TCOOP 2017: kZhh takes no prisoners in Event #5 ($82, 8-Max Bubble Rush)

One card changed the header of the 2017 Turbo Championship of Online Poker's Event #5 final table write-up. Aces getting cracked in a pivotal spot was costly for csikken, but gold for kZhh. The Event #5 champ, kZhh, would use those chips to take over the final table and after splitting the funds three-ways, came away with the win and $32,435.00.

At the end of the second hour of play, only nine players of the starting 3,290 would carry away nothing for their effort. The bubble rush structure forced players to endure hyper-fast (even for turbo standards) blinds before claiming a minimum of $198.53. A few minutes into the third hour of play, schocer, who managed to get into the Sweet 16 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker Event #73 PLO Heads-up tourney, would go away from this one without funds as the bubble rush bubble boy.

The end of hour three would see MaWa2311 top the charts as one of two players to own over two million chips with blinds at 16K/32K ante 4K. Sitting in fourth with 1.4 million Pumpingpoker has been to big final tables before including taking eighth place for $14K last March in the Sunday Million.

Towards the end of the fourth hour csikken, with a WCOOP final table in 2014, would go on a "sikk" run gobbling up chips from all challengers to grab the first eight-digit stack. Some of those chips would be redistributed before hand-for-hand started and a five minute break with the remaining nine coming back to fight for a final table seat.

As expected, with blinds up to 60K/120K ante 15K the shorter stacks wasted no time trying to improve and have a legit shot at the $35K up top. On the first hand back from the break, Super Tuesday champ Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann would shove 6.1 million from the small blind, pinning a short-stacked A. Armoton. Of fight or flight, A. Armoton chose to fight with 9♥Q♣ as Hartmann turned up T♠K♥. Too many spades 2♠ K♠ J♠ Q♠ J♦ would send A. Armoton to the rail, starting up the final table below:

TCOOP Event05-2017.jpg

Seat 1: Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann (7026989 in chips)
Seat 2: SimbaUp (1036003 in chips)
Seat 3: GriffGolf13 (6759993 in chips)
Seat 4: Pumpingpoker (1571418 in chips)
Seat 5: LeROYal 09 (963322 in chips)
Seat 6: csikken (7918579 in chips)
Seat 7: LeviTheKing1 (2266804 in chips)
Seat 8: kZhh (5356892 in chips)

Only nine hands into the final table and our first player would be asked kindly to pick up their checks at the cashier's window. With the blinds moving up to 80K/160K ante 20K Pumpingpoker would lead with a 1.23 million chip shove. Folded all the way around the table to GriffGolf13 in the big blind waiting to call with A♠K♣. Pocket eights 8♦8♠ would make this a race, but an ace on turn 3♠ 5♠ Q♥ A♦ 3♣ would send Pumpingpoker home in eighth place ($3,324.26).

Csikken had a rough couple of levels before the final table but hoped to do some damage with the couple million in chips leftover. Three hands after Pumpingpoker collected funds, SimbaUp would try to make something happen with a little over three big blinds shoving from middle position. Csikken found K♠T♠ in the small blind and re-shoved for 2.7 million to face-off against SimbaUp's Q♣J♦. Both players would pair the flop K♥ T♣ J♥ 8♥ 6♥ but csikken would continue in the tournament as SimbaUp would not be anointed king of the jungle, claiming seventh place ($4,663.47).

On the next hand kZhh, who grabbed the chip-lead cracking csikken's aces in a monster 10.6 million chip pot, looked to improve on the good fortune. With the blinds holding at 80K/160K ante 20K GriffGolf13 would lead out for a small raise as LeviTheKing1 re-raised all-in for 2.75 million. KZhh was not about to sit idly and re-shoved for over 10 million. GriffGolf13 got out of the way as kZhh revealed the same hand used to beat csikken, pocket queens Q♥Q♠. LeviTheKing1's A♥T♣ failed to touch the 4♦ 2♥ Q♣ 8♦ 3♣ board earning $6,542.13 in sixth place.

