TCOOP 2017: Austria's Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker wins Event #19 $82 NL

Even if Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker never played another hand of poker the rest of his life, he could go to the grave knowing that he once beat Daniel Negreanu heads-up for a High Roller title. The tournament took place at the EPT10 Barcelona in 2013. The young Austrian rallied from a ginormous heads-up chip deficit to triumph over one of the all-time greatest poker pros.

In his short career, Thomas Muhlocker won nearly $3 million on the global tournament circuit. Muhlocker has deft online skills too grinding under the online moniker of 'WushuTM.' Muhlocker won a SCOOP bracelet in 2015. And now, you can add a TCOOP title to his resume after WushuTM won 2017 TCOOP Event #19. The Austrian is only a WCOOP win away from a rare Triple COOP.


Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker is 2/3 of the way toward a Triple COOP

The prize pool in 2017 TCOOP Event #19 $82 NL swelled to $387,525 with 5,167 total entries and 4,067 original runners plus 1,100 re-entries. The top 620 places paid out with $55,146.78 originally set aside for first place. The final three cut a money chop.

Online PokerStars Pro Adrienne 'Talonchick' Rowsome embarked on a deep run with a 35th place finish. With 18 to go on the final two tables, Ringelsdorf seized the lead with 7M with WushuTM lurking. AAKaliber1 bubbled off the final table in tenth place after failing to double up with Q♠9♣ against Spider91_PL'ss A♦T♠.


TCOOP Event #19 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: andyfivefing (5259056)
Seat 2: dh7889 (3,910,540)
Seat 3: WushuTM (6,374,028)
Seat 4: Eagle2319 (7,416,616)
Seat 5: tako1010 (3,019,574)
Seat 6: EL GRAN TORO (2,847,352)
Seat 7: hopelst757 (5,440,040)
Seat 8: Spider91_PL (7,311,574)
Seat 9: Ringelsdorf (10,091,220)

The final table commenced during Level 59 with blinds at 160K/320K and a 40K ante. Ringelsdorf playing from Mexico was the big stack with 10M, while EL GRAN TORO was the small stack with 2.8M.

Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker won a SCOOP event in 2015. He also shipped an EPT High Roller in Barcelona in 2013. Other notables at the final table included Poland's Spider91_PL (final tabled a 2016 WCOOP event) and Eagle2319 (final tabled a 2016 TCOOP event last year).

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SCARRED BUT SMARTER: andyfivefing eliminated in 9th place

The final nine played a couple levels before someone finally busted. andyfivefing open-shoved for a short stack worth 874,482 with A♦9♠, and Eagle2319 called, going to battle with A♣8♣. Despite the dominated hand, Eagle2319 flopped an eight to take the lead. It would hold up when the board ran out J♥8♦2♦3♥T♦. Eagle2319 won the pot and andyfivefing became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place was worth $3,446.41 for the Norwegian.

KEYS TO ME: tako1010 eliminated in 8th place

tako1010 opened to 1,002,844, super short, EL GRAN TORO called all-in for 161,164, and Spider91_PL called 502,844. Three players with one all-in. The flop was 9♦7♦2♠.
Spider91_PL checked, tako1010 fired out 998,844, Spider91_PL check-raised all-in for 9,266,564, and tako1010 called all-in for 6,274,870.

Spider91_PL: T♥9♣
tako1010: A♦J♦

Spider91_PL led with a pair of nines, while tako1010 got it all-in with Ace-high and a nut flush draw. The turn was the 8♠ and the river was K♠. EL GRAN TORO rivered a pair of Kings to win the main pot and avoid elimination with a triple up. Spider91_PL won the side pot with a pair of nines. tako1010 whiffed on a flush draw and headed to the virtual rail in eighth place, which paid out $4,874.01.


Battle of the blinds. Eagle2319 limped for 300,000 from the small blind, EL GRAN TORO bombed it all-in for 807,156 from the big blind with T♥8♥, and Eagle2319 called with 7♥6♣. The board finished up 8♣5♣4♠6♦J♠ and EL GRAN TORO lost with a pair of eights against Eagle2319's eight-high straight. EL GRAN TORO was el busto. Seventh place paid $6,892.90.

