TCOOP 2017: BigBluffByTJ scores largest victory in Event #45 ($82 Razz, Turbo)

You had to go low to finish high in Event #45 and no one went lower than BigBluffByTJ.

BigBluffByTJ outlasted a field of 738 players in this Turbo Razz event and took the largest bite of the $55,350 prize pool. BigBluffByTJ won $9,423.27 for taking down the tournament. It was the Polish player's largest cash and first major tournament victory.

BigBluffByTJ started the final table with a large lead and turned it into a massive one before taking a dip when play got three-handed. But the cards were falling in BigBluffByTJ's favor today and our champion went on to double up and take down the tournament.

The final table


Seat 1: K123K - 777,050
Seat 2: Petrovich91 - 901,968
Seat 3: pantau77 - 633,886
Seat 4: GARST0NS - 378,876
Seat 5: BigBluffByTJ - 2,267,460
Seat 6: NeilUhta - 830,577
Seat 7: vitja1234 - 413,770
Seat 8: NihaoTuhao - 1,144,413

The first hand brought our first elimination. NeilUhta brought it in with a Q♠ and pantau77 raised with a 3♦. GARST0NS three-bet and pantau77 re-raised. GARST0NS called all-in and players tabled their hands.

pantau77: (4♣J♥)/3♦4♥6♠9♥/(5♥)
GARST0NS: (T♣A♠)/3♣2♠8♠Q♥/(K♠)

GARST0NS's 10-high couldn't beat pantau77's 9-6 and we lost a player. GARST0NS won $998.80 for finishing 8th while pantau77 chipped up to 1.25 million.

A growing lead

BigBluffByTJ started the final table with a big lead and then got a massive one.

NihaoTuhao brought it in with an 8♥ and Petrovich91 raised with a 6♥. BigBluffByTJ re-raised with a 3♥ and Petrovich91 called.

There was a bet and a call on fourth street and then all the chips went in on fifth street.

BigBluffByTJ: (2♣6♠)/3♥5♣Q♦T♣/(4♣)
Petrovich91: (4♠3♠)/3♠5♣Q♦T♣/(4♣)

Petrovich91 had hit a 8-6-4-3-2 on fifth street, but BigBluffByTJ scored a 6-5-4-3-2 on the river. Petrovich91 won $1,376.32 for finishing 7th while BigBluffByTJ's lead grew to 4.54 million. This left pantau77 in a distant 2nd with 1.42 million.

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Double kill

BigBluffByTJ was on a rampage and got a double knockout two hands later.

vitja1234 brought that hand in with a 9♥ and the ante had put NihaoTuhao all-in with a 7♥. BigBluffByTJ raised, NeilUhta called all-in and vitja1234 folded.

BigBluffByTJ: (A♦7♦)/4♦3♠4♥8♠/(7♣)
NeilUhta: (8♦J♣)/6♥A♣Q♥2♥/(2♠)
NihaoTuhao: (T♠J♠)/7♥6♦Q♠K♦/(Q♣)

NihaoTuhao had the highest hand with Q-J-T-7-6 while NeilUhta showed J-8-6-2-A. BigBluffByTJ had them both beat with 8-7-4-3-A.

NihaoTuhao won $1,896.55 for finishing 6th while NeilUhta got $2,613.41 for the 5th place finish. BigBluffByTJ's lead on the other hand grew to 5.08 million.

A contender rises

The high stakes and antes were wreaking havoc on vitja1234's short stack and the Russian player called all-in a few hands later after pantau77 brought it in with a Q♥.

The rest of the table folded and players went to showdown.

pantau77: (8♣2♦)/Q♥A♠T♦K♥/(6♠)
vitja1234: (5♦3♦)/T♣9♦5♠3♥/(K♦)

vitja1234's K-T-9-5-3 was no match for pantau77's T-8-6-2-A and the tournament shrunk again. pantau77 chipped up to 2.16 million while vitja1234 won $3,601.22 for finishing 4th.

Then pantau77 took over the lead.

K123K brought it in with a Q♠ and pantau77 raised with an A♠. BigBluffByTJ three-bet with a 6♣ and pantau77 called.

pantau77: (XX)/A♠3♦4♣7♠/(X)
BigBluffByTJ: (XX)/6♣T♠2♣9♥/(X)

pantau77 bet on every street and BigBluffByTJ called all the way down. Then pantau77 moved all-in for 308,302 on the river, but BigBluffByTJ folded.

The hand left BigBluffByTJ with 2.05 million while pantau77 took the lead with 3.88 million.

Down and up

BigBluffByTJ then lost a few more pots and became the tournament short stack.

It was only for a moment though. BigBluffByTJ jumped back into the lead after doubling up through K123K and winning a few more pots.

Then BigBluffByTJ knocked K123K out.

K123K brought it in with a 6♣ and BigBluffByTJ raised with a 2♠. K123K three-bet and BigBluffByTJ threw in another raise. K123K called all-in and we had another showdown.

BigBluffByTJ: (A♠4♥)/2♠T♥A♦9♠/(K♥)
K123K: (J♦4♣)/6♣5♦6♠T♣/(Q♠)

K123K hit a J-T-6-5-4 and BigBluffByTJ took down the pot with T-9-4-2-A. K123K won $4,962.42 for the 3rd place finish and the tournament went heads-up.

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BigBluffByTJ - 4,927,968
pantau77 - 2,452,302

pantau77 was in need of a double up, but wouldn't get one. pantau77 was down to 1.73 million a few minutes later and BigBluffByTJ brought it in with a 6♥. pantau77 raised, BigBluffByTJ three-bet and pantau77 threw in a fourth. BigBluffByTJ capped the action and pantau77 called.

pantau77 was down to just 220,302 and those chips went all-in on fourth street.

BigBluffByTJ: (A♠5♠)/6♥2♦7♥A♥/(7♣)
pantau77: (3♥6♠)/2♥J♦T♥9♣/(6♦)

BigBluffByTJ hit a 7-6-5-2-A on fifth street and pantau77 was drawing dead after sixth street.

pantau77 won $6,838.11 for the 2nd place finish while BigBluffByTJ took the title and $9,423.27.

TCOOP-45 ($82 Razz, Turbo) results
Entrants: 738
Total prize pool: $55,350.00
Places paid: 87

1. BigBluffByTJ (Poland) $9,423.27
2. pantau77 (Germany) $6,838.11
3. K123K (Sweden) $4,962.42
4. vitja1234 (Russia) $3,601.22
5. NeilUhta (Russia) $2,613.41
6. NihaoTuhao (China) $1,896.55
7. Petrovich91 (Russia) $1,376.32
8. GARST0NS (United Kingdom) $998.80

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.
Alex Villegas
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