TCOOP 2016: pmahoney22 smokes Canibus555 heads-up to win Event #16 ($700 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout])

The nine players at this final table had one thing in common-- none of them had ever won a 'COOP title. Two had come tantalizingly close. Pmahoney22 took second in Event #30-H ($2,100 NLHE) in the 2012 SCOOP and came away with an $86k consolation prize. Rounder3989 had a great deal of success in the Progressive Super-Knockout format, losing heads-up for a TCOOP title last year in Event #3, and final tabling Event #15-L ($11 NLHE Progressive SuperKO) in the 2015 SCOOP. However, tonight pmahoney22 was the one to shake the monkey off his back, taking down his first TCOOP title and over $144k.

Event #16 drew 2,058 players and closed late registration with a $1,368,570.00 total prize pool. Half of it ($684,285.00) comprised the bounty prize pool and the other half the regular prize pool. 270 players earned a share of the main pool with $109,486.76 set aside for first place.

Nearly four hours after cards went in the air, the field was down to its final ten players, each of them carrying bounties from $872 to nearly $17,000 on their heads. Having lost most of his chips when his A♠K♦ failed to improve against rounder3989's pocket sevens, muckit222 moved in for his last 55,507 with K♦2♥ and Canibus555 reshoved from the small blind with 3♠8♠. Although he trailed in the hand when the money went in, Canibus555 hit a boffo 5♦3♣3♦ flop, making him trip threes. Muckit22 did not catch up, the turn and river falling the T♣ and the 2♠ to send him to the rail one spot shy of the final table.


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Final table chip counts

Seat 1: GamblingPays (702,146 in chips)
Seat 2: rounder3989 (3,218,962 in chips)
Seat 3: pmahoney22 (1,476,346 in chips)
Seat 4: molswi47 (1,134,568 in chips)
Seat 5: FaNjkEEE (959,941 in chips)
Seat 6: Canibus555 (1,257,463 in chips)
Seat 7: TedSTRETCH (355,920 in chips)
Seat 8: NNNXX (892,876 in chips)
Seat 9: ICallYouAA (291,778 in chips)

High-stakes pro Will "molswi47" Molson wasted no time and got his chips in the middle on the first hand at the final table. Canibus555 open-shoved for 1.24 million with J♥J♦ and molswi47 called with A♠Q♣. Although a queen landed on the flop, a jack was right behind it, making Canibus555 a set. Molswi47 didn't improve further on the Q♥J♠7♣6♣K♥ board and hit the rail in ninth place. Canibus555 added another $2,536.91 to his own bounty, bagged the same amount in extra cash, and moved up to 2.5 million, good for second in chips.

Hand #2 saw TedSTRETCH open-shove for his last 331,000 and NNNXX reshove right behind him. TedSTRETCH's pocket aces held up against NNNXX's 5♣5♥ and he doubled to 912,000. NNNXX was left with 537,000. The action didn't abate for a second, and on Hand #3, ICallYouAA open-shoved for 254,278 from UTG+1. GamblingPays reshoved for 664,646 right behind him and FaNjkEEE moved in on the button, having both players covered.

ICallYouAA 8♣9♣
GamblingPays K♠T♣

FaNjkEEE's A♣Q♣ made top pair on the Q♠T♥6♦5♦2♣ board and scooped the entire pot, eliminating ICallYouAA in eighth place and GamblingPays in seventh. In the space of three hands, the field was down to six.

Three hands later, TedSTRETCH found A♣9♠ and moved in for his last seven big blinds from the cutoff. Pmahoney22 called from the big blind and turned over A♦T♠. TedSTRETCH's hand was dominated and didn't catch a miracle card on the A♥7♠6♦K♣J♠ board, ending his run in sixth place. On the next deal, NNNXX doubled his 3BB stack when his pocket jacks held up against FaNjkEEE's Q♦9♣, but he didn't hang around for long. Four hands later he moved in for 537,000 with K♦Q♦ and pmahoney22 called with Q♠J♥. Although NNNXX had the upper hand preflop, the J♦6♥4♠ flop paired pmahoney22's jack. The Q♣ turn gave him queens and jacks and the T♥ river spelled the end for NNNXX.