YOU MEAN EVERYTHING: hopelst757 eliminated in 6th place

Tough time to run into Cowboys. Ringelsdorf min-raised to 1.4M, hopelst757 bombed it all-in with A♠Q♠ for 7,831,160 and Ringelsdorf insta-called with K♦K♣. The board finished up 9♥4♠2♦6♥3♥. Pocket Kings held up for Ringelsdorf. Russia's hopelst757 headed to the virtual rail in sixth place and collected $9,748.03.

SADDLE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD: dh7889 eliminated in 5th place

Bad beat city. dh7889 open-shoved for 3,946,080 with A♦2♦ and Eagle2319 called with K♥4♣. The board ran out K♠Q♣T♠Q♠4♦. Eagle2319 hit the flop with a pair of Kings, then rivered two pair. dh7889's Ace-rag never improved and was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $13,785.81.

With four to go, Eagle2319 led with 20.5M and WushuTM was the shorty with 8.9M.

DANGER STRANGER: Spider91_PL eliminated in 4th place

Spider91_PL open-shoved for 7,692,198 with K♦3♠ and WushuTM called with A♠T♣. The board ran out J♣7d]7♥6♥T♦. WushuTM won the pot with two pair. Spider91_PL went busto in fourth place, which paid out $19,496.11.


With three remaining, action was paused to discuss a deal. WushuTM led with 22.4M, followed by Eagle2319 (17.8M) and Ringelsdorf (11.3M). The money numbers were floated (with $7,750.50 left on the table for the champion):

WushuTM $40,199.55
Eagle2319 $38,569.37
Ringelsdorf $35,191.36

Everyone liked those numbers and accept the deal. Play resumed with a chop in place.

COUNT THE FLOWERS: Ringelsdorf eliminated in 3rd place

Ringelsdorf bombed it all-in for 11,685,948 with J♣T♦ and WushuTM called with Q♣J♥. The board ran out 9♣3♥2♦Q♥4♣ and WushuTM won the pot with a pair of Queens. Ringelsdorf run ended with a third place finish and a payday worth $35,191.36.

HEADS-UP: WushuTM (Austria) vs.Eagle2319 (Belgium)
Seat 3: WushuTM (48,035,930)
Seat 4: Eagle2319 (3,634,070)

Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker held a massive lead when it got down to the final two. Heads up lasted only eight hands and Eagle2319 could not mount a comeback.

BRING HOME THE BACON: Eagle2319 eliminated in 2nd place; WushuTM wins event #19!

On the final hand, Eagle2319 moved all-in for 6,161,280 with Q♥7♣ and WushuTM called with K♦T♠. The board ran out K♠J♠9♥3♦K♣. WushuTM shipped the pot with trip Kings. Eagle2319 failed to improved and was dunzo. Eagle2319 locked up $38,569.37 for a runner-up finish.

Congrats to WushuTM for winning TCOOP Event #19. Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker earned a first place payday worth $47,950.05. This victory marks his second career COOP. Along with his 2015 SCOOP win, he is two-thirds of his way toward joining an elite club of Triple COOP champions!


TCOOP-19 ($82 NL Hold'em [Turbo]) results
Total entries: 5,167 (4,067 entries; 1,100 re-entries)
Prize pool: $387,525
Places paid: 620

1. Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker (Austria) $47,950.05*
2. Eagle2319 (Belgium) $38,569.37*
3. Ringelsdorf (Mexico) $35,191.36*
4. Spider91_PL (Poland) $19,496.11
5. dh7889 (Germany) $13,785.81
6. hopelst757 (Russia) $9,748.03
7. EL GRAN TORO (Argentina) $6,892.90
8. tako1010 (Hungary) $4,874.01
9. andyfivefing (Norway) $3,446.61

* = Denotes deal among final three

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars.

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