Caprioli on what's proving a memorable TCOOP campaign

If you've been following our TCOOP coverage this past week you'll know that one player has never been far from top of the leader board. That's Brazilian pro Rodrigo "Caprioli" Caprioli, who won Event #11 and has since gone deep in numerous others.

Caprioli's story is one of the successful pro turning experience into a long sought after title. In the 13 years since he first opened a PokerStars account and started playing professionally, the 36 year old has earned various accolades, including finishing top of the BSOP ranking and being declared Brazilian poker champion of the year. But speaking to him after this most recent win, you could tell what a TCOOP title meant.

"It feels great, I had missed three shots at a TCOOP title before. I had one runner-up in 2015 and two third places last year, and I finished third again the day following the title. I have five TCOOP final tables now I hope to increase this number [before] the end of the series."
That plan seems to be working. At the time of writing caprioli (the family name that originated in Italy) is top of the leader board, clear of Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie by 15 points.

rodrigo_caprioli_scoop_26jan17.jpgRodrigo Caprioli

"Of Course I´m glad with the title and the third place, but I want more," he said. "I always wanted to be the player of the series. I finished 11th last year in TCOOP, and I already finished top 10 in SCOOP twice. So, I will be fully happy just if I finish first overall."

It's the latest landmark on a professional career that is successful by virtue of its longevity. The story is how he started is familiar, or at least the bits he remembers are. While he can't remember how he got started in poker exactly, his love of games eventually led him towards it .

"My mother barely knows the rules, my father doesn´t even know how many cards are in the deck. and my sister never tried. My grandfather loved to play cards, but he never had the chance to learn poker. I was very young and I always loved all games as chess, domino, and all card games then I tried to learn all of them."

Those "games" also included ten years of Taekwondo, and at a high level, complete with black belt and a shot at the Olympic team. But while those dreams didn't come to pass, his poker ones continue to materialise, such as in Event 11.

His explanation as to what he did when he won is familiar to professionals, glad, and happy, but always with an eye on what comes next.

"I talked to my family and my fiancée, and of course they were happy as always, but not surprised. Then I went to sleep because next I had to wake up and play all tournaments as I intend to be the players of the series."

That intention may yet come true, as the current TCOOP leader board demonstrates. We'll know by Sunday if those plans worked.

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