TCOOP 2017: monzemann is top man in Event #6 ($215 NL Prog. KO)

You hear a lot about certain poker players "finishing well" in tournaments, frequently making final tables and tending to finish in the top spots whenver they do.

Austria's monzemann, winner of Event #6, demonstrated an example of that this afternoon after starting the final table in the middle of the pack, rising to the chip lead as the first few were knocked out, then at four-handed suddenly wiping everyone else out in the space of just a few minutes to win a $41,176.68 first prize plus another $7,126.50 in bounties.


The event was a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with progressive knockouts comprising one-third of the overall prize pool. The $250,000 guarantee on this one was eclipsed halfway through late registration, and by the time the door closed there were 2,068 total entries. That meant a total prize pool of $413,600, broken up into the regular prize pool ($265,726.44) and the bounty prize pool ($137,873.56).

It took a little over three hours for the field to be carved down to 260 players and the money bubble to burst, although by then hundreds of others had already cashed for various amounts thanks to the bounties. At the moment they made the cash, G1a1u1s1s led the counts, although was quickly overtaken by agnik80 as play swiftly marched toward the final table.

By the time they were nearing the five-hour mark just 18 players remained, with G1a1u1s1s still there in the middle of the pack, agnik80 having gone out in 29th, and Grekzorba the new chip leader.

mikulita (18th) then went out, earning $1,210.49