TCOOP 2016: TeaDrinker77 bags TCOOP win in Event 21 ($27 NLH 4-Max, Zoom, Progressive Super-Knockout)

The weekend wrapped up yesterday with some big TCOOP tournaments and Monday rolled around with a tournament sporting a big name and surprisingly deep stacks for a turbo structure.

Event 21 was a $27 buy-in tournament with progressive super-knockout bounties in super-short-handed format. Every table (besides the final table) was played four-handed with $12.30 of each buy-in going to the regular prize pool and $12.25 going towards a bounty on each player.

Each player's bounty amount increased with each knockout and had their knockout number hanging next to their name for the entire tournament, a bullseye with a dollar sign. It was possible for players to profit without reaching the payout portion of the tournament, BinBangBang served as an example after the Finnish player collected $105 in bounties but finished outside the money.

These short-handed tournaments, plus the fast-fold Zoom action, usually keep players moving out at a regular place and allowed the field to keep up with the climbing blinds. The average stack stayed above 30 big blinds for most of the tournament and gave players plenty of room to move.

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The tournament drew 6,873 players to easily surpass the $100,000 guarantee and put more than $84,000 in both the regular and bounty prize pools. The last 900 players in the tournament earned a piece of the regular prize pool with everyone at the final table set to earn a four-digit payout for a $27 buy-in.

It took less than four hours for the tournament to play down from 6,873 players to the last four tables. They made their way down to the final table bubble and the deep stacks played a part in how long it took to get there.

Unlike this point in many TCOOP events, the last six players went at each other for 20 minutes before the matter was settled. Event 21 was down to the final table when nickus_poker knocked out jakc55 with A♠J♠ over Q♣J♦.

2016 TCOOP-21 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: M Cunha G (1,616,740 in chips)
Seat 2: nickus_poker (10,641,890 in chips)
Seat 3: Theo55CY (5,318,877 in chips)
Seat 4: PaiKekai (10,985,286 in chips)
Seat 5: TeaDrinker77 (5,802,207 in chips)

Blinds: 150K/300K with 37.5K Ante

Theo55CY pushes an Ace, sent out in 5th

The long final table bubble shortened up the remaining stacks with M Cunha G in the lowest spot, but the Brazilian wasn't the first player to take a gamble. It was Theo55CY shoving on the second hand of the final table after nickus_poker opened on the button.

Theo55CY's move came with A♥5♦ and nickus_poker called with the dominating A♣K♥. Theo55CY had one live card but things got much worse on the K♣9♥6♦ flop to leave him looking for a miracle. The 4♥ turn wasn't part of the runner-runner needed and Theo55CY was drawing dead to 5th place for $1,278.

M Cunha G picks a good spot, eliminated in 4th

M Cunha G waited two more hands before finding one to get his tiny stack mixed up. He was down to only 854,185 and moved all-in from the small blind with 6♠6♥. nickus_poker called with 9♣2♥ in the big blind with a chance to pick up another bounty.

M Cunha G was looking good for a double up until the virtual dealer spread the J♦9♠3♦ flop. The 4♣ turn changed nothing and M Cunha G was eliminated from the final table in 4th place after the A♠ river.

Pause the clock and chop it up

The last three players decided to pause the clock and discuss a deal to divide the remaining prize pool. nickus_poker worked out a deal to get a few hundred more from the other two and each agreed.

They left $2,000 for the winner and they still had to play it out for the bounties on each player. Each agreed to the deal and tournament was soon back underway.

nickus_poker: $6,805.85
PaiKekai: $5,307.22
TeaDrinker77: $4,248.95

Left to play for 1st: $2,000

PaiKekai has zero outs, gone in 3rd

Even after chopping up the prize pool, the last three players took more than 30 hands to get down to heads up play. There were a few double ups and big hands until all three held similar stacks.

PaiKekai made a move on the 31st hand that did not work out well after calling a min-raise from TeaDrinker77. They both saw the 9♠7♦2♥ flop and PaiKekai check/raised to 3.1 million after TeaDrinker77 led out for 1.2 million.

There was no check/raise needed after the A♣ turn and PaiKekai put in his 7 million chip stack. He received a quick call from TeaDrinker77 with Aces Up A♦9♦ and PaiKekai was drawing dead with 9♣5♣. A tough spot to put in chips and he had to settle for his chop amount plus $676 in bounties.

TeaDrinker77 completes comeback to win TCOOP Event 21

Seat 2: nickus_poker (11,322,435 in chips)
Seat 5: TeaDrinker77 (23,042,565 in chips)

Blinds: 300K/600K with 75K Ante

TeaDrinker77 had the smallest stack when they chopped it up three-ways and gave up a few hundred dollars in the deal. From that moment, he moved up the chip counts and went into heads up play with better than a 2-to-1 advantage. nickus_poker tried to wrestle it back right away.

One the second hand, TeaDrinker77 limped from the button and nickus_poker moved all-in with K♠6♣. TeaDrinker77 quickly called with J♦J♣ to leave nickus_poker looking to hit his over-card to stay in the game.

Nothing changed on the 7♠4♣2♠ flop but nickus_poker added a gutshot draw on the 8♣ turn. He had seven tournament-saving outs on the river but the T♣ was not one of them. TeaDrinker77 picked up the pot as well as his first major tournament victory.

nickus_poker earned the $6,805 prize he negotiated in the chop deal plus $1,673 in bounties. TeaDrinker77 earned his biggest tournament cash for $6,248 plus the added $1,884 in bounty money, it all made for a great return on his $27 investment. He can now also call himself a PokerStars TCOOP champion.

TCOOP-21 ($27 NL Hold'em, 4-Max, Zoom, Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 6,873
Regular prize pool: $84,537.90
Bounty prize pool: $84,194.25
Places paid: 900

1. TeaDrinker77 (Malta) $6,248.95 + $1,884.34 in bounties*
2. nickus_poker (Netherlands) $6,805.85 + $1,673.75 in bounties*
3. PaiKekai (United Kingdom) $5,307.22 + $676.53 in bounties*
4. M Cunha G (Brazil) $2,019.61 + $525.57 in bounties
5. Theo55CY (Cyprus) $1,278.21 + $605.74 in bounties
*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $2,000 in play for the winner

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Al Rash
@PokerStars in TCOOP