TCOOP 2017: Dhr. Awesome earns a second COOP title and $21,648 in Event #18 marathon ($215 NLHE Heads-Up)

Since the TCOOP was introduced to PokerStars' MTT canon five years ago, we've seen four online legends earn a "Triple COOP"-- our euphemism for one who has WCOOP, SCOOP and TCOOP titles. Shawn "buck21" Buchanan, James "Andy McLEOD" Obst, Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira, and Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez have all managed the feat. The far more difficult chase has been the one for the PokerStars Grand Slam, an extraordinary four-ingredient cocktail of WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP and Sunday Million titles.

In this event, two players in the final 11 had a shot at those milestones. Colombia's Mayu "marroca5" Roca won a WCOOP title in 2011, a SCOOP title in 2012, and would sew up a Triple COOP with a win here tonight. However, Finnish mystery man €urop€an is one of only five players who are a TCOOP victory away from becoming the first-ever PokerStars Grand Slam winner. €urop€an won the Sunday Million in August 2014, added SCOOP gold in 2015, and earned a WCOOP title last fall to put himself in contention.


Unfortunately, marroca5 and €urop€an departed in 11th and 5th places respectively, leaving us without a history-making moment tonight. Instead, victory belonged to Dhr. Awesome, a 2016 SCOOP winner in mixed NLHE/PLO. Dhr. Awesome endured over 17 hours at the tables (rather astonishing for a turbo tournament) and won ten straight heads-up matches to earn over $21k and capture a TCOOP title.

The 2017 TCOOP's lone NLHE Heads-Up event drew 791 runners, whose $215 buy-ins combined to create a $158,200.00 prize pool. 128 players earned a share of it with $23,924.82 set aside for first place.

Players received 10,000 in chips to start each round. Levels were five minutes long, but the blinds rose by very small increments, creating a lot of room for creative play. As a result of these structural changes, this event took more than twice as long to play out this year than last.

With eleven players remaining, Mayu "marroca5" Roca's run at a Triple COOP came to an end. After battling Dhr. Awesome for twelve levels, marroca5 raised his button limp to 480 from the big blind and Dhr. Awesome responded with a three-bet shove. Marroca5 called off his remaining 2,100, his Q♦J♥ trailing A♥9♣. Dhr. Awesome flopped two pair on the 9♠6♠6♦2♠T♠ board and marroca5 was out in 11th place.


Mayu "marroca5" Roca


Dhr. Awesome def. kalashn1kovv

Only four levels in, this match came to an end on a cooler. All the money went in on a T♠6♠2♠ flop, kalashn1kovv five-bet shoving with Q♠3♠ and Dhr. Awesome calling with K♠8♠. Dhr. Awesome's king-high flush punched his ticket to the semifinals and kalashn1kovv went out in eighth place.

igor1261 def. NVoskob1986

This match stayed close until igor1261 broke away in Level 8. Holding K♦8♦, igor1261 three-bet preflop and called NVoskob1986's four-bet. He made top pair on the K♠9♥4♥ flop and checked over to NVoskob1986, who checked behind. Igor1261 turned two pair with the 9♠ and checked again. NVoskob1986 bet 1,595 and igor1261 called. The K♥ river made igor1261 kings full and he led out for 1,600. NVoskob1986 looked him up and conceded the 9,580 pot.

Five minutes later, NVoskob1986 open-shoved for his remaining 1,451 with K♠T♥ and igor1261 called with A♠T♣. NVoskob1986's dominated hand did not improve on the 6♣6♦4♣T♦9♠ board and he was eliminated in seventh place.

DeviesPro def. Texasspichi

The lead between DeviesPro and Texasspichi swung back and forth several times, but by Level 9, DeviesPro was out to 13,530 in chips over Texasspichi's 6,470. With the blinds at 50/100, Texasspichi min-raised to 200 with 4♥5♠ and DeviesPro three-bet to 650 with A♦Q♥. Texasspichi called and both players checked the J♣9♦9♠ flop. The turn came the 3♣ and DeviesPro checked again. Texasspichi bluffed at the pot for 900, but DeviesPro called. The river was the 7♥ and DeviesPro checked a third time. Texasspichi stabbed at it again for 2,128 and DeviesPro called with his ace-high. It was good against Texasspichi's stone bluff and DeviesPro moved up to 17,223 in chips.

