TCOOP 2016: Two COOPs for one chickensssss ($215 NLHE Turbo, Ante Up, Progressive Super-Knockout)

chickensssss is quickly accumulating COOPs.

Just last September, chickensssss took down a $1,050 Omaha Hi/Lo 6-max event in the 2015 WCOOP and now chickensssss can add a TCOOP title to that. Event #38 has one of the longest names of the series, $215 NL Hold'em Turbo, Ante Up, Progressive Super-Knockout. That's almost as many qualifiers as there are 'S's in chickensssss' name.

There were also a lot of entries. A total of 1,191 players signed up for event, creating a $238,200.00 prize pool that was split right down the middle. There was $119,100.00 in the regular prize pool and an equal amount in the bounty prize pool.

Each player started with a $100 bounty. Each time a player was eliminated, half their bounty would go to their eliminator while the other half would be added to the eliminator's bounty.

chickensssss took the largest chunks out of both prize pools. It was a mighty peck. chickensssss won $20,556.66 out of the regular prize pool and accumulated $8,468 in bounties.

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Seat 1: The Carnadas - 368,123
Seat 2: chickensssss - 736,386
Seat 3: marksfive - 270,468
Seat 4: Tankanza - 262,313
Seat 5: philipgm - 845,063
Seat 6: pcayobh - 1,182,120
Seat 7: RodRish - 434,085
Seat 8: MarcusG22 - 1,013,687
Seat 9: FiatEruditio - 842,755

marksfive's elimination was a quiet one. The UK player quietly slid his cards into the muck after the elimination, leaving the rest of the world with just a guess as to what his final hand was.

In that hand, MarcusG22 raised to 63,500 from early position and marksfive called all-in for 60,447 from the cutoff. pcayobh called from the big blind and the flop fell A♥3♥T♣. MarcusG22 bet 101,177, pcayobh called and an A♦ came on the turn. Both players checked and then checked again when the K♠ completed the board.

pcayobh showed K♥3♦ and the other two players mucked. pcayobh chipped up to 569,806 and picked up half of marksfive's $300 bounty while marksfive won $1,310.10 for finishing 9th.

The next elimination was an old-fashioned all-in, call and a flip. Tankanza moved all-in for 374,812 from early position and The Carnadas called all-in for 123,083 from the big blind. Tankanza showed A♣T♥ and The Carnadas tabled 2♦2♥.

The A♥6♠8♦7♣8♣ board gave Tankanza the ace and the pot. The Carnadas's $487.50 bounty went to Tankanza while The Carnadas won $2,322.45 for finishing 8th.

Then chickensssss dealt an elimination and took over the lead.

MarcusG22 raised to 75,000 from the cutoff and FiatEruditio moved all-in for 677,730 from the button. chickensssss re-shoved from the big blind and MarcusG22 folded.

chickensssss: A♣T♣
FiatEruditio: 8♣7♣

FiatEruditio had a 35.9 percent chance of winning the hand, but the 9♠4♥9♥2♥A♥ board didn't defy the odds. chickensssss soaked up the hefty $2,399.59 bounty and took the lead with 1.8 million while FiatEruditio won $3,513.45 for finishing 7th.

Then chickensssss pecked away at the field again.

Tankanza moved all-in for 207,870 from under-the-gun and chickensssss called from the big blind. Tankanza turned over 6♦6♠ and was flipping against chickensssss' A♠8♠. The A♣7♠T♠ flop gave chickensssss an ace and the 5♠ on the turn brought the Canadian player a flush.

chickensssss got another bounty --this time worth $2,301.55-- and chipped up to 2.4 million. Tankanza on the other hand was eliminated in 6th and won $4,704.45.

The lead wouldn't stay with chickensssss long. MarcusG22 dealt pcayobh a one-two knockout to take the lead. First MarcusG22 doubled up to 2.4 million with A♠Q♦ against pcayobh's Q♥T♣. The hand left pcayobh with just 638,784 and it went all-in against MarcusG22 the following hand.

But pcayobh was dominated once again.

MarcusG22: A♠7♠
pcayobh: A♣3♣

The board ran Q♠4♠Q♥K♣5♠ and pcayobh won $5,895.45 for the 5th place elimination. MarcusG22 got the $3,270.69 bounty and the lead with 3.2 million.

chickensssss was ready to strike again though.

chickensssss called from under-the-gun and RodRish moved all-in for 422,485 from the small blind. chickensssss called and showed A♣4♣ to RodRish's 3♥3♠. The coin fell in chickensssss' favor again.

The 7♣6♠T♠A♠K♦ board gave chickensssss the lead again with 2.6 million along with RodRish's $781.25 bounty. RodRish won $8,389.36 for for the 4th place finish.

chickensssss never let go of the lead and, after a few minutes of play, brought the tournament from three to one in just two hands.

MarcusG22 was the first to go. MarcusG22 checked from the small blind, chickensssss moved all-in from the big blind and MarcusG22 called. MarcusG22 showed A♥9♣ and chickensssss turned over 2♠2♦. The 6♠K♣4♠5♥3♦ board gave chickensssss a straight and MarcusG22's $5,066.20 bounty.

MarcusG22 won $11,314.50 for finishing 3rd while chickensssss started the heads-up match with 4.6 million to philipgm's 1.3 million.

chickensssss checked from the small blind the following hand and philipgm raised to 90,010 from the big blind. chickensssss called and the flop came T♣3♣K♥. philipgm bet 119,007 and chickensssss called. A 7♥ fell on the turn and philipgm upped the bet to 202,311. chickensssss called and the last river of the tournament was an 8♦.

philipgm moved all-in for 849,047 with Q♣9♣ and chickensssss called with T♥5♦. philipgm won $14,887.50 for finishing 2nd while chickensssss won the TCOOP title and $20,556.66.

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TCOOP-38 ($215 NL Hold'em, Turbo, Ante Up, Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 1,191
Total prize pool: $238,200.00
Places paid: 153

1. chickensssss (Canada) $20,566.66 + $8,468.09 bounties
2. philipgm (Denmark) $14,887.50 + $2,649.20
3. MarcusG22 (Canada) $11,314.50 + $5,065.20
4. RodRish (Chile) $8,289.36 + $781.25
5. pcayobh (Brazil) $5,895.45 + $3,270.59
6. Tankanza (Austria) $4,704.45 + $2,301.55
7. FiatEruditio (Russia) $3,513.45 + $2,399.59
8. The Carnadas (United Kingdom) $2,322.45 + $487.50
9. marksfive (United Kingdom) $1,310.10 + 300.00

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