TCOOP 2016: Team Pro Aditya Agarwal wins Event #50, Martin Jacobson 7th ($215 NLHE Wrap-Up [Hyper-Turbo, Deep, 1R1A])

After eleven days of intense, turbo-charged competition, the 2016 TCOOP came to a close with a $1 million guaranteed hyper-turbo wrap party. And really, what's a wrap party without a few celebrity appearances?

This final table housed a SCOOP champion, a Sunday Warm-Up champion, last week's runner-up in the Super Tuesday, one Team Pro, and even an honest-to-God, bona fide WSOP Main Event Champion-- Sweden's Martin Jacobson who took down the Main Event for $10 million in 2014. Jacobson went down in seventh place when he ran his pocket eights into pocket kings and pocket queens, but Team Pro Aditya Agarwal flourished, eliminating the fifth, fourth, and third-place finishers to get heads-up with RamsGold. Although Agarwal lost the 2 to 1 chip lead he brought into heads-up play, he quickly righted the ship and claimed his first 'COOP title, along with $160,000.


Team PokerStars Pro and 2016 TCOOP Event #50 champ Aditya Agarwal

Event #50, a $215 buy-in deep-stacked Hyper-Turbo with one rebuy and one add-on, drew 2,247 entries. Despite 1,041 rebuys and 1,295 add-ons, there was a $34,000 overlay in the $1 million guaranteed prizepool. 288 players earned a share of it, with $160,000 set aside for first place.

A little over an hour and a half after the close of late registration, the field was down to its last ten players. With the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson open-shoved for 3.27 million from UTG and the action folded to Canibus555, who already had 400,000 of his 446,000 chips committed in the big blind. Canibus555 called, his 3♠7♠ up against A♣8♣. Jacobson's ace-high held up on the Q♠T♦2♠Q♦K♦ board and Canibus555 went out one spot short of the final table.


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Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Adi Agarwal (5,865,669 in chips)
Seat 2: BlackCat-IL (3,053,689 in chips)
Seat 3: C. Darwin2 (4,944,808 in chips)
Seat 4: M.nosbocaJ (4,319,623 in chips)
Seat 5: Pro1612 (1,294,108 in chips)
Seat 6: Lundisgsund (3,992,386 in chips)
Seat 7: RamsGold (7,852,578 in chips)
Seat 8: Propheus7 (8,673,975 in chips)
Seat 9: AnyGameSir (5,833,164 in chips)

Pro1612 arrived at the final table with less than three big blinds and on Hand #3 he moved in from the cutoff with A♠2♠. Propheus7 called from the big blind with 5♠8♥ and made bottom pair with the flop came down J♠9♥8♦. Pro1612 didn't get any help from the kings that fell on the turn and river, and departed in ninth place. Only moments later, C. Darwin2 opened for 1.32 million and M.nosbocaJ reshoved right behind him for 3.9 million. Lundisgsund called all-in for 2.72 million from middle position and C. Darwin2 called as well, having both players covered.

C. Darwin2 K♠K♥
M.nosbocaJ 8♦8♣
Lundisgsund Q♠Q♥

Lundisgsund and Jacobson both ran their pairs into kings, and neither found a miracle on the 9♦4♠3♦6♠4♥ board. C. Darwin2 scooped the 12.4 million pot, ending Lundisgsund's run in eighth place and Jacobson's in seventh.


Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson, seventh place

On the next deal, second-in-chips Propheus7 moved in for 11.3 million from the cutoff and AnyGameSir called all-in on the button with pocket sevens. Propheus7 turned up Q♣9♣ and hit one of the best flops possible-- K♦J♣T♣, giving him a king-high straight and a straight flush draw. The J♠ turn and the K♠ river were no matter and AnyGameSir went out in sixth place.

