TCOOP 2017: Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro dominates Event #43 ($82 NL Omaha 6-Max Prog. KO)

Action seekers were loving the $82 buy-in Event #43 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker.

The turbo format meant a fast structure, with five-minute levels translating into rapidly-increasing blinds and antes. The game was six-handed, another prompt to action, and the variant no-limit Omaha, one of the wilder formats to play. Players could re-enter up to three times, which ensured things would be rowdy from the start Added to that, 50 percent of the prize pool was split off for progressive knockout bonuses, ensuring there'd never be a down moment along the way.

Riding that rush to victory was Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro of Peru who outlasted a big 1,660-entry field to win $9,452.37 from the regular prize pool plus another $4,571.30 in bounties to make a total payday of $14,023.67.

That big field meant a total prize pool (half regular, half bounties) of $124,500, more than twice the event's $50K guarantee. It took about four-and-a-half hours for them to work its way down to two six-handed tables, at which point Charlottewbb had spun a stack up over 3.2 million to assume the chip lead.

mustakasi was the next player eliminated in 12th, earning $403.86 from the main prize pool plus $668.52 in knockout bounties. Jab0c0 (11th) and POKER$EGUN (10th) followed, earning $495.12 each plus bounties, then VolanPoker (ninth) and Felipe "felipe52" Theodoro (eighth) fell, taking $737.32 from the prize pool along with their bounties (also worth more).

Finally Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie completed yet another deep TCOOP run by finishing seventh, earning $1,127.97 from the regular prize pool and another $727.67 in bounties, and the final table was set. 


Seat 1: Charlottewbb (Norway) -- 3,939,856 
Seat 2: Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro (Peru) -- 7,721,934 
Seat 3: Zsipali (Hungary) -- 1,589,359 
Seat 4: sheikki (Finland) -- 920,921
Seat 5: Kolmetkunkut (Finland) -- 763,970 
Seat 6: DroNNer (Russia) -- 1,663,960 

Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro was the leader with six left, and aside from a brief stretch during three-handed play he'd stay in the top spot the rest of the way.

About three minutes into the final table the blinds were 35,000/70,000 when Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro opened for 175,000 from early position, then Kolmetkunkut reraise-jammed for 807,720 from the small blind and Yonashiro called. 

Kolmetkunkut showed K♦J♣J♥T♠ while Yonashiro had A♠K♥9♥7♦. The board brought a bunch of low cards and one jack, which might seem as though it would have favored Kolmetkunkut. However the five cards were 2♥3♥6♦J♦4♥, that river heart making a winning flush for Yonashiro and knocking Kolmetkunkut out in sixth.

They crossed the five-hour mark with Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro still setting the pace, chip-wise. Five minutes later sheikki open-pushed from the cutoff for 876,842 (almost 11 big blinds) and got called by Charlottewbb in the small blind. sheikki had K♦K♠4♣2♦ but had run into Charlottewbb's A♣A♥5♣4♦, and five cards later -- 6♠2♣7♣9♠J♣ -- Charlottewbb had an ace-high flush and sheikki was done in fifth.

A short while later DroNNer open-raised all in from UTG for 833,860 (just over eight BBs) and Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro reraise-pushed from the small blind to isolate. DroNNer was double-suited with K♥T♠9♠3♥ while Yonashiro had Q♦Q♣9♣9♥. The board ran out T♦4♠A♥A♦4♥ to give Yonashiro the better two-pair hand and send DroNNer railward in fourth.

The final three marched onward, with Zsipali moving up to enjoy the chip lead only very briefly before Yonashiro wrested it away again. Then suddenly within the space of three hands came the last two knockouts and the tournmaent's conclusion.

First the two shorter stacks got involved in a big preflop all-in, with Zsipali claiming most of Charlottewbb's stack to leave the other crippled. On the next hand leader Yonashiro open-pushed from the button and Charlottewbb was already all in from the big blind. Yonashiro had Q♠8♦5♦3♦ and Charlottewbb T♠7♣6♦2♣, and Yonashiro would end up making a straight on a 2♠J♥6♣4♥7♦ board to knock out Charlottewbb in third.

That put Yonashiro at 13,642,936 to start heads-up versus Zsipali who had 2,957,064. One small hand later Yonashiro again shoved from the button, and Zsipali called to be at risk.

Zsipali: K♣Q♦J♣8♣
diego_1901: A♥T♠T♥7♠

The board came A♣K♠3♣, then 5♠, then 3♠, meaning Zsipali was ahead on the flop and turn, but the spade on the river made diego_1901 a flush and it was all over -- Yonashiro had won.

Congratulations to Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro for topping a big 1,660-entry field to turn a $82 buy-in (with no re-entry for Yonashiro) into a better than $14K payday in just under five-and-a-half hours.

TCOOP-43 ($82 NL Omaha [6-Max, Progressive KO (50%)]) results
Total entries: 1,660 (1,112 entries, 548 re-entries)
Prize pool: $124,500 ($62,250 regular; $62,250 bounty)
Places paid: 203

1. Diego "diego_1901" Yonashiro (Peru) $9,452.37 (+$4,571.30 in bounties)
2. Zsipali (Hungary) $6,178.20 (+ $1,364.55 in bounties)
3. Charlottewbb (Norway) $4,038.51 (+ $2,050.67 in bounties)
4. DroNNer (Russia) $2,639.86 (+ $112.50 in bounties)
5. sheikki (Finland) $1,127.97 (+ $128.90 in bounties)
6. Kolmetkunkut (Finland) $1,127.97 (+ $549.56 in bounties)

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