned up.

dimastik007: (6♦2♣)4♥Q♣4♦
Kevin0126: (6♣3♣)7♦J♦T♦

Kevin0126 was ahead but dimastik007 picked up a big draw on sixth when he caught the 3♥. He couldn't finish it off when he paired on seventh with the 2♥ and his (6♦2♣)4♥Q♣4♦3♥2♥ was second best to Kevin0126's (6♣3♣)7♦J♦T♦Q♦J♣ to go out in 8th place for $814.

renkenfish gets away, eliminated in 7th

Three hands later and renkenfish didn't wait until deep in the hand to get his chips in the middle. aramesko completed with 3♣ and renkenfish raised it up with 5♠ then was all-in with the fourth bet.

renkenfish: (4♦3♦)5♠
aramesko: (8♦6♠)3♣

Two top starting hands with renkenfish favored to double up. renkenfish caught a big card Q♠ on fourth while aramesko paired his six 6♦, then renkenfish paired his five 5♦ while aramesko caught a big card K♥. renkenfish was still ahead but couldn't improve as he ran out 9♥K♣ while aramesko binked two tiny 5♥A♠ for an 8-6.

renkenfish: (4♦3♦)5♠Q♠5♦9♥K♣
aramesko: (8♦6♠)3♣6♦K♥5♥A♠

Q-9-5-4-3 was no good for renkenfish and he was the next gone, out in 7th place for $1,221.

bcoulas runs out a big hand, eliminated in 6th

It was stated earlier, players couldn't afford to miss a big hand and hope to come back, the next hand after the knockout of renkenfish proved it when bcoulas and Kevin0126 went at each other all the way to the river.

bcoulas completed with A♠ showing and Kevin0126 came along with the J♠ before bcoulas bet again with A♠8♠. Kevin0126 called with J♠2♦ then each put in two big bets on fifth street and were all-in on sixth.

bcoulas: (6♦4♦)A♠8♠6♠7♠
Kevin0126: (6♣8♥)J♠2♦A♥4♠

bcoulas needed to catch with his 8-7 trailing Kevin0126's 8-6 but the K♦ was not what he needed to see. It found a premium Razz hand but was pipped by Kevin0126 to go out in 6th place for $1,900.

mr.peretz007 twisted in knots, eliminated in 5th

mr.peretz007 was left with 171,000 and the limits up to 100K/200K so he needed to get moving. He completed showing 9♥ then called all-in when areamesko raised with 7♥.

mr.peretz007: (T♣2♣)9♥
aramesko: (6♣4♠)7♥

aramesko was ahead while mr.peretz007 caught 6♥8♣ on fifth street to make a T-8 and aramesko was dealt K♥3♠ for a King-high. The 4♦ on sixth street improved mr.peretz007 to a 9-8 while the A♦ gave aramesko the better 7-6. mr.peretz007 was drawing dead on seventh street and had to settle for a 5th place finish for $2,715.

kema56 tries to ladder up, eliminated in 4th

kema56 was the quiet player at the table, never a big stack and hovering around while the first four were knocked out. The Aussie Razzer was under one big bet remaining when he took his shot to double.

kema56 was the bring-in showing T♠ and moved all-in after Kevin0126 completed with 5♠. The bet was called and the hands for exposed.

kema56: (4♣5♥)T♠
Kevin0126: (A♦7♦)5♠

Both held quality hands but Kevin0126 had the better draw, kema56 went on to make a very respectable T-8 on sixth street with 3♠8♣4♥. Even with the nice hand, he was drawing dead to 4th place because Kevin0126 made a wheel at the same time when the dealer gave him 4♠3♦2♣.

kema56: (4♣5♥)T♠3♠8♣4♥A♣
Kevin0126: (A♦7♦)5♠4♠3♦2♣6♥

Chop it down the middle, or in thirds

Seat 4: Kevin0126 (1,271,380 in chips)
Seat 5: holtekila (1,142,856 in chips)
Seat 8: aramesko (1,205,764 in chips)

Limits: 120K/240K

Kevin0126, holtekila, and aramesko were in a near dead heat and decided to pause the tournament to split the remaining prize pool. All three numbers were similar with Kevin0126 getting the fractionally bigger piece due to his chip lead. It was a quick deal and they were back in action a few minutes later.

holtekila falls short in marathon, eliminated in 3rd

Three-handed action was the longest single portion of the entire final table and they battled it out for nine entire minutes. A marathon compared to the starting pace.

holtekila picked up a few hands during that time, even grabbing a double up late, but was the shortest of the three when he was the bring-in showing T♣. Kevin0126 completed with 7♦ and holtekila raised it up leaving less than 150,000 behind.

Kevin0126 bet out on fourth street and holtekila called at risk.

holtekila: (8♥4♠)T♣8♠
Kevin0126: (T♦8♣)7♦4♣

holtekila was paired up and in trouble before running out a T-8 with his J♣6♥3♦ board while Kevin0126 drew to an 8-7 with 6♦J♦2♦. holtekila had no choice with such a short stack but earned $7,614 for a 3rd place result.

holtekila: (8♥4♠)T♣8♠J♣6♥3♦
Kevin0126: (T♦8♣)7♦4♣6♦J♦2♦

aramesko calls it a comeback and win TCOOP Razz title

Seat 4: Kevin0126 (2,590,236 in chips)
Seat 8: aramesko (1,029,764 in chips)

Limits: 160K/320K

Kevin0126 began heads up play with a better than 2-to-1 advantage and the tournament would be over in 12 hands. Midway through, the two of them played a hand in which aramesko took the lead with a big double and a close call T-9-5 over Kevin0126's T-9-8.

Kevin0126: (6♥8♦)3♦Q♥T♥3♣9♦
aramesko: (2♥T♣)5♠T♠9♣K♥3♠

The hand gave aramesko the lead and it was wrapped up four hands later. It was aramesko with the 2-to-1 lead when they led off the final hand by capping the bets with each showing a Queen. Kevin0126 had 137K behind and put them all-in when they both caught a Ten on fourth street.

aramesko: (7♥A♠)Q♥T♥
Kevin0126: (3♣A♥)Q♦T♠

Kevin0126 was ahead for the turn-about double but he caught nothing but big cards and pairs as his board completed A♣K♣T♦. He was only able to table a K-Q while aramesko pulled two small cards to finish with a T-7.

aramesko: (7♥A♠)Q♥T♥Q♣4♦2♠
Kevin0126: (3♣A♥)Q♦T♠A♣K♣T♦

Kevin0126 was at or near the top of the counts for much of the latter parts of the tournament, including his share of knockouts, but had to settle for a runner-up result for $7,376. aramesko made a nice comeback to capture his first major title and the TCOOP Razz title earned him nearly $8,000 for his $82 buy-in.

TCOOP-33 ($82 Razz Turbo) results
Entrants: 724
Total prize pool: $54,300
Places paid: 96

1. aramesko (Russia) $7,950.69*
2. Kevin0126 (Hong Kong) $7,376.87*
3. holtekila (Norway) $7,614.31*
4. kema56 (Australia) $4,072.50
5. mr.peretz007 (Israel) $2,715.00
6. bcoulas (Canada) $1,900.50
7. renkenfish (Germany) $1,221.75
8. dimastik007 (Russia) $814.50
*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $500 for the winner

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Al Rash
@PokerStars in TCOOP