TCOOP 2016: Bruno Chato banks second TCOOP for Brazil in Event #07 ($27+R NL Hold'em, Turbo)

Brazil now has double the amount of 2016 TCOOP titles as any other country.

Bruno Chato's victory made Brazil the first country to have two champions, but they'll soon have company.


Bruno "bruno chato" Nunes

Events go by quickly and TCOOP-07 was no exception. It took just about five hours for Chato to best a field of 4,084 players and win $49,716.02. While it was a quick victory, it wasn't easy. One-third of the table had a COOP title on their resume, including the 2013 WCOOP Main Event Champion, PlayinWasted.

Chato prevailed though. The Brazilian dealt the first final table elimination in a three-way all-in and dealt the last despite being dominated.


Seat 1: MAMOHT_T - 6,585,24
Seat 2: Pixton154 - 5,840,935
Seat 3: TONY MONT211 - 3,380,232
Seat 4: Gorvie - 1,660,024
Seat 5: Ansgar2000 - 9,224,371
Seat 6: Bruno chato - 3,391,618
Seat 7: PlayinWasted - 7,550,811
Seat 8: As Leshiy - 3,238,930

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It took just four hours and 14 minutes to get 4,094 entries --plus 6,224 rebuys-- down to just nine, but then it took a whole 10 minutes to get down to eight.

Ten. Whole. Minutes.

That's a slowdown of 40.6 eliminations per minute (EPM) to just 0.1 EPM.

Players made up for it with few double ups and a three-way all-in. In the first elimination at the final table, Tony MONT211 moved all-in for 1.4 million from the hijack.

Gorvie re-shoved for 5.4 million from the cutoff and Bruno chato called all-in for 1.5 million from the small blind.

PlayinWasted, who had them all covered with 7.4 million, thought from the big blind and used up a large portion of his timebank. PlayinWasted folded and players showed their hands.

TONY MONT211: A♣9♥
Gorvie: A♠J♥
Bruno chato: A♦K♣

The board was a lowly 3♥8♠5♠7♠4♦ and Bruno chato more than doubled up to 5.5 million. Gorvie dropped to 3.9 million while TONY MONT211 won $2,533.16 for the ninth place elimination.

Speeding up

Gorvie quickly bounced back and eliminated another player.

AS Leshiy moved all-in for 1.6 million from middle position and Gorvie re-shoved from the small blind.

The big blind folded and Gorvie turned over a dominating K♣Q♥ to AS Leshiy's K♦T♣.

AS Leshiy couldn't beat the domination and got $4,958.07 for finishing eighth while Gorvie's stack rose to 7.5 million.

Then there was another three-way all-in.

PlayinWasted moved all-in for 5.3 million from the button and both blinds called all-in. Gusparo had 4.5 million from the small blind and MAMOHT_T was down to just 133,449 from the big.

PlayinWasted: Q♣J♠
Gusparo: A♥K♦

The 3♣4♥2♥5♣3♥ gave both blinds a straight and PlayinWasted dropped to 487,157. Then the German player fell the following hand.

PlayinWasted moved all-in from the cutoff and Pixton154 didn't even have to call. The 1 million big blind had it covered. PlayinWasted was in the lead with A♠7♥ to Pixton154's Q♠7♣, but a queen on the flop quickly changed that.

PlayinWasted, who won the 2013 WCOOP Main Event for $1.5 million, now took home $7,124.53 for finishing seventh.

Thinning the herd

On the other hand, Pixton154's lead increased to 15.3 million.

MAMOHT_T then stayed alive and doubled to 4.3 million when his A♥K♦ held up against Gusparo's pocket queens.

Ansgar2000 wasn't so lucky and was eliminated with dominating cards the following hand. Gorvie moved all-in for 5.7 million from the small blind and Ansgar2000 called all-in for 4.1 million from the big blind.

Gorvie showed 9♥6♦ while Ansgar2000 showed a dominating Q♣9♠. The 5♦6♠9♣ flop put Gorvie in the lead and Ansgar2000 couldn't find a queen on the turn or river.

Ansgar got a $10,290.99 consolation prize for the sixth place finish while Gorvie rose to second in chips with 10.6 million.

Our champion struck with aces the next hand.

Chato rises

MAMAOHT_T moved all-in for 4.0 million from under-the-gun and Bruno chato called from the small blind.

MAMOHT_T showed Q♣8♦ and Bruno chato tabled two red aces. MAMOHT_T didn't find victory on the 9♠6♣6♥2♣2♠ board and won $13,457.45 for finishing fifth.

Bruno chato rose to 11.9 million after the elimination and then dealt another.

Bruno chato moved all-in from under-the-gun two hands later and Gorvie called from the big blind with 5.0 million.

Gorvie: K♦Q♥
Bruno chato: A♦T♦

Gorvie hit a king on the 9♦K♣7♥ flop, but Bruno chato hit an A♥ on the turn. Bruno chato took the lead with 19.0 million while Gorvie won $18,207.13 for finishing fourth.

The Bruno chato brought the tournament heads-up.

Home stretch

Pixton154 raised to 2.8 million from under-the-gun and Bruno chat moved all-in. Gusparo called, Pixton154 folded and the tournament shrunk again.

Gusparo showed T♦T♠ and Bruno chato tabled A♠5♠. The 6♣J♥A♥7♠5♦ board gave Bruno chato a pair of pairs and the pot.

Gusparo got a $25,123.28 payday for finishing third while Bruno chato took a massive lead with 34.7 million to Pixton 154's 9.2 million.

Pixton154 doubled up on the second hand of heads-up play, but lost it all on the fourth.

Pixton 154 raised to 3.2 million in the final hand of the tournament and Bruno chato re-raised all-in. Pixton154 called and showed J♣9♥ to Bruno chato's J♦6♥.

This was Bruno chato's day and the Brazilian paired his six on the 2♦3♦8♥6♦8♦ board.

Pixton154 won $37,047.57 for the runner-up finish while Bruno chato took the grand prize of $48,716.02 for his first TCOOP victory.

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TCOOP-07 ($27+R NL Hold'em, Turbo) results
Entrants: 4,084
Rebuys: 6,224
Add-ons: 2,590
Total prize pool: $316,645.90
Places paid: 540

1. Bruno "bruno chato" Nunes (Brazil) $49,716.02
2. Pixton154 (United Kingdom) $37,047.57
3. Gusparo (Hungary) $25,123.28
4. Gorvie (United Kingdom) $18,207.13
5. MAMOHT_T (Russia) $13,457.45
6. Ansgar2000 (Germany) $10,290.99
7. PlayinWasted (Germany) $7,124.53
8. AS Leshiy (Estonia) $4,958.07
9. TONY MONT211 (Macedonia) $2,533.16

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in TCOOP