TCOOP 2017: 2016 WCOOP Main Event Champion Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck wins Event #46 ($700 NL 8-Max PKO)

Chalk up another COOP for Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck. The 2016 WCOOP Main Event champion added a TCOOP win to his growing resume of online victories. He's only a SCOOP win away from a Triple COOP.

Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck rallied from behind to win TCOOP Event #46 $700 NL Progressive Knockout. llJaYJaYll's final table included 3 WCOOP champions including himself. With two to go, llJayJayll trailed by over 4-1. llJaYJaYll patiently waited against the hyper-aggressive German for a spot to double up to get his head above water. A couple of hands later, he landed a crushing blow and doubled up a second time. He seized the lead and never looked back. Twelve hands later, llJaYJaYll landed the coup de grace that knocked out in second place. llJaYJaYll pulled off the stunning win for his second-career COOP victory. In addition to a first-place score worth $62,385.72, llJayJayll also added $27,202.71 in bounties to his TCOOP windfall.


Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck is a SCOOP win away from a Triple COOP

2017 TCOOP Event #46 $700 NL 8-Max Progressive Knockout attracted 1,191 runners. The total prize pool was $792,015 with $396,007.50 set aside for the bounty pool and $396,007.50 set aside for the regular prize pool. The top 135 places paid out with $62,385.72 initially set aside for the champion.

With 12 to go, Austria's llJaYJaYll seized the lead with a 2M stack. MONSTER_DONG, an Aussie pro with wins in the WCOOP and a TCOOP, was seeking another COOP title. But he'd have to wait another day because he lost a coin flip with pocket fives against's Big Slick. MONSTER_DONG hit the showers in 12th place.

With nine remaining, action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble. Short-stacked Madd00x got it all-in with Q♠T♥ against RasA86's A♦Q♣. RasA86 won the pot with a pair of Aces and Madd00x bubbled off the final table in ninth place.


TCOOP Event #46 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: llJaYJaYll (2,413,952) + $8,554.01 bounty
Seat 2: M@gic_master (756,538) + $3,324.98 bounty
Seat 3: Penelas08 (1,110,756) + $11,198.39 bounty
Seat 4: (2,290,614) + $8,582.58 bounty
Seat 5: Duraircwb (915,960) + $8,563.09 bounty
Seat 6: lipe piv (1,521,292) + $6,974.62 bounty
Seat 7: RasA86 (1,775,542) + $7,711.05 bounty
Seat 8: 88maca88 (1,125,346) + $1,496.24 bounty

The final table commenced during Level 49 with blinds at 25K/50K and a 6,250K ante. llJaYJaYll led with 2.4M but was close by with 2.3M. Short-stacked M@gic_master was last with 756K.

This final table featured three players with WCOOP wins: llJaYJaYll, 88maca88, and lipe piv.

Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck won the 2016 WCOOP Main Event for a $1.5 million score. Lauck went deep in the 2016 WSOP Main Event but busted in 37th place. He also won a side event on the EPT9 Berlin.

Brazil's lipe piv won a WCOOP in 2014 in a PKO event. Argentina's 88maca88 won a WCOOP in 2016 (Event #16 NL PKO).

Also of note... RasA86 binked the Sunday Warm Up in 2012 for a $112K score and has over $3.3M in career earnings. He final tabled a 2014 SCOOP event for a $185K score.

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PEBBLES AND MARBLES: Penelas08 eliminated in 8th place

Quickie. Second hand at the final table. llJaYJaYll opened to 100,777 and Penelas08 called 50,777 from the big blind. Both players checked the flop of 9♠7♣4♣. The turn was the 6♥ and fireworks ensured. Penelas08 fired out 176,225, llJaYJaYll bumped it up to 388,817, Penelas08 shoved for 997,479 and llJaYJaYll called. Penelas08 flopped top two with 9♦7♦ but llJaYJaYll trned a straight with 8♥T♣. The river was the T♠. llJaYJaYll's ten-high straight held up to win the pot. llJaYJaYll collected a bounty worth $5,599.20 for busting Penelas08. The U.K.'s Penelas08 became the first player to bust at the final table. Eighth place paid out $6,612.73.

SEVEN BELOW: Duraircwb eliminated in 7th place

On the very next hand, we saw another bustout when open-shoved for 2,271,864 and Duraircwb called all-in for 847,210. Duraircwb led with A♦K♦ against's T♠4♥. The board ran out Q♦9♣7♦4♣T♥ and won the pot with two pair against Duraircwb's unimproved Big Slick. For busting Duraircwb, earned a bounty worth $4,281.55. Duraircwb went out in seventh place and earned a payday worth $9,112.25.

