TCOOP 2017: K123K crowned king in Event #35 ($82 Stud, Turbo)

Turbo Stud could be the name of a reality show, but those words were also the descriptors of Event #35.

A total of 647 players signed up for the tournament, but after seven and a half hours, only one player was left standing. K123K is the newest TCOOP champion and our Swedish tournament winner earned $8,470.13 along with the title. It was the largest portion of $48,525 prize pool, but it was also the hardest to get.

K123K started the final table as one of the shorter stacks and went through a rollercoaster of hands to take down the title.

It all worked out for our Swedish champion in the end though.

The final table


Seat 1: Antti1996 - 1,339,143
Seat 2: dorschcharli - 162,740
Seat 3: K123K - 288,576
Seat 4: lexdodge - 345,379
Seat 5: JoeGall - 958,659
Seat 6: Dainiux - 2,400,350
Seat 7: Craz-e99 - 176,023
Seat 8: Stroynowski - 799,130

The two short stacks clashed in the first hand and the slightly smaller small stack survived.

dorschcharli brought it in with a 5♣ and Craz-e99 raised to 40,000 with a K♥. dorschcharli three-bet and Craz-e99 re-raised. dorschcharli moved all-in and Craz-e99 called.

dorschcharli showed 5♠9♠ and Craz-e99 truned over A♠A♦.

dorschcharli: (5♠9♠)/5♣4♠9♦6♠/(3♥)
Craz-e99: (A♠A♦)/K♥3♦2♥4♣/(J♦)

dorschcharli hit two-pair and doubled up to 373,480 while Craz-e99 was left with just 13,283. Then dorschcharli took the rest of those chips the following hand. K123K brought it in with a 3♣ and JoeGall called with a 4♠.

Craz-e99 moved all-in for 5,283 and dorschcharli called and bet on fourth street. K123K and JoeGall folded and players went heads-up.

dorschcharli: (8♥J♥)/9♥A♦4♥Q♥/(4♣)
Craz-e99: (6♦Q♦)/J♣K♣Q♠2♦/(7♥)

dorschcharli hit a flush and Craze-99 was eliminated in 8th. Craz-e99 won $897.77 while dorschcharli chipped up to 373,631.

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Up and down, round and round

Craz-e99 got the one-two knockout, but our next elimination got the old up-and-down. First lexdodge doubled up to 533,758 with a flush against Antti1996's pair of sevens, but lost it all to JoeGall a few minutes later.

lexdodge brought it in with a 3♠ and JoeGall raised with an A♥. Action folded back around and lexdodge called.

JoeGall bet on every street and lexdodge called all the way. The river bet put lexdodge all-in and lexdodge called with (8♠K♠)/3♠9♣8♥2♠/(5♣). lexdodge's pair of eights couldn't beat JoeGall's (3♠4♦)A♥5♠6♥7♣/(7♦).

The three to seven straight chipped JoeGall up to 1.3 million while lexdodge won $1,237.11 for finishing 7th.

The short-stacked dorschcharli doubled up early on, but quickly dipped after lexdodge's elimination. dorschcharli was down to 60,763 and moved all-in with a 7♥ after Stroynowski brought it in with a 4♥. Action folded back around and Stroynowski called.

Stroynowski: (9♣9♦)/4♥T♠A♦4♣/(2♣)
dorschcharli: (K♥9♠)/7♥J♠J♥Q♣/(4♦)

dorschcharli won $2,359.07 for finishing 5th while Stroynowski chipped up to 1.6 million.

A few more down

That was Stroynowski's last elimination though. The Polish player went through a rollercoaster of hands that ended with with his elimination.

First Stroynowski's got halved by JoeGall, but Stroynowski doubled up through JoeGall the very next hand. Then Stroynowski doubled up K123K. Stroynowski raised with a K♦ and K123K three-bet with a 4♦. Stroynowski called and got another king while K123K got a T♦.

Stroynowski bet, K123K moved all-in and Stroynowski called.

Stroynowski: (T♠Q♠)/K♦K♠5♦5♥/(7♥)
K123K: (4♣4♠)/4♦T♦7♣6♥/(J♣)

Stroynowski couldn't outdraw K123K's dealt set of fours took and Stroynowski dropped to 756,922 while K123K doubled up to 1.6 million.

Then Stroynowski lost another all-in against K123K. Stroynowski brought it in with a 5♦ and K123K raised with a 9♣. Stroynowski called and then called a bet on every street, including an all-in bet on the river.

K123K: (J♣9♦)/9♣K♣Q♠J♥/(J♠)
Stroynowski: (A♠3♠)/5♦4♠6♥T♠/(9♥)

K123K chipped up to 1.4 million while Stroynowski finished 4th and won $3,236.96.

Playing it down

K123K started three-handed play with the lead, but lost it after doubling up Dainiux and then losing a massive pot to that same player a few minutes later. K123K was out for blood though and eliminated JoeGall to bring the tournament heads-up.

K123K brought it in with a 2♦ and JoeGall raised with a 9♠. K123K called and then JoeGall moved all-in on fourth street. K123K called and players went heads-up.

K123K: (4♠4♥)/2♦A♦T♠5♠/(3♣)
JoeGall: (T♣K♥/9♠5♦3♠Q♦/(6♥)

JoeGall's king-high was no match for an ace-to-five straight and K123K chipped up to 1.9 million while JoeGall won $4,460.48 for the 3rd place finish.


Dainiux - 4,554,624
K123K - 1,915,376

K123K quickly evened things out. K123K brought it in with a 5♠ and Dainiux raised with a 6♦. Dainiux then bet all the way down and K123K called every street.

Dainiux: (A♠J♦)/6♦A♦5♦T♣/(7♥)
K123K: (4♣2♥)/5♠3♣A♥T♦/(6♠)

K123K's rivered straight topped Dainiux's pair of aces and K123K chipped up to 3.1 million while Dainiux dropped to 3.4 million.

K123K then took another couple million off of Dainiux and jumped into the lead. Dainiux was down to 1.3 million and tried to score a double up, but got eliminated instead.

K123K brought it in with a 6♦ and Dainiux raised with a Q♠. K123K called and then raised on fourth street. Dainiux called and players went all-in on fifth street.

K123K: (7♣6♥)/6♦A♠T♥J♣/(A♥)
Dainiux: (K♣K♥)Q♠J♦9♠4♠/(6♣)

Dainiux's pair of kings didn't improve and K123K took it down with aces and sixes. Dainiux won $6,146.45 for the 2nd place finish while K123K took down the title and $8,470.13.

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TCOOP-35 ($82 Stud Turbo) results
Entrants: 647
Total prize pool: $48,525
Places paid: 79

1. K123K (Sweden) $8,470.13
2. Dainiux (Lithuania) $6,146.45
3. JoeGall (Canada) $4,460.48
4. Stroynowski (Poland) $3,236.97
5. dorschcharli (Germany) $2,349.07
6. Antti1996 (Finland) $1,704.71
7. lexdodge (Canada) $1,237.11
8. Craz-e99 (Denmark) $897.77

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in TCOOP