TCOOP 2016: George "Jorj95" Linds adds 2nd COOP win in Event 15 ($215 NLH, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)

Players know to anticipate quick structures when they enter a TCOOP tournament, it is right in the title of the series. The opening Sunday of the series took a standard turbo structure and turned it up to 11, blinds climbing faster and bigger antes.

Event 15 was a $215 No Limit Hold'em tournament with a hyper-turbo structure and short-handed format. Players were given 30 minutes of late registration and the tournament drew 2,172 players to crush the $300,000 guarantee. They created a prize pool worth $457,857 with the eventual winner set to earn $72,113.

The last 276 players would earn piece of the prize pool and they were in the money shortly after closing down registration. Nothing could slow them down and it took less than 120 minutes of play to go from 2,172 players to the final table.

A perfect example of a hyper-turbo format.

One big name stayed near the top of the chip counts throughout the latter parts of the tournament. George "Jorj95" Lind was representing Team PokerStars with a big stack and continued to work his way up while others were dropping out.


Lind is no stranger to TCOOP (or any COOP) final tables with a handful of runner-up finishes and a six-digit payday in the 2013 TCOOP High Roller event. He already captured one COOP title when he was the last player standing in 2012 SCOOP Stud Hi/Lo Event 26-L.

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Lind made this final table in the middle of the pack while WallXP hit it with a fraction of an ante. On the same hand that saw Djemps go out in 7th place on the other table, Lind was in trouble when he ran his A♣3♠ into WallXP's A♦K♠. Lind was at risk but spiked the 3♥ river to stay in the game.

Seat 1: PoluKalos (2,982,938 in chips)
Seat 2: arman359 (1,898,224 in chips)
Seat 3: pascualpro5 (1,726,422 in chips)
Seat 4: WallXP (5,742 in chips)
Seat 5: tycon87 (1,424,812 in chips)
Seat 6: George "Jorj95" Lind (2,821,862 in chips)

Blinds: 80K/160K with 32K Ante

Micro-ante not good enough for WallXP

WallXP had no choice in the matter and was all-in for his tiny stack. He did have better odds of staying alive with everyone folding to tycon87 in the big blind. Unfortunately he couldn't even luck into two live cards with 4♠3♣ up against K♣4♦.

tycon87 had a virtual lock on the hand after the K♦J♣4♣ flop and WallXP was drawing dead to 6th place on the 2♥ turn. It was tough back-to-back hands for WallXP but he picked up $9,660 for his 6th place finish.

Lind takes the lead

PoluKalos was leading the way with Lind sitting in second position before the two tangled it up. Lind shoved for his "big" stack under the gun and PoluKalos moved all-in next to act. The three smaller stacks played it smart and dropped their hands.

PoluKalos had a prime opportunity to stack up a huge lead with his J♦J♠ dominating Lind's 2♦2♣. The 7♠5♦3♣ flop changed little but Lind binked the 2♠ turn to drag the huge, lead-changing pot.

PoluKalos goes from first to out

The hand against Lind left PoluKalos with less than two big blinds and he waited one hand out before getting them in the middle. arman359 shoved from under the gun and it folded to PoluKalos in the big blind, he called with K♠J♠ to race against 7♠7♥.

He missed the A♠Q♥5♣ flop but added a gut-shot straight draw, backdoor flush draw. PoluKalos found no extra love when with the 4♥ turn or Q♠ river to go out in 5th place for $17,169.

No deal, let's play

The four players decided to pause the tournament and look at some numbers to divide up the remaining prize pool. A reasonable idea considering the hyper conditions of the tournament. Lind was the chip leader and offered the biggest chunk of the money.

Lind: $56,243.97
pascualpro5: $45,478.06
aman359: $43,158.08
tycon87: $41,421.38

Left to play for 1st: $6,000

It didn't take long for Lind to shoot down the deal, his experience and lead giving him an edge. After a bit of pleading, action was back underway with no deal in place.

pascualpro5 falls first

Despite the quickly climbing blinds, the remaining four players went 20 hands without an elimination. A near marathon in this game. There were three double ups in those hands but none put a big dent in Lind's lead. He took the next one out when he moved all-in over the top after pascualpro5 shoved.

pascualpro5 had one over card with A♣2♥ versus 8♣8♦ but never had a sweat as the board ran out 7♥6♥5♦T♠3♠ to send him out in 4th place for $26,326.

There were three players remaining but only hands left to be dealt.

arman359 limps/ladders up

One interesting part in the pascualpro5 knockout hand was arman359's action. He opened that pot for 600,000 and folded to Lind's three-bet shove leaving only 83,000 behind.

It worked out for him as pascualpro5 dropped out in 4th place leaving arman358 without enough to post his ante and big blind. We'll never know what he had in the previous hand but this time around his forced 8♣3♦ hand was no good against Lind's T♥5♠.

The dry board J♣9♣6♦7♥Q♦ helped neither and Lind's ten played to send arman359 out in 3rd place for $40,062. A nice little jump up the payouts with the micro-stack.

George Lind adds second COOP title with Event 15 win

Seat 5: tycon87 (3,757,508 in chips)
Seat 6: Jorj95 (7,102,492 in chips)

Blinds: 150K/300K with 60K Ante

The tournament went from four players to a winner in three hands, the nature of the hyper-turbo beast, but it looked like we might have a deal before the tournament closed out. Lind agreed to look at numbers before everything stopped anyway.

tycon87 said, "deal?"
Jorj95 said, "ok"

Lind said he'd look at the numbers and then shoved his chip-leading stack in the middle with Q♥3♦. tycon87 saw a chance to get back in the game and increase his negotiating position and called with A♠5♠.

Lind ended the final table nearly the same way he started it, by hitting a needed three-ball. This time it came right on the 8♥7♥3♠ flop and T♣ turn left tycon87 with three river outs. He couldn't hit his two overs on the 2♣ river and had to settle for a runner-up result for $53,798. Better than the money he would have earned in the deal by more than $12,000.

The quick win capped off a second COOP title for George Lind and he earned $72,113 along with the title for his second biggest online tournament score behind a 2013 TCOOP High Roller final table finish. Lind needs only a WCOOP title to pick up the rare Triple COOP honor and would be only the fifth player to accomplish that feat.

TCOOP-15 ($215 NL Hold'em, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo) results
Entrants: 2,172
Total prize pool: $457,857.60
Places paid: 276

1. George "Jorj95" Lind (Canada) $72,113.88
2. tycon87 (Norway) $53,798.26
3. arman359 (Israel) $40,062.54
4. pascualpro5 (Greece) $26,326.81
5. PoluKalos (United Kingdom) $17,169.66
6. WallXP (Russia) $9,660.79

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Al Rash
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