TCOOP 2016: Large Coffee stays hot to win Event 45 ($109 NLH, 8-Max, 1R1A)

Today is the last chance for players to earn a title in the 2016 Turbo Championship of Online Poker and the first event was a fun $109 buy-in No Limit Hold'em game. A nice little tournament to kick of a bigger than normal Sunday schedule. There were several successful players running deep but it was Large Coffee picking up his first major tournament victory.

Event 45 provided players with a single rebuy option if they lost their stack or they could fire it right out of the gates. Those still around 75-minutes later when registration closed could add-on to their stack for another $100. The tournament drew 1,194 players and they hit rebuy 710 times during the registration period, another 513 shots went towards add-ons and the tournament missed the $250,000 by a nudge.

Even with the added chips in play, the tournament quickly played down into the money and closed in on the final table after four hours of grinding. The average stack rarely jumped over ten big blinds so players were wasting no time mixing it up.

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The tournament paused for a top-of-the-hour break and they hit the final table on the first hand after they returned to action. Recent TCOOP champ MikeyGG3 did the hard work when his 8♦3♦ flopped an open-ended straight draw and got there on the turn against loksin to send him out in 9th place. The final table was set with a few players looking for more glory.

MikeyGG3 picked up his first COOP title last Saturday in the $33 Saturday Speedway Special Edition. utvekklo2 earned a WCOOP title in 2012, a series where he reached two final tables.

irishkajungl was another TCOOP winner at the final table and his 2015 title came in a rebuy event as well. Frederik "Fred_Brink" Jensen had the best results among the last eight competitors. He holds WCOOP and Sunday Million titles though neither were responsible for his best cash. Jensen earned a cool $200,000 in a heads up deal during the huge 2015 WCOOP $10,000 8-Game Championship.

2016 TCOOP-45 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: irishkajungl (635,050 in chips)
Seat 2: Fred_Brink (887,108 in chips)
Seat 3: Large Coffee (2,743,415 in chips)
Seat 4: MikeyGG3 (1,859,182 in chips)
Seat 5: shogunAA (1,039,244 in chips)
Seat 6: utvekklo2 (1,456,341 in chips)
Seat 7: MaTitheone (1,925,829 in chips)
Seat 8: LeoRai (1,538,831 in chips)

Blinds: 60K/120K with 15K Ante

irishkajungl misses second title, eliminated in 8th

The gathering of eight took their time feeling each other out at the start of the final table, no one getting pushy in the first orbit until irishkajungl put in his short stack with a big(ish) Ace.

He open-shoved for less than 230,000 with A♥T♦ and utvekklo2 called in the big blind with K♣6♦. irishkajungl was in line for a needed double until utvekklo2 hit the 7♦7♠6♠ flop. He still had his over cards for the comeback but blanked the J♥ turn and saw utvekklo2 hit the overkill 6♣ river to go out first at the final table.

utvekklo2 follows irishkajungl out the door

That was a big hand for utvekklo2 but it only moved him up one spot on the payout ladder. The seven remaining players battled back and forth over four orbits, with MikeyGG3 and Jensen catching doubles, until Large Coffee was dealt a big one.

The drawn out play caused all stacks to hit the danger zone before Large Coffee moved all-in from early position and utvekklo2 called on the button with a barely smaller stack. utvekklo2's call came with A♥K♦ which would be a great hand if not for the A♦A♠ of Large Coffee. utvekklo2 couldn't find a sweat as the board ran 9♠7♦4♠3♠6♥ to send him out in 7th place for $5,000.

Large Coffee gets two

There was another long gap in action as they pushed chips around the table for another 20 hands with Large Coffee picking up a bunch of smaller pots. Then things went sideways in a hurry.

Six players at the table and three of them put in their entire stack, shogunAA shoved from under the gun and LeoRai follwed suit next to act. Because running good and playing well seem to work, Large Coffee shipped in his chip leading stack from the small blind with A♥Q♦.

He was flipping against LeoRai's 5♦5♥ and dominating shogunAA's Q♣J♥ before he popped the Q♠7♥2♥ flop. The fives were in trouble and shogunAA wasn't that much better from a statistical standpoint. The two short stacks had five outs combined after the 3♠ turn and both were eliminated courtesy of the 2♦ river.

shogunAA had the smallest of the two and picked up $12,500 for 5th place while LeoRai put $18,525 in his virtual pocket.

MikeyGG3 knocked down, then out in 3rd

Seat 2: Frederik "Fred_Brink" Jensen (1,318,803 in chips)
Seat 3: Large Coffee (8,737,571 in chips)
Seat 4: MikeyGG3 (2,028,626 in chips)

Blinds: 150K/300K with 37.5K Ante

The double knockout gave Large Coffee a huge lead as they went into three-handed action. He held more than 72% of the chips in play to leave his opponents at a sizable disadvantage. MikeyG33 tried to move himself closer but sent all but a small blind stack to Jensen with 8♥7♥ going down to K♣9♣.

As the button, he wasn't forced to put the micro-stack in play on the next hand but there was no sense wasting any time. Jensen didn't limp his small blind behind and Large Coffee was given a big blind rebate to see his 6♦2♥ against MikeyGG3's 6♠5♣. There were a lot of possible outcomes for those two hands but Large Coffee stayed hot to hit the J♣T♦2♦ flop. The A♠ turn and K♥ were blanks to deny MikeyGG3 a second TCOOP title this series.

Large Coffee wins TCOOP title in Event 45

Seat 2: Frederik "Fred_Brink" Jensen (2,487,606 in chips)
Seat 3: Large Coffee (9,597,394 in chips)

Blinds: 150K/300K with 37.5K Ante

Jensen had a lot of work ahead of him if he wanted another major victory and almost found what he needed. He put his chips in good with 9♥9♦ against Large Coffee's K♦2♦ only to see a king hit the K♠T♠8♠ flop. Jensen's tournament was (temporarily) saved as the board ran flush-friendly 3♠2♠ to chop up the pot.

It was a short reprieve and he was at risk two hands later, once again with the better starting hand. His A♥J♠ needed to dodge the 9♦7♦ of Large Coffee but the bad news came right on the 7♠7♥6♥ flop. Trip sevens for Large Coffee left Jensen drawing very thin then drawing dead after the 4♠ turn.

Large Coffee ran hot when he needed and it was a well earned victory. Jensen was denied his second COOP title but he picked up $32,500 for a consolation prize. Large Coffee earned $45,000 for his efforts and can now call himself a TCOOP champion.

TCOOP-45 ($109 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, Turbo, 1R1A) results
Entrants: 1,194 (710 Rebuys, 513 Add-Ons)
Total prize pool: $250,000
Places paid: 152

1. Large Coffee (United Kingdom) $45,000.00
2. Frederik "Fred_Brink" Jensen (Denmark) $32,500.00
3. MikeyGG3 (Canada) $25,000.00
4. LeoRai (Kazakhstan) $18,525.00
5. shogunAA (Finland) $12,500.00
6. MaTitheone (Poland) $7,500.00
7. utvekklo2 (Sweden) $5,000.00
8. irishkajungl (Russia) $3,125.00

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Al Rash
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