Moments later, Texasspichi moved in preflop for for his remaining 1,434 and DeviesPro called. DeviesPro's pocket eights held up against K♣6♥ and he advanced to the semifinals, while Texasspichi hit the rail in sixth place.

HU4FU def. €urop€an

This battle was dead even until Level 5-- neither player had more than 11k in chips. Then, with the blinds up to 30/60, €urop€an bet the turn and river on a J♣T♠3♥2♥3♠ board and HU4FU called him down. €urop€an's two pair with J♠T♦ was good and he moved up to 13,908 in chips.

€urop€an maintained roughly a 3 to 1 chip lead over the next few levels, but HU4FU closed the gap in Level 10. Their stacks were nearly even and the blinds up to 60/120 when €urop€an opened for 265 on the button and HU4FU called. The flop came down 9♦7♣3♦ and HU4FU checked. €urop€an bet 420 and HU4FU called. The turn brought the A♠ and HU4FU check-called another 1,050. The river was the J♦ and HU4FU checked a third time. €urop€an moved all-in for 9,078 and HU4FU called all-in for 7,422, revealing Q♦2♦ for a flush. €urop€an had nothing but 6♠T♦, and HU4FU scored a huge double-up to 18,344.

Four hands later, €urop€an got his remaining 2,467 in before the flop with A♦4♦, only to have HU4FU roll over K♣K♥. The kings were good on the Q♣4♠2♠7♠2♣ board and it spelled the end of €urop€an's incredible run at a PokerStars Grand Slam.


Dhr. Awesome def. HU4FU

Dhr. Awesome drew first blood during Level 2, when his Q♣T♥ flopped a pair of queens and turned queens and threes. Dhr. Awesome picked up a 5,140 pot and moved up to 13,275 in chips. He maintained that lead until Level 6, then won a remarkable 11 pots in a row to chip up to 17,265. HU4FU was down to 3,515 when he limped in on the button to see a T♠7♣2♠ flop. Dhr. Awesome checked, HU4FU bet 120 and Dhr. Awesome raised to 350. HU4FU called and they went to the turn, which fell the J♣. Dhr. Awesome led out for 700 and HU4FU called. The river was the Q♦ and Dhr. Awesome shoved for 15,320. HU4FU called off his remaining 2,350 and rolled over 8♠9♦. His queen-high straight was good against Dhr. Awesome's T♥2♣ and he doubled to 7,030.

HU4FU slid back to 4,145 in chips by Level 10 and with the blinds up to 60/120, Dhr. Awesome opened for a min-raise to 240. HU4FU three-bet to 730, Dhr. Awesome shoved and HU4FU called all-in for 3,400. Dhr. Awesome's A♠K♦ dominated HU4FU's A♣J♥ and nothing changed on the 8♦5♦5♠6♥9♣ board. Dhr. Awesome advanced to the finals while HU4FU's run came to an end in fourth place.

DeviesPro def. igor1261

Igor1261 rode a wave of momentum and increased his stack to 15,800 in chips by Level 4. However, he was down to 13,346 and the blinds up to 25/50 when igor1261 three-bet to 350 preflop. DeviesPro called and they saw a J♥8♠2♣ flop. Igor1261 led out for 284 and DeviesPro called. The turn was the 7♦ and igor1261 fired another 959. DeviesPro called. The river fell the 4♥ and igor1261 led again for 2,397. DeviesPro looked him up with K♥8♥ for a pair of eights. They were good against idor1261's ace-high with A♣9♥ and DeviesPro moved back up to 10,649.

In the next level, the blinds were up to 25/50 and DeviesPro three-bet to 300 preflop with Q♥J♣. The T♥7♦3♣ flop missed his hand completely, but nevertheless he fired a 420 continuation bet. Igor1261 called. The turn, however, was the J♠, giving DeviesPro top pair. He fired out 850 and igor1261 called. The river was the K♥ and DeviesPro slowed down and checked. Igor1261 bet 1,580 and DeviesPro called. Igor1261 had absolutley nothing, only 5♦9♦, and Devies Pro raked in the pot, taking his stack up to 14,134.

