TCOOP 2016: No deal is the best deal for Sr.Rouquinho, Event #42 champion ($82 NLHE [Turbo, Zoom])

Once this tournament was down to its final four players, Sr.Rouquinho was determined to finish it with at least $30,000 to show for his efforts. Second in chips as deal negotiations began, Sr.Rouquinho could have walked with a bit over $28k, his three opponents having agreed to an ICM chop, but decided to play hardball instead once he saw how... motivated the others were to close the deal, especially mendozoQ. With no volunteers coming forth to make up the difference, SrRouquinho gave the table two minutes to come up with the extra $2k, otherwise he was happy to continue playing. No one gave in and play resumed, with holdout mandozoQ the first to bust. From there it took less than five minutes for Sr.Rouquinho to put the rest of the table away, and he emerged with his first TCOOP title and over $41k.

The 2016 TCOOP's third and final NLHE Zoom event drew 3,536 players. 450 players earned a share of the $265,200.00 prize pool, with $41,638.31 set aside for the champion.

A little over two hours and fifteen minutes after the close of late registration, the tournament was down to its final ten players. With the blinds up to 30,000/60,000, -BigChri$- opened for 133,333 on the button and mindgamer shoved for his remaining 692,399 with A♠J♥. -BigChri$- called with 8♦8♣ and they were off to the races. -BigChri$-'s pocket pair held up on the 9♣9♠6♠K♥4♣ board and mindgamer hit the rail one spot short of the final table.


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Final table chip counts

Seat 1: InsaneShark (1,630,160 in chips)
Seat 2: Sr.Rouquinho (1,331,624 in chips)
Seat 3: oChris77o (1,396,627 in chips)
Seat 4: spydhysa (941,070 in chips)
Seat 5: -BigChri$- (3,148,877 in chips)
Seat 6: zinkAA (1,837,765 in chips)
Seat 7: WrestUA (4,071,193 in chips)
Seat 8: mendozoQ (1,814,512 in chips)
Seat 9: patasss (,1508,172 in chips)

The final table lost its first player on the fifth hand when the action folded around to spydhysa in the small blind. He open-shoved with A♠Q♥ and -BigChri$- called with pocket sixes in the big blind. Once again, the pair held up for -BigChri$-. and spydhysa was eliminated in ninth place. However, -BigChri$-'s luck turned over the course of the next few levels. First, he doubled up InsaneShark when his A♦Q♣ fell to A♣K♥. Then he did the same for patasss with nearly the same hand, A♥Q♥ vs. patasss's A♦K♥. -BigChri$- was left with 527,000 after that hand and put the rest of his chips in with 6♠6♦. Unfortunately for -BigChri$-, he ran into WrestUA's Q♠Q♣ and went out in eighth place.

Two hands later, oChris77o open-shoved for his last 4.5 big blinds and mendozoQ reshoved from the small blind with 8♣8♥. oChris77o's Q♠T♠ did not improve and he hit the rail in seventh place.

The blinds rose to 100,000/200,000 and with the action folded to him in the small blind, zinkAA moved in for 1.52 million with Q♠3♣. WrestUA called with K♥9♠ in the big, but zinkAA hit two pair on the flop when it came own Q♣6♥3♠. The A♠ turn and the 8♥ river were no help to WrestUA, and zinkAA doubled to 3.2 million. Left with 195,000, WrestUA busted in sixth place on the next hand when his Q♥3♥ fell to patasss's A♠Q♦. ZinkAA didn't get much traction following that double-up and ultimately open shoved for 1.68 million from UTG with K♦8♣. Patasss called with A♥Q♦ and flopped an ace, ending zinkAA's run in fifth place, and ascending to the chip lead with 6.46 million.

