TCOOP 2017: Five more winners for Day 6 as Series reaches halfway

The news for Tuesday; there were 5 more winners overnight with wins for bokkie87, smurf0, The Cooker, AstraLito and MenininhaMa who becomes the fifth Brazilian to win a title so far in TCOOP 2017. Having had joint leaders yesterday it's GeraldoCesar who nudges into top spot on the leader board. Five more events are on the schedule for today.



The headlines from the sixth day of TCOOP 2017

Five more winners is becoming routine these days, but that's what we got these past 24 hours as TCOOP reached the halfway stage. After a little while the results begin to blur into one, a big pile of words and some numbers with dollar signs in front of them. Also, while it might just be me (and in the same way that policemen seem to get younger as you get older) the names of events are getting longer and longer. Admittedly, these titles tend to be glanced at in haste, for an immediate indication of what's in store, rather than studied. But next time try reading aloud "eighty-two-dollar-no-limit-hold'em-three-max-turbo-zoom-progressive-knock-out-fifty-percent" to see what I mean.


Regardless, there were some great results and equally great final table performances, which you can read about by clicking the links below.

Box scores from Day 6

TCOOP-28 ($82 PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max]) results
Entries: 931 (544 entries, 387 re-entries)
Prize pool: $69,825
Places paid: 119

1. bokkie87 (Netherlands) $11,396.00*
2. hmduisburg (Germany) $7,543.67*
3. x3rces (Chile) $4,893.99
4. shrekpoker91 (Ukraine)
5. Alexander "utvekklo2" Ceder (Sweden) $2,091.35
6. Sergettt (Estonia) $1,367.13
* denotes deal among the final two

TCOOP-29 ($82 NL Hold'em [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO(50%)]) results
Entries: 2,839
Prize pool: $212,925 (Regular prize pool: $106,462.50; Bounty prize pool: $106,462.50)
Places paid: 341

1. smurf0 (United Kingdom) $14,118.62* + $4,132.31 bounty
2. nana9192 (Vietnam) $10,799.24* + $3,143.26 bounty
3. Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa (Estonia) $5,265.44 + $818.48 bounty
* denotes a heads-up deal

TCOOP-30: $82 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max, Turbo] results
Entries: 845 (683 entries, 162 re-entries)
Prize pool: $63,375
Places paid: 103

1. The Cooker (Canada) $9,759.76*
2. Exzik (Ukraine) $8,620.53*
3. skilly (United Kingdom) $5,609.04
4. krakura (Russia) $4,070.48
5. Creatiff111 (Russia) $2,953.94
6. all191291in (Russia) $2,143.67
7. ftgiants (Brazil) $1,555.66
8. verbena777 (Russia) $1,128.94
* denotes results of a heads-up deal that left $1,267.50 for the winner

TCOOP-31 ($215 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, 10-Stack]) results
Entries: 1,608
Prize pool: $329,254.08
Places paid: 203

1. AstraLito (Bulgaria) $35,053.36*
2. Caz_Carneiro (Brazil) $24,372.81*
3. 7HE__D__ASH (Switzerland) $24,512.86*
4. slaman1337 (Netherlands) $19,530.68*
5. leo_nuts_dno (Brazil) $16,956.89*
6. wyte123 (Lithuania) $12,660.47*
* denotes a six-way money deal

TCOOP-32 $27 NL Hold'em (Win the Button, Bubble Rush, Progressive KO 75%) results
Entries: 6,481 (2,194 re-entries)
Regular Prize Pool: $53,264.50
Bounty Prize Pool: $159,706.75
Places Paid: 1,232

1. MenininhaMah (Brazil) $7,478.00 + $5,607.92
2. p.A.v magic (Romania) $5,171.66 + $2,582.77
3. Luciana "luckyno75" Manolea (Romania) $3,579.20 + $2,755.60
4. skjul1 (Sweden) $2,477.09 + $1,084.01
5. Slava1961 (Russia) $1,714.34 + $299.40
6. MrPingo (Denmark) $1,186.46 + $720.54
7. Wall131TCI-I (Germany) $821.13 + $1,335.28
8. Hossa205 (Russia) $568.29 + $1,471.22
9. timmy.KS (Sweden) $393.30 + $119.61

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Current leader board standings

Yesterday there were join leaders of the leader board, with caprioli topping GeraldoCesar by virtue of alphabetical order. Today that order flipped around, with GeraldoCesar taking a narrow lead over his countryman, with Robin "robinho" Ylitalo in third place.

TCOOP leader board - 24 jan 17.jpg

You can check out the leader board in full on the TCOOP homepage.

Vaguely interesting TCOOP facts so far...

Robin "robinho" Ylitalo, who won Event 14 over the weekend, is the highest earner from TCOOP 2017 so far with $89,770.44.
ImluckNuts has the most number of cashes, with 12. That's two more than JGagMan and robinho with 10 each.
With five titles so far Brazilian players have amassed the most prize money with $730,316, and the most final table appearances with 25. Russian players meanwhile have scored 1,073 cash finishes between them, the most of any country.

For more facts and figures from this year's TCOOP series, check out the TCOOP statistics page.

Coming up on Tuesday

• TCOOP-33: $27+R NL Hold'em [Turbo, Little Splash], $100,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-34: $82 PL 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO (50%)], $50,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-35: $82 Stud [Turbo], $25,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-36: $700 NL Hold'em [8-Max, Turbo, Ultra-Deep], $400,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-37: $320 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Fat Tuesday SE], $500,000 Guaranteed

You can find details of each of these events on the TCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every TCOOP Main Event.

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