TCOOP 2017: tekelson221 takes down Event #13 ($27+R Turbo, Win the Button)

Aside from chips, every pot came with a side of button in Event #13.

The start of the tournament saw buttons dart around hundreds of tables, but the madness dwindled until there was just one button left. That lonely overworked button finally came to a rest when tekelson221 took down the tournament and won $26,089.10 in the process.

The Slovakian champ bested a field of 2,410 players and took the largest chunk of the $188,887.70 prize pool. It wasn't an easy victory and tekelson221 was even the short stack a few times at the final table.

But our champion kept fighting and eventually won the final hand --and button-- to earn the TCOOP title.

The final table


Seat 1: 89rhino89 - 2,782,569
Seat 2: Pfiffikus86 - 2,137,204
Seat 3: Mihai Nutt - 1,260,725
Seat 4: se7enTr3y - 3,087,416
Seat 5: Ässä_floppi - 2,010,604
Seat 6: Durrden - 3,032,092
Seat 7: Mozgolom26 - 3,410,485
Seat 8: tekelson221 - 4,157,700
Seat 9: soleeJ - 2,781,579

Mihai Nutt doubled up on the second hand of play despite being dominated. Mihai Nutt moved all-in for 1.1 million with A♠8♦ from under the gun and Durrden re-shoved for 3.0 million from middle position with A♣Q♦. The rest of the table folded.

The A♦8♥5♠6♥7♥ board paired both of Mihai Nutt's cards and Durrden dropped to 1.9 million while Mihai Nutt doubled to 2.5 million.

A dominated ace-8 took down that hand, but lost the next.

Ässä_floppi moved all-in for 2.1 million from early position and Pfiffikus86 called from the big blind. Pfiffikus86 turned over A♥8♣ and Ässä_floppi showed a dominating A♦T♥. This time the 3♠2♥Q♣4♠J♣ board missed both players and Ässä_floppi chipped up to 3.6 million.

This left Pfiffikus86 as the 9th place finisher, a finish worth $1,982.33

Title is not for Mihai Nutt

Mihai Nutt won the first final table all-in, but then lost two in a row and was eliminated from the tournament. Both were against Se7enTr3y.

In the first one, Mihai Nutt moved all-in for 3.2 million from the small blind and Se7enTr3y called all-in from the small blind. Se7enTr3y showed Q♦8♠ and had Mihai Nutt's 9♥8♥ dominated.

The flop gave Se7enTr3y a queen and the victory. Se7enTr3y doubled to 5.0 million while Mihai Nutt was left with less than a million.

Those chips went in with 9♥6♥ a few hands later and Se7enTr3y called with T♥T♣. The K♥K♠8♦T♠4♥ board gave Se7enTr3y a full house and the elimination. Mihai Nutt finished 8th and won $2,757.04.

Stacking shorties

89rhino89 almost moved all-in. 89rhino89 raised to 3.0 million from the cutoff and was left with just 28,579. Action folded to Durrden's big blind and Durrden called all-in for 2.3 million. Durrden tabled A♥6♣ and 89rhino89 turned over J♣T♣.

Durrden was in the lead until the river of a 2♦8♠2♣6♦T♠ board and 89rhino89 chipped up to 5.9 million while Durrden won $3,834.49 for finishing 7th.

Then we lost another short stack.

Ässä_floppi was down to 1.6 million and moved all-in from the hijack. soleeJ called from the small blind and we had another showdown. soleeJ was holding A♠J♣ while Ässä_floppi was in need of some help with T♦8♦.

soleeJ chipped up to 5.8 million while Ässä_floppi got a 6th place finish and $5,333.03

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89rhino89 rushes into the lead

Our final five players were fairly even in chips until 89rhino89 absorbed one of the other player's chips. Mozgolom26 raised to 720,000 from the cutoff and 89rhino89 moved all-in for 5.9 million from the big blind.

Mozgolom26 called all-in and turned over A♦J♦ to 89rhino89's K♠Q♦. The 4♠Q♣4♥9♦5♣ board gave 89rhino89 a queen on the flop and a lead of 11.4 million.

Mozgolom26 became the 5th place finisher and won $7,417.20.

tekelson221 rises

tekelson221 was the short stack with four players left, but scored a few double ups and started rising. First tekelson221 doubled to 4.9 million with A♦J♠ against Se7enTr3y's J♦6♣.

Then tekelson221 got dealt a pair of queens and doubled into the lead. tekelson221 moved all-in and 89rhino89 called with A♥Q♥. tekelson221's Q♦Q♣ remained ahead on the T♣5♦3♠8♦3♦ board and took the lead with 10.9 million while 89rhino89 dropped to 6.6 million.

89rhino89 was trying to charge back into the lead and almost got there with another elimination.

soleeJ moved all-in for 2.4 million from the small blind and 89rhino89 called from the big blind. soleeJ showed Q♣4♥ and 89rhino89 was in the lead with A♥J♥. The K♣Q♦3♦Q♠T♠ board gave 89rhino89 a broadway straight and the final table shrunk again.

soleeJ won $10,315 for finishing 4th while 89rhino89 chipped up to 9.1 million.

Passing the buck

Then 89rhino89 lost an all-in. 89rhino89 open-shoved with Q♥6♥ and Se7enTr3y called with A♥J♣. Se7enTr3y was already in the lead and hit a second jack on the 3♦3♥J♠T♥9♦ board.

But then 89rhino89 woke up with K♥Q♣ and doubled through tekelson221's A♣3♦ when the 4♦6♦5♣4♣Q♥ board brought a queen on the river.

89rhino89 was up to 8.7 million while tekelson221's lead dropped to 10.3 million. Then tekelson221 took back a big lead two hands later.

Se7enTr3y moved all-in for 6.3 million from the small blind and tekelson221 called from the big blind. Se7enTr3y turned over K♦Q♥ and tekelson221 tabled A♠J♠. The 6♣T♣3♣2♥T♦ board missed both players and tekelson221's ace-high took down the pot.

Se7enTr3y won $14,347.34 for the 3rd place finish and the tournament went heads-up.



tekelson221 - 16,145,536
89rhino89 - 9,484,464

Players decided to make a deal two hands later. At that time, 89rhino89 rose slightly to 10.7 million while tekelson221 was at 15.0 million

This worked out $22,312.10 in cold hard cash for tekelson221, $21,619.69 for 89rhino89 and $3,777.00 for the champion. The tournament didn't last much longer after that. tekelson221 moved all-in with A♦K♣ and 89rhino89 called all-in with Q♠J♣.

The final board of the tournament read 8♠7♥7♣8♦A♥ and a pair of aces took it down. tekelson221 became the champion for Event #13 and won $26,089.10 while 89rhino89 won $21,619.69 for finishing 2nd.

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TCOOP-13 ($27+R NL Hold'em Turbo, Win the Button) results
Entrants: 2,410
Total prize pool: $188,887.70
Places paid: 350

1. tekelson221 (Slovakia) $26,089.10*
2. 89rhino89 (Russia) $21,619.59*
3. Se7enTr3y (United Kingdom) $14,347.34
4. soleeJ (Poland) $10,315.85
5. Mozgolom26 (Russia) $7,416.20
6. Ässä_floppi (Finland) $5,333.03
7. Durrden (Germany) $3,834.49
8. Mihai Nutt (Romania) $3,834.49
9. Pfiffikus86 (Germany) $1,982.33

Denotes a two-way deal that left $3,777.00 for 1st place.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in TCOOP