A few hands later, the final four agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's how they stacked up at the time:

patasss 7,292,665
Sr. Rouquinho 5,170,700
mendozoQ 3,250,589
InsaneShark 1,966,046

MendozoQ requested ICM numbers and when patasss asked that chip chop numbers also be calcluated, mendozoQ laughed in his face... well, as much as that can be accomplished through a chat box.

patasss: and chip chop numbers. please
mendozoQ: lol
mendozoQ: patass r u serious? )
patasss: yes
mendozoQ: nice joke bro)
mendozoQ: ha

InsaneShark and mendozoQ were quick to agree to the ICM numbers, which awarded patasss $30,374, Sr.Rouquinho $28,122, mendozoQ $24,874, and InsaneShark $21,555. However, Sr.Rouquinho made it clear that he wasn't cutting a deal that awarded him anything less than $30k.

Sr.Rouquinho: i need 30k
Sr.Rouquinho: if you can make it we have a deal . other way we play
mendozoQ: no way im better that that

Chip leader patasss, who initially wanted at least $31k, was willing to come down to his $30,374 ICM share, but Sr.Rouquinho remained the lone holdout. With negotiations at a standstill, Sr.Rouquinho issued an ultimatum.

Sr.Rouquinho: 2 minutes for one or some of you to give the 1.8k. In 2 mins we restart

Still, no one was willing to give up so much as a penny, and cards went back in the air with no deal in place.

Patasss quickly lost the chip lead to Sr.Rouquinho in a hand that went to showdown. Patasss opened for 520,000 and Sr.Rouquinho called with A♠3♣ in the big blind. Sr.Rouquinho made top and bottom pair on the A♣7♣3♥ flop and checked over to patasss, who checked behind. The turn was the 9♦ and Sr.Rouquinho bet 645,000. Patasss called. The river was the 7♦ and Sr.Rouquinho checked, hoping to induce a bet from patasss. Instead, patasss just checked behind and Sr.Rouquinho raked in the 2.58 million pot with aces and sevens.

MendozoQ gave up the vast majority of his stack to InsaneShark, when he shoved for 2.37 million on the button with Q♣J♣. MendozoQ called with K♥T♣ in the big blind and held up through the turn, but InsaneShark spiked a river jack to take down the pot. MendozoQ was left with less than one big blind and was eliminated in fourth place on the next hand.

When three-handed play commenced, Sr.Rouquinho held the chip lead with 7.8 million, patasss was second with 5.1 million and InsaneShark was the short stack with 4.7 million. With the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, patasss open-shoved for 4.77 million on the button with Q♠J♣ and Sr.Rouquinho called with A♦T♥ in the big blind. Sr.Rouquinho flopped a ten and turned an ace, ending patasss's run in third place. This was patasss's second final table of the 2016 TCOOP. He previously finished in eighth place in Event #8 ($82 NLHE Big Antes).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: InsaneShark (3,028,192 in chips)
Seat 2: Sr.Rouquinho (14,651,808 in chips)

It only took three hands for Sr.Rouquinho to finish off InsaneShark. After two exchanges of the blinds, InsaneShark moved in for 2.27 million and Sr.Rouquinho called.

InsaneShark A♥J♣
Sr.Rouquinho 9♠T♠

InsaneShark's ace-high held up on the K♦5♠3♠ flop, but Sr.Rouquinho picked up a flush draw. The T♥ turn paired Sr.Rouquinho's ten and the 5♣ river locked up his TCOOP crown.

Congratulations to Sr.Rouquinho on joining the ranks of TCOOP champions! He banked $41,638.31 for the win, while runner-up InsaneShark earned $31,028.40.

TCOOP-42 $82 NLHE [Turbo, Zoom]) results
Entrants: 3,536
Total prize pool: $265,200.00
Places paid: 450

1. Sr.Rouquinho (Czech Republic) $41,638.31
2. InsaneShark (United Kingdom) $31,028.40
3. patasss (Uruguay) $22,011.60
4. mendozoQ (Russia) $15,249.00
5. zinkAA (Russia) $11,353.21
6. WrestUA (Ukraine) $8,619.00
7. oChris77o (United Kingdom $5,967.00
8. -BigChri$- (Norway) $3,315.00
9. spydhysa (Norway) $2,121.60

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