ROUND ROOM:88maca88 eliminated in 6th place

We saw an elimination for a third hand in a row. A raising war broke out preflop. 88maca88 min-raised, lipe piv bumped it up to 325,000, 88maca88 re-raised to 580,000, lipe piv five-bet shoved for 1,496,292 with A♠K♠ and 88maca88 called all-in for 420,346 with A♥Q♦. The board ran out 9♠6♣3♦4♣K♦ and lipe piv dragged the pot with a pair of Kings. lipe piv picked up a bounty worth $748.12 for picking off 88maca88. 88maca88 was dunzo in sixth place, which paid out $12,556.48.

With five to go... llJaYJaYll led with 3.7M.

THUNDERHEAD: M@gic_master eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked M@gic_master open-shoved for 511,538, re-shoved for 1,366,620, and llJaYJaYll called. Three-way. J♦J♥
llJaYJaYll: A♥Q♣
M@gic_master: A♣T♣

The board ran out Q♥J♣8♦A♠T♦. M@gic_master flopped a Broadway gutshot draw, but never got there. M@gic_master lost the pot with two pair -- Aces and Tens. llJaYJaYll's better two pair -- Aces and Queens -- were no good either. won the main pot and side pot with a set of jacks. also won a bounty worth $1,662.49. M@gic_master busted in fifth place, which paid out $17,302.55.

With four to go, llJaYJaYll led with 4.3M, followed by's 3.3M, lipe piv's 2.4M and shorty RasA86's 1.8M.

46 DAYS: RasA86 eliminated in 4th place

RasA86 bombed it all-in for 1,493,042 and big-stacked llJaYJaYll called Q♦T♦. RasA86 led with K♦T♠. The board ran out Q♣7♠2♠7♦3♠. RasA86's hand never improved and llJaYJaYll won the pot with two pair. llJaYJaYll added another bounty worth $3,855.53. RasA86 took home $23,842.58 for a fourth-place finish.

With three remaining, llJaYJaYll was still in front with a 5.4M stack.

WALLS OF THE CAVE: lipe piv eliminated in 3rd place

The power trio didn't jam together for very long before the band broke up. open-shoved for 7,055,717 with Q♦8♥ on the button, and lipe piv called all-in for 2,323,028 with A♣T♣. hit the flop and lipe piv was doomed. The board finished up Q♥J♣3♦6♦3♠. dragged the pot with two pair -- Queens and treys -- against lipe piv's pair of treys. picked up a bounty worth $3,861.37 for busting lipe piv. Brazil's lipe piv was dunzo in third place, which paid out $32,854.60.

HEADS-UP: llJaYJaYll (Austria) vs. (Germany)
Seat 1: llJaYJaYll (2,231,255) + $18,008.72 bounty
Seat 4: (9,678,745) + $18,387.98 bounty

With two to go, led nearly 4-1. Both players had a bouty approximately worth $18K. had chances to knock out llJaYJaYll, but was never successful.

llJaYJaYll got it all-in with Q♦T♥ against's K♣2♣. llJaYJaYll rivered a ten to win the pot with two pair. llJaYJaYll avoided an elimination and double up to 4.6M. Three hands later, had another shot to land a winning knockout, but llJaYJaYll prevailed with K♣3♣ against's 6♣3♥. llJaYJaYll's two pair was better than's two pair. That decisive hand was worth nearly 8.5M. llJaYJaYll seized the lead 8.5M to 3.4M. never recovered.


WAVES: eliminated in 2nd place; llJaYJaYll wins TCOOP Event #46!

Twelve hands was all over. llJaYJaYll moved all-in for 9,270,640 and called all-in for 2,289,360. K♠6♦
llJaYJaYll: Q♣6♣

The board finished up Q♥T♣9♥7♣2♠. llJaYJaYll outflopped and won the pot with a pair of Queens. llJaYJaYll also collected a bounty worth $9,193.99 for busting

For a runner-up finish, earned a payday worth $45,272.96. also added $18,387.98 in bounties.

Congrats to llJaYJaYll for winning TCOOP Event #46. llJaYJaYllearned $62,385.72 for first place, plus bounties worth $27,202.71. This victory marks a second COOP win for the 2016 WCOOP Main Event champion. He's now only a SCOOP victory away from earning the rare distinction of a Triple COOP Champion.


TCOOP-46 ($700 NL Hold'em [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO (50%)]) results
Total entries: 1,191
Prize pool: $792,015 (Regular prize pool: $396,007.50; Bounty prize pool: $396,007.50)
Places paid: 135

1. Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck (Austria) $62,385.72 + $27,202.71
2. (Germany) $45,272.96 + $18,387.98 bounty
3. lipe piv (Brazil) $32,854.60 + $7,722.74 bounty
4. RasA86 (Denmark) $23,842.58 + $7,711.05 bounty
5. M@gic_master (Uzbekistan) $17,302.55 + $3,324.98 bounty
6. 88maca88 (Argentina) $12,556.48 + $1,496.24 bounty
7. Duraircwb (U.K.) $9,112.25 + $8,563.09 bounty
8. Penelas08 (U.K.) $6,612.73 + $11,198.39 bounty

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