TCOOP 2017: letsgodody is top marksman in Event #08 ($82 NLHE 6-Max, Prog. KO, Turbo)

You couldn't fold your way into the money in event #08. Every dollar had to be earned through coldblooded eliminations.

The entire $616,425 prize pool was designated to bounties and each of the 8,219 players started off with a $75 target on their hands. Half of that bounty went straight to the eliminator's account while the other half was added to their own bounty. Bounties ballooned, bullets kept flying and only one player came out unscathed. That player was letsgodody, who eliminated a slew of players, took the title and finished the tournament with $15,876.69 in bounties.

letsgodody started the final table with a massive chip lead and while the Russian player sat back for the first two eliminations, letsgodody brought the tournament down to a champion from four players in a matter of minutes.

The final table


Seat 1: Denis4491 - 4,087,592
Seat 2: slinky81 - 17,037,216
Seat 3: giadze1 - 14,495,837
Seat 4: JPMalicia - 6,074,022
Seat 5: XluffyXC - 4,350,847
Seat 6: letsgodody - 36,144,486

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Denis4491 was the final table short stack but got an early double up. Denis4491 moved all-in for 3.8 million from the hijack and giadze1 made it 7.2 million from the button. The blinds folded and we had the first showdown of the final table.

Denis4491 turned over J♥J♣ while giadze1 tabled A♠T♠. The Q♠2♠7♦ flop gave giadze1 a flush draw but two red cards completed the board and gave Denis4491 the double up. Denis4491 doubled to 8.3 million while giadze1 dropped to 13.4 million.

The next short-stacked player didn't fare so well against giadze1.

Action folded to giadze1's button and the Lithuanian player moved all-in for 16.7 million. The small blind folded and XLuffyXC called all-in for 1.9 million from the big blind. XLuffyXC showed K♥8♥ and needed some help to beat giadze1's A♣T♥.

The 6♥3♣9♦7♦ board gave XLuffyXC a straight draw, but a J♠ on the river didn't complete it. giadze1 chipped up to 19,056,056 while XLuffyXC bowed out in 6th with a grand total of $2,747.10 in bounties.

Three-way all-in, three results

The next all-in involved more players than usual. Denis4491 open-shoved for 5.8 million from under the gun and JPMalicia called all-in for 1.1 million from the small blind. letsgodody was up to 42.7 million at that point and called from the big blind.

Denis4491: K♠T♣
JPMalicia: 9♦9♣
letsgodody: 8♠5♦

JPMalicia was a slight favorite to win the hand preflop, but the 5♥T♥2♠ flop made Denis4491 a 72.9 percent favorite. The 7♣ on the turn raised those odds and a J♥ on the river sealed the deal.

JPMalicia finished the tournament in 5th after accumulating $9,951.43 in bounties while Denis4491 more than doubled to 13.2 million. letsgodody on the other hand dropped to 37.4 million.

letsgodody lets go

letsgodody started the final as the bounty leader, but had yet to score an elimination by the time play got four-handed.

Then letsgodody eliminated every other player at the table.

The eliminations started with slinky81, who moved all-in for 7.9 million from the button. letsgodody called from the big blind with a pair of sevens and slinky81 showed A♣2♦. The T♠9♦4♥3♥9♠ board missed both players and letsgodody took down the pot and another bounty. slinky81 was out in 4th and had accumulated just $1,011.84 in bounties.

letsgodody had a nearly 2-1 lead over the closest contender and then pulled away even further. Denis4491 moved all-in for 13.6 million from the button and letsgodody called from the big blind. Denis4491 turned over 3♠3♣ and was flipping against letsgodody's A♥9♣.

The J♥7♣A♦ flop gave letsgodody an ace and turn brought our champion a 9♥. letsgodody chipped up to 63.5 million while Denis4491 finished 3rd with $6,514.34 in bounties.



letsgododdy - 63,500,508
giadze1 - 18,689,492

letsgododdy had more than a 3-1 lead over giadze1 and ended the tournament on the fourth hand.

letsgodody raised to 1.6 million and giadze1 move all-in for 21.3 million. letsgodody called with A♣Q♠ and giadze1 tabled A♥T♠. The J♣5♠J♦Q♣A♦ board paired letsgodody's ace and queen and gave the Russian the title.

giadze1 became the runner-up finisher with $4,116.26 in bounties while letsgodody took the largest share with $15,876.69.

The knockout madness was over. The dust settled. letsgodody was all that remained.

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TCOOP-08 ($82 NL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO 100%) results
Entrants: 8,219
Total prize pool: $616,425.00

1. letsgodody (Russia) $15,876.69 in bounties
2. giadze1 (Lithuania) $4,116.26 in bounties
3. Denis4491 (Russia) $6,514.34 in bounties
4. slinky81 (United Kingdom) $1,011.84 in bounties
5. JPMalicia (Brazil) $9,951.43 in bounties
6. XLuffyXC (Bolivia) $2,747.10 in bounties

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.
Alex Villegas
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