Seven minutes later with the blinds moving up to 100K/200K ante 25K kZhh would go back to finish off csikken. The hard luck csikken was ground down to 2.57 million and shoved from the small blind with K♥8♥. But, the chip leader held enough (and had plenty of chips) to justify calling with A♥4♦. Two pair on the flop 4♠ A♦ 2♥ 6♣ 2♠ would end csikken's "sikk" run in fifth place ($9,177.61).

Whispers of a deal would appear in the chat box, but after showing the ICM and chip chop figures, the four players told the PokerStars Host to resume play.

The foursome would watch kZhh abuse the table with constant raises for 15 minutes until the blinds moved up to 120K/240K ante 30K and two players decided they needed a better shot at winning. LeROYal 09 desired a double-up and shoved for 1.25 million from the cutoff as kZhh hoped to scoop up even more chips and called. A♦9♠ for the chip leader was enough to hold off LeROYal 09's 8♥T♥ after pairing the king K♣ 4♦ A♣ 8♣ 4♥, LeROYal 09 held $12,874.82 in fourth place.

This time the remaining players got serious about a deal and hashed out the remaining funds while leaving a little under $5K aside for the champ.

kZhh (Hungary): $27,500.00
GriffGolf13 (Canada): $23,812.29
Päffchen (Austria): $22,698.32

After the seven minute interlude play would fire back up as GriffGolf13 quickly found a weak spot in kZhh's wall of chips. Four hands after the deal GriffGolf13 would notch a turned straight against kZhh's flopped two pair, grabbing the 19.4 million chip pot and the chip lead.

While GriffGolf13 surged, Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann's stack dwindled. With the blinds moving up to 140K/280K ante 35K, GriffGolf13 would raise from the button as Hartmann shoved from the big blind for 3.33 million. GriffGolf13 quickly called the remaining 2.65 million with pocket kings K♥K♣. Not a good view for Hartmann's K♦J♣ and despite a sliver of hope on the turn Q♠ 5♣ 2♦ 9♠ 2♣ Pascal would settle for a third place finish ($22,698.32).


Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann - third place ($22,698.32)

GriffGolf13 said, "u were thinking?"
GriffGolf13 said, "come on man"

GriffGolf13 was less than pleased about the results from this momentum changing hand. Shortly before the hourly five minute break (which was skipped) the heads-up match got its first big hand. On the fourth hand of heads-up play GriffGolf13 would desperately try to push kZhh off ace-high on the flop, paired ace on the turn, then with a shove all-in after missing a flush draw on the river. But, persistence paid off as kZhh claimed the double-up to 28.6 million, leaving GriffGolf13 to shove the next seven hands straight to reclaim a few chips and stay alive.

Then, 15 minutes into the match and five hours into the tournament, we would name the champion. With the blinds up to 160K/320K ante 40K and GriffGolf13 clinging to 2.08 million chips, the short-stack shoved once again as kZhh made the call holding K♥3♣. GriffGolf13's 9♠Q♦ was dead after a turned king 7♥ 5♦ 2♥ K♣ A♣. Largest cut of the chop earned the win, as kZhh claimed the 2017 TCOOP Event #5 title and $32,435.00!

TCOOP-05 ($82 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, Bubble Rush) results

Entrants: 3,290

Prize Pool: $246,750.00

Places Paid: 391

1. kZhh (Hungary) $32,435.00*
2. GriffGolf13 (Canada) $23,812.29*
3. Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann $22,698.32*
4. LeROYal 09 (Ireland) $12,874.82
5. csikken (Hungary) $9,177.61
6. LeviTheKing1 (Hungary) $6,542.13
7. SimbaUp (Uzbekistan) $4,663.47
8. Pumpingpoker (Russia) $3,324.26

* denotes three-way deal

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