With the blinds up to 70,000/140,000, Canibus555 opened for 280,000 and FaNjkEEE called from the big blind. FaNjkEE checked the Q♥7♣4♦ flop, Canibus555 made a 350,000 continuation bet and FaNjkEEE moved in for 1.24 million. Canibus555 called, his A♠7♦ leading FaNjkEEE's A♥4♥. Canibus555's pair of sevens hung on through the J♣ turn and the 2♥ river, and FaNjkEEE departed in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced, Canibus555 led the pack with 4.1 million, rounder3989 was second with 3.33 million and pmahoney22 was the short stack with 2.85 million. After only four hands, the final three paused the action and ran numbers for a potential deal, but pmahoney22's insistence on an $80k minimum payday quickly ended the negotiations. Cards went back in the air and Canibus555 chipped up to 4.9 million while rounder3989 fell to 2.47 million. With the action folded to him in the small blind, rounder3989 shoved for Q♦J♦ and pmahoney22 called with A♥5♦ in the big blind. Pmahoney22's ace-high held up on the 9♣2♦2♠4♥6♠ board, sending him to heads-up play and rounder3989 to the rail in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: pmahoney22 (5,411,188 in chips)
Seat 6: Canibus555 (4,878,812 in chips)

Pmahoney22 chipped up to 9.2 million after winning three seven-figure pots without a showdown. With less than 1 million remaining and the blinds up to 125,000/250,000, Canibus555 moved in with A♥9♣ and pmahoney22 called with Q♠9♥. Canibus555 flopped an ace and doubled to 2.04 million. Pmahoney22, however, won the next four pots in a row, and Canibus555 called all-in vs. pmahoney22's 1.65 million opening raise on the fifth. Canibus555's K♦7♦ held up against J♥3♥ and he moved up to 2.33 million.

The blinds rose to 150,000/300,000 and pmahoney22 open-shoved for 8.1 million with K♠T♠. Canibus555 called and turned up Q♠9♣. It looked like Canibus555 might be right back in this thing when the flop fell 9♥6♠5♥, making him top pair. The 7♦ turn gave pmahoney22 a few more outs with a gutshot straight draw, and now Canibus555 needed to fade an eight, a king or a ten to survive. However, the K♣ spiked on the river and pmahoney22 emerged with the victory and his first TCOOP title.

Congratulations to pmahoney22, our newest TCOOP champion! All told, with the bounties and main prize pool shares added together, pmahoney22 banked $144,712,44 while runner-up Canibus555 earned a smokin' $104,356.74.

TCOOP-16 ($700 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout]) results
Entrants: 2,058
Total prize pool: $1,368,570.00
Places paid: 270

1. pmahoney22 (Mexico) $109,486.76 + $35,225.68 (bounties) = $144,712.44
2. Canibus555 (Estonia) $82,114.20 + $22,242.54 (bounties) = $104,356,74
3. rounder3989 (Germany) $61,585.65 + $16,915.12 (bounties) = $78,500.77
4. FaNjkEEE (Ukraine) $43,896.88 + $19,653.69 (bounties) = $63,550.57
5. NNNXX (Netherlands) $30,792.82 + $16,996.33 (bounties) = $47,789.15
6. TedSTRETCH (Colombia) $23,949.97 + $872.81 (bounties) = $24,822.78
7. GamblingPays (United Kingdom) $17,107.12 + $6,151.20 (bounties) = $23,258.32
8. ICallYouAA (Hungary) $11,974,98 + $3,340.56 (bounties) = $15,315.54
9. Will "molswi47" Molson (Canada) $6,842.85 + $5,073.82 (bounties) = $11,916.67

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Kristin Bihr
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