TCOOP 2016: bokinjo binks Event #5, Team Pro Vivian Im 12th ($82 PLO 6-Max Prog Super-KO)

Pot-limit Omaha is already one of the more lively variants of poker to play. Make the game short-handed, and that quickens the pace still more. Play it as turbo tournament and add bounties for knockouts, and you've got a formula guaranteed to satisfy action-seekers.

Such was the invitation being offered by Event #5 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker, an $82 buy-in PLO tournament played six-handed and with progressive "super-knockout" bounties. In the end 1,649 players accepted that invite, and from that field Serbia's bokinjo emerged as the winner after just four hours and 12 minutes of play, earning $10,049.55 from the regular prize pool plus another $300 worth of bounties.

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The big turnout created a $123,675 prize pool divided evenly between the regular prize pool and the bounty prize pool, and exceeding the event's $100K guarantee. While the top 216 finishers would divide up the regular prize pool, the rest went for bounties with players picking up $37.50 every time they knocked out an opponent.

In just over two hours the field had already been carved down under 100 players, with Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im sitting atop the chip counts as the first player to have spun the starting stack of 5,000 up over 300,000.

By the three-hour break they were down to 31, with Im still near the top and AlexElizarov the new leader with just over 525,000. About 20 minutes later just 12 remained, with treinen the new leader with more than 1.75 million and Vivian Im having become the short stack.

Im hung on for a few more hands, then was ousted in a hand versus eventual champ bokinjo to go out in 12th for a $618.37 cash plus another $225 for having collected six bounties.


Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im

lodiniz (11th) and tema77728 (10th) followed, both also picking up $618.37 from the regular prize pool plus extra for bounties. Then Psycel (ninth), cnfr12 (eighth), and Esben7 (seventh) went out, earning $927.56 each plus bounties.

treinen was still leading with six to go, having pushed up just over 3 million just before the final table began.


Seat 1: GiBobH/L (Poland) -- 1,616,073
Seat 2: TedyKGB88 (United Kingdom) -- 1,051,960
Seat 3: bokinjo (Serbia) -- 1,195,937
Seat 4: LLCoolJ23 (Germany) -- 833,543
Seat 5: Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm (Denmark) -- 547,262
Seat 6: treinen (Netherlands) -- 3,000,225

It would take less than an orbit for the first knockout to occur at the final table.

With the blinds 40,000/80,000, two-time SCOOP winner and 2014 TCOOP Player of the Series Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm opened for 280,000 from under the gun, TedyKGB88 reraised all in from the button, and it folded back to Elgstrøm who called all in with the 237,262 behind.

Elgstrøm was double-suited with A♣J♥8♥5♣ while TedyKGB88 had A♥K♦T♣3♣. The board then came 9♦T♠4♥A♦2♦, adding up to two pair for TedyKGB88 (aces and tens) but just one for Elgstrøm (aces), knocking out the latter in sixth.


Christian "CMoosepower" Elgstrøm

A few minutes later LLCoolJ23 min-raised to 160,000 from first position and got three callers in GiBobH/L (button), TedyKGB88 (small blind), and bokinjo (big blind). The flop came 4♠Q♣5♠, and it checked to LLCoolJ23 who continued for 640,000. It folded back to TedyKGB88 who check-raised all in, and when the action came back LLCool23 called all in with the 193,543 left.

LLCoolJ23 had A♥A♦3♣3♥ for aces and a gutshot wheel draw, while TedyKGB88 had A♠J♠9♠6♣ for a spade flush draw. The turn and river brought two more spades -- coming 7♠ and Q♠ -- making that flush for TedyKGB88 and knocking out LLCoolJ23 in fifth.

The pace slowed a bit at that point, and the final four all made it through almost a half-hour more to reach the four-hour break at which point GiBobH/L had assumed a large lead with nearly 4 million while no one else had as much as 1.6 million.

Not long after that, TedyKGB88 opened with a 3x raise to 600,000 from the small blind, committing nearly two-thirds of the starting stack, and after bokinjo reraised from the big blind, TedyKGB88 put the rest in as a call.

TedyKGB88 had Q♦J♣4♥3♦ while bokinjo showed K♦K♠7♥2♥. The board came Q♣8♠7♦, then T♦, then T♠, making kings and tens for bokinjo and queens and tens for TedyKGB88, thus ending TedyKGB88's run in fourth.

TedyKGB88 did get a nice consolation prize, however, having knocked out 15 players -- more than anyone else in the tournament -- to add an extra $562.50 to the fourth-place prize.

There was some brief deal talk in the chat box among the final three players, but the tournament was never paused to continue the discussion. Soon treinen had gotten short was was all in from the button for just under 500,000 (about two BBs) versus both GiBobH/L (small blind) and bokinjo (big blind).

The remaining players checked down the board as it came 7♥A♦T♦6♣6♠, and when GiBobH/L turned over A♠K♠7♦6♥ for a full house, the others mucked and treinen was on the rail in third.

GiBobH/L had the edge to start heads-up play with 4.54 million to bokinjo's 3.70 million and would stay in front for the first few hands until bokinjo enjoyed a big double-up to grab the advantage.

Four hands after that the blinds were 150,000/300,000 when GiBobH/L raised to 900,000 from the button, bokinjo called, and the pair saw a flop come 7♠4♠8♥. bokinjo checked, GiBobH/L went all in for 1,340,672, and bokinjo called.

bokinjo: T♦9♠7♥6♠
GiBobH/L: A♣Q♠T♣9♦

bokinjo had flopped a pair of sevens with both a spade flush draw and a bunch of straight outs, while GiBobH/L could complete an open-ender as well. The turn then brought the 8♠, filling a flush for bokinjo and making the river 4♦ no matter -- bokinjo had collected the tournament's final bounty and the Event #5 title.

Congratulations to bokinjo for besting a field of 1,649 in just over four hours to win a TCOOP title and claim a five-figure score for just $82.

TCOOP-05 ($82, PL Omaha, 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 1,649
Total prize pool: $123,675.00 ($61,837.50 regular prize pool; $61,837.50 bounty prize pool)

Places paid: 216

1. bokinjo (Serbia) $10,049.55 (+ $300 for 8 bounties)
2. GiBobH/L (Poland) $7,513.25 (+ $375 for 10 bounties)
3. treinen (Netherlands) $5,565.37 (+ $337.50 for 9 bounties)
4. TedyKGB88 (United Kingdom) $3,710.25 (+ $562.50 for 15 bounties)
5. LLCoolJ23 (Germany) $2,473.50 (+ $300 for 8 bounties)
6. CMoosepower (Denmark) $1,545.93 (+ $150 for 4 bounties)

With 50 total events stretching over the next week-plus, there's a lot more Turbo Championship of Online Poker to go. Check the TCOOP site for details of all the remaining events.

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