TCOOP 2017: konway scores the final KO in Event #26 ($82 PLO [4-Max, Zoom, Progressive KO (50%)]

There are plenty of ways to turbo-charge a tournament. Make it short-handed. Add significant bounties. Reduce the level length. Make it Zoom. How about all of the above, you say? Witness tonight's TCOOP Event #26, an $82 Zoom PLO affair played on 4-max tables with a Progressive KO. There was hardly a lull in this lightning-round tourney and in the end it came down to a battle between the two final table big stacks, maddog7788 and konway. These two got heads-up with very close chip counts, but when all was said and done, konway struck the final, fatal blow and emerged as our newest TCOOP champion.

2,107 players bought in to Event #26, creating a $158,025.00 prize pool. Half that amount ($79,012.50) went into the regular prize pool and the other half comprised the bounty pool. 263 spots were paid with first place set to earn $11,783.87 along with any bounties earned along the way.

Zoom play continued until there were nine players left. Only five hours after cards went in the air, the field was down to five players on two tables and the blinds up to 35,000/70,000. On the three-handed table, pm_marke folded the button, Tilt_Avenue raised to 210,000 from the small blind and bugsen three-bet to 630,000 from the big blind. Tilt_Avenue reraised to 1.89 million, and bugsen called off his remaining 242,532.

bugsen A♥K♥Q♣9♣
Tilt_Avenue K♠Q♥J♦T♦

The Q♦7♦2♣ flop made both players top pair, bugsen with the ace kicker. Bugsen kept his lead when the 8♠ turned, as Tilt_Avenue picked up a straight draw, but the river J♣ made Tilt_Avenue queens and jacks, ending bugsen's run one spot shy of the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: maddog7788 (8,510,587 in chips, $1908.63 bounty)
Seat 2: konway (7,174,058 in chips, $1969.84 bounty)
Seat 3: Tilt_Avenue (2,962,896 in chips, $1736.01 bounty)
Seat 4: pm_marke (2,422,459 in chips, $450.56 bounty)

Moments later, the blinds rose to 40,000/80,000 and konway led off the action with a raise to 184,000. Pm_marke three-bet to 592,000 from the big blind, konway came back over the top for 1,816,000, pm_marke shoved for 2.1 million and konway called. Pm_marke's A♣K♠K♦4♣ was up against A♠A♥9♣6♥, which made a set of aces on the A♦J♦4♦ flop. The 4♠ turn gave konway aces full of fours and the 5♦ river sent pm_marke to the rail in fourth place. Konway picked up another $225.28 in cash for the KO and increased his own bounty to $2,195.12.

Konway moved up to 9.1 million in chips on that hand and before the level was over, he inflicted heavy damage on Tilt_Avenue. In a limped pot, konway led out for 80,000 on an A♥7♥2♦ flop and Tilt_Avenue called. The turn came the 3♥ and konway check-called another 185,600. When the 7♣ rivered, konway went back on the offensive and made it 345,600 to go. Tilt_Avenue called with Q♥T♠8♥5♥ for an ace-high flush, but konway had J♣7♦4♠3♣ for sevens full of threes and took down the pot. Tilt_Avenue slid to 1.12 million in chips and got the rest of his stack in the middle a few hands later on a T♠7♠4♥ flop. Maddog7788 called, his overpair with Q♦Q♠J♥7♦ holding a slight edge over Tilt_Avenue's flush draw with A♠K♠J♦2♠. The 5♣ turn gave Tilt_Avenue a wheel draw to boot, but the T♦ river made maddog7788 queens and tens. Tilt_Avenue went out in third place, while maddog7788 increased his bounty to $2,776.63 and collected $868.01 in cash.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: maddog7788 (9,536,283 in chips, $2776.63 bounty)
Seat 2: konway (11,533,717 in chips, $2195.12 bounty)

Maddog7788 wrested the chip lead away from konway only a few hands into their match. In a pot konway three-bet to 600,000 pre, the flop came down J♥4♥3♠ and konway led out for another 600,000. Maddog7788 called. The turn came the 6♠ and konway slowed down and checked. Maddog7788 made it 1.4 milion to go and konway came along. When the 2♠ rivered, konway checked again and maddog7788 bet 5.2 million. That was enough for konway and he gave up his hand, conceding the 5.2 million pot to maddog7788 without a showdown. Maddog7788 moved up to 13 million in chips while konway fell to 8 million.

Konway had fallen to 6.07 million in chips when he picked up 9♣6♠5♣4♥ and min-raised to 240,000. Maddog7788 three-bet to 720,000 and konway called. The A♥8♥6♣ flop drew a 1.44 million c-bet from maddog7788 and konway called. The turn came the Q♥ and maddogg7788 fired again, this time for 4.32 million. Konway quickly called all-in and turned over a flush, while maddog7788 revealed A♦Q♦6♠2♥ for top two pair. The river blanked with the 3♥ and konway doubled to 12.1 million while maddog7788 sank to 8.9 million.

Over the course of the next ten minutes, konway and maddog7788's stacks evened out considerably. Then, with the blinds up to 100,000/200,000, konway made it 400,000 to go on the button. Maddog7788 three-bet to 1.2 million and konway called. The flop fell T♦9♠2♥ and maddog7788 led out for 2.4 million. Konway called and they went to the turn, which came the 8♦. It was enough for maddog7788 to move all-in for 6.3 million and konway looked him up.

maddog7788 K♥J♣J♦5♥ (pair of jacks)
konway Q♦T♥T♣3♥ (set of tens)

The river 2♣ made konway tens full of deuces and he locked up his first TCOOP win.

Congratulations to konway, our newest TCOOP champion! He banked a grand total of $15,367.30 including bounties, while runner-up maddog7788 earned $10,206.38.


TCOOP-26 ($82 PLO [4-Max, Zoom, Progressive KO (50%)])results
Entries: 2,107
Prize pool:$158,025.00 ($79,012.50 regular, $79,012.50 bounty)
Places paid:263

1. konway (Peru) $11,783.87 + $3,583.43 in bounties = $15,367.30
2. maddog7788 (Hungary) $7,429.75 + $2,776.63 in bounties = $10,206.38
3. Tilt_Avenue (Canada) $4,685.08 + $1,736.01 in bounties = $6,421.09
4. pm_marke (Netherlands) $2,954.33 + $450.56 in bounties = $3,404.89

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in TCOOP