Adi Agarwal started picking up momentum when he doubled through C. Darwin2. All the money went in preflop, Agarwal's A♣4♦ an underdog to C. Darwin2's pocket sevens. However, Agarwal pulled an ace on the A♦T♠8♣Q♠K♦ board and doubled to 12.9 million, leaving C. Darwin2 on 5.67 million. A few hands later, the blinds were up to 400,000/800,000 and the action folded to Agarwal in the small blind. He shoved for 11.4 million with K♠4♥ and BlackCat-IL called off his remaining 2.62 million with Q♣J♥. Agarwal flopped a pair of fours and rivered two pair on the A♦8♣4♦A♥8♦ board as BlackCat-IL hit the rail in fifth. Three hands later, C. Darwin2 open-shoved for 3.67 million and Agarwal called from the big blind, his J♠5♠ trailing A♦Q♠. However, Agarwal again found good fortune on the flop, which brought him a pair of jacks. C. Darwin2 did not improve on the J♦6♥2♠4♥3♠ board and was eliminated in fourth place.

As three-handed play commenced, Agarwal was in control with 22.4 million in chips, Propheus7 held 16.9 million and RamsGold was the short stack with 6.52 million.

With the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000, Agarwal made a small blind shove with Q♥3♣ and RamsGold made a double fist-pump snap-call with A♦A♠ in the big blind. Although Agarwal gave him a bit of a scare when he flopped a queen, RamsGold's aces held up on the Q♠T♠4♥5♦8♠ board and he doubled to 13.2 million. However, when Propheus7 made the same move a few hands later, shoving 13.2 million from the small blind with K♦T♥, Agarwal was the one lying in wait with A♦K♣. Propheus7 had an open-ended straight draw on the turn, but Agarwal's dominating hand held up on the J♦9♥6♥8♣K♥ board, ending Propheus7's run in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: Adi Agarwal (31,384,844 in chips)
Seat 7: RamsGold (14,445,156 in chips)

RamsGold won a few small pots to start heads-up play before wresting the chip lead away from Agarwal. After Agarwal opened for a 2.4 million min-raise on the button, RamsGold checked a J♥9♣6♣ flop and Agarwal bet 2.5 million. RamsGold shoved for 17.4 million more and Agarwal conceded the 10.3 million pot to RamsGold. RamsGold moved up to 25.2 million while Agarwal fell to 20.6 million.

However, on the next hand, RamsGold open-shoved on the button and Agarwal snap-called with K♥Q♣. RamsGold's dominated K♦2♥ stayed that way on the ace-high board and Agarwal doubled to 41.2 million.

Although RamsGold doubled back up when his J♥6♠ turned a pair of sixes against Agarwal's K♦2♦, he wasn't able to recover. Five hands later, RamsGold open-shoved for 6.7 million and Agarwal called from the big blind.

RamsGold 7♠9♣
Adi Agarwal A♠4♠

Agarwal's ace-high held up on the K♥J♣8♠ flop and he made bottom pair when the 4♦ turned. RamsGold needed a seven, nine, or ten to survive, but the J♦ rivered instead, locking up Agarwal's first 'COOP title.

Congratulations to our very own Team Pro, Aditya Agarwal, on his first TCOOP title! He banked $160,000 for the win, while runner-up RamsGold earned $120,000.

TCOOP-50 ($215 NLHE Wrap-Up [Hyper-Turbo, Deep, 1R1A]) results
Entrants: 2,247 (1,041 rebuys, 1,295 add-ons)
Total prize pool: $1,000,000.00
Places paid: 288

1. Team PokerStars Pro Aditya "Adi Agarwal" Agarwal (India) $160,000.00
2. RamsGold (Costa Rica) $120,000.00
3. Propheus7 (Switzerland) $90,000.00
4. C. Darwin2 (Sweden) $62,000.00
5. BlackCat-IL (Israel) $45,000.00
6. AnyGameSir (Poland) $35,000.00
7. Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson (United Kingdom) $25,000.00
8. Lundisgsund (Austria) $17,000.00
9. Pro1612 (Germany) $9,500.00

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in TCOOP