DeviesPro hung on to his lead until Level 10, and with the blinds up to 60/120, he opened 7♠9♣ for 240. Igor1261 three-bet to 480 and DeviesPro called. The 9♦7♣5♣ flop was money for DeviesPro and igor1261 checked over to him. DeviesPro bet 650 with his nines and sevens and igor1261 called. The turn was the K♠ and igor1261 checkd again. DeviesPro made it 1,250 to go and igor1261 looked him up. The river was the 4♠ and igor1261 checked a third time. DeviesPro shoved and igor1261 called all-in for 4,627. Igor1261 turned over 6♥9♥ for a pair of nines, but they were no good in the face of DeviesPro's two pair. DeviesPro advanced to the final round and igor1261 had to settle for third place.

FINAL MATCH: Dhr. Awesome vs. DeviesPro

Nearly 16 hours after this heads-up shootout began, it reached its final round. The running time had already doubled the 2016 TCOOP's iteration of this event when Dhr. Awesome expressed how we all were feeling:

Dhr. Awesome: thought it was TCOOP lol
Dhr. Awesome: fkn 16 hours


Dhr. Awesome suggested that they play for $4,000 and chop the rest of the prize pool. Although DeviesPro did not immediately agree to this proposal, on the next break, with their chip counts nearly even, they hammered out an ICM chop and left $4k to play for.

DeviesPro and Dhr. Awesome remained within a couple thousand chips of one another through the first five levels before DeviesPro took down back-to-back pots to move up to 14,000. In the first, both players flopped a pair of eights, but DeviesPro's queen kicker just outpipped Dhr. Awesome's jack kicker. Then in the second, DeviesPro picked up pocket sevens and got two streets of value before they checked down the river on a Q♥3♠2♦J♥5♣ board.

DeviesPro was sitting on 14,900 in chips and the blinds were up to 35/70 when Dhr. Awesome struck back. DeviesPro opened for 140 on the button and Dhr. Awesome called. The flop was Q♦5♠4♠ and Dhr. Awesome checked to DeviesPro, who bet 140. Dhr. Awesome raised to 455 and DeviesPro caled. The turn was the 5♥ and Dhr. Awesome fired out 875. DeviesPro raised to 2,100, Dhr. Awesome moved all-in for 4,495 and DeviesPro called. Although DeviesPro had turned trip fives with J♦5♣, Dhr. Awesome had fours full of fives with 4♦4♥. The river was the 6♣ and Dhr. Awesome doubled to 10,200, putting the chip counts almost back to where they started.

By Level 9, Dhr. Awesome was down to 7,465 when he picked up T♥T♦. DeviesPro opened for a min-raise to 200, Dhr. Awesome three-bet to 700 and DeviesPro called. Dhr. Awesome couldn't have asked for a better flop-- it came down T♣4♣2♥ giving him top set. He led out for 600 and DeviesPro called. The turn was the J♦ and Dhr. Awesome made it 1,650 to go. DeviesPro called and they went to the river, which fell the 5♦. Dhr. Awesome pulled the trigger and moved all-in for 4,500 and earned a call from DeviesPro with 8♦T♠. The set of tens prevailed and Dhr. Awesome doubled to 14,930.

Dhr. Awesome hung on to his lead and had chipped up to 17,735 when the deciding hand unfolded. DeviesPro limped in on the button, Dhr. Awesome raised to 360, DeviesPro shoved for 2,250 and Dhr. Awesome called.

Dhr. Awesome A♠8♠
DeviesPro T♦T♥

Dhr. Awesome was way behind preflop, but paired his ace to take the lead. DeviesPro needed a heart, one of the two remaining tens, or running cards, but the board ran out A♥Q♥3♥6♣Q♠ and Dhr. Awesome locked up the win.

Congratulations to two-time COOP winner Dhr. Awesome! He banked $21,648.24 for the win, while runner-up DeviesPro earned $17,500.16.

TCOOP-18 ($215 NLHE [Turbo, Heads-Up]) results
Entries: 5,167 entries (4,067 unique players, 1,100 re-entries)
Prize pool:$158,200.00
Places paid:128

1. Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) $21,648.24*
2. DeviesPro (Poland) $17,500.16*
3. igor1261 (Belarus) $7,611.00
4. HU4FU (Sweden) $7,611.00
5. €urop€an (Finland) $4,239.76
6. Texasspici (Switzerland) $4,239.76
7. NVoskob1986 (Belarus) $4,239.76
8. kalashn1kovv (Malta) $4,239.76

*denotes a heads-up deal

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in TCOOP