TCOOP 2016: Sh4rK309 tears through the field in Event #10 ($7.50+R NL Hold'em, 4x-Turbo)

It was a rampage.

At 12:00 ET, 8,766 players started jumping into Event #10. They were allowed to jump straight back in if they were eliminated for the first 120 minutes. In that time, players rebought a total of 43,967 times, an average of about five times per player.

The 4x-Turbo feeding frenzy went on for five hours and nine minutes. When the dust settled, Sh4rK309 was the last one standing. Sh4rK309 started the final table with a commanding lead and held on to it until play got four-handed.

Sh4rK309 then jostled for the lead and finally emerged victorious. The win earned Sh43K309 $42,349.14 and a TCOOP title.

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Seat 1: nunovoelz - 31,053,892
Seat 2: mecco - 36,976,204
Seat 3: monoco1965 - 14,898,334
Seat 4: grogros - 33,588,505
Seat 5: schulze505 - 14,497,636
Seat 6: Marc.GC - 15,953,050
Seat 7: Sh4rK309 - 116,723,031
Seat 8: Die Ventura - 18,495,150
Seat 9: dermot 67 - 57,546,198

Our 4x-Turbo final table lost its first player on the third hand.

schulze505 moved all-in for 13.7 million from middle position and Die Ventura, who had a few million more, re-shoved from the cutoff.

The blinds and button folded and schulze505 showed A♦Q♣ to Die Ventura's A♠K♦. The board ran 9♠7♠8♥T♠5♠ and Die Ventura took the pot with an ace-high flush.

schulze505 won $2,957.39 for the ninth place elimination while Die Ventura rose to 37.3 million.

Then there was a very similar elimination two hands later.

Mar.GC moved all-in for 21.5 million from under-the-gun and Sh4rK309 moved all-in for 115.6 million from early position. The rest of the table got out of the way and Sh4rK309 showed A♠K♦ --the same exact hand as Die Ventura's-- to dominate Marc.GC's A♥Q♣.

Sh4rK309 was already in the lead but spiked a king on the river to end Marc.GC's tournament. Our eighth place finisher won $4,388.39 while Sh4rK309's lead grew to 143.9 million.

Players then had to wait a whole three hands for the next elimination.

In that hand, nunovoelz raised to 7.5 million from under-the-gun and monoco1965 re-raised all-in for 20.5 million from the hijack. nunovoelz called and we had a flip.

nunovoelz: A♠Q♦
monoco1965: T♥T♠

nunovoelz hit a full house on the A♣6♦A♦4♥6♥ board and ended up with 87.1 million. monoco1965 on the other hand won $7,631.98 for finishing seventh.

Then we had a pair of double ups before we lost another player.

Sh4rK309 became the first player at the final table to score two eliminations after he eliminated grogros with pocket kings.

grogros moved all-in for 12.1 million from the cutoff and Sh4rK309 re-shoved for 130.4 million from the button. grogros showed A♥K♦, but Sh4rK309 tabled K♥K♣.

The 3♠6♠T♥4♠5♣ board brought no ace for grogros and the German player was eliminated in sixth place. grogros took home $11,447.98 for the finish while Sh4rK309's massive lead grew to 150.9 million.

nunovoelz was in a distant second with 87.1 million.

Double double for dermot 67

dermot 67 was the short stack, but scored two doubles and joined Sh4rK309 in the 100+ million club. First, dermot 67's A♠Q♣ held up against Sh4rK309's K♥J♦ and dermot 67 doubled up to 43.2 million.

A few hands later, Sh4rK309 moved all-in for 167.0 million from the cutoff and dermot 67 called all-in from the small blind.

Sh4rK309 turned over T♦8♦ while dermot 67 tabled A♠K♣. dermot 67 hit a king on the 5♦4♠K♠5♥2♦ board and doubled up to 106.3 million while Sh4rK 39 dropped to 117.6 million.

Then we got down to four players.

mecco moved all-in for 28.9 million from the button and a short-stacked Die Ventura called all-in from the big blind.

Die Ventura, who had less than two big blinds, showed 9♦5♣ while mecco showed A♣T♥. mecco paired both his hole cards on the A♥4♠T♣ flop and Die Ventura was eliminated in fifth place. Die Ventura got a $15,263.97 payday while mecco chipped up to 45.0 million.


Our final four players struck a deal. They went to the negotiating table with the following stacks:

Sh4rK309 - 102,097,056
dermot 67 - 110,833,632
nunovoelz - 81,306,118
mecco - 45,495,194

Players saw a few numbers and agreed on the following:

dermot 67 - $39,262.40
Sh4rK309 - $38,349.14
nunovoelz - $35,801.30
mecco - $29,662.91

Left to play for place first: $4,000.00

While players had most of the prize money locked up, play slowed down a bit. Sh4rK309 and dermot 67 jostled with the lead while mecco and nunovoelz struggled to stay alive.

mecco lost that battle first. mecco moved all-in for 23.2 million from under-the-gun and Sh4rK309 called from the button. The blinds folded and mecco showed a pair of red fives. Sh4rK showed a pair of black kings.

The board brought no 5 for mecco and the German played won the agreed-upon $29,662.91 for finishing fourth. Sh4rK309 on the other hand chipped up to 188.3 million.

Then dermot 67 brought the tournament heads-up.

nunovoelz moved all-in for 42.9 million with A♦K♠ and dermot 67 called with T♥T♣. dermot 67 won the flip when the board came 8♥7♠3♠J♥J♠ and nunovoelz took home $35,801.30 for the third-place finish.

Heads up

Sh4rK309 - 189,115,448
dermot 67 - 150,616,552

dermot 67 quickly took over the lead and had Sh4rK309 down to 72.6 million. Then Sh4rK309 moved all-in with 5♣3♣ and won. dermot 67 called with K♣Q♠, but Sh4rK309 took over the lead on the J♠A♣5♦9♣4♦ board.

Sh4rK309 doubled up to 147.3 million and dermot 67 dropped to 192.5 million. Sh4rK309 then took down a series of pots and reversed the roles.

dermot 67 was down to 66.2 million and moved all-in with T♠9♥. Sh4rK309 called with K♣3♣ and paired both cards on the 5♥6♣4♥K♠3♥ board.

dermot 67 got $39,262.40 for the runner-up finish while Sh4rK309 won the TCOOP title and $42,349.14.

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TCOOP-10 ($7.50+R NL Hold'em, 4x-Turbo) results
Entrants: 8,766
Rebuys: 43,967
Add-ons: 3,220
Total prize pool: $381,599.46
Places paid: 1,170

1. Sh4rK309 (Slovenia) $42,349.14*
2. dermot 67 (Ireland) $39,262.40*
3. nunovoelz (Brazil) $35,801.30*
4. mecco (Germany) $29,662.91*
5. Die Ventura (Peru) $15,263.97
6. grogros (Germany) $11,447.98
7. monoco1965 (Uruguay) $7,631.98
8. Marc.GC (Argentina) $4,388.39
9. schulze505 (Lithuania) $2,957.39

*Reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $4,000 in play for the winner

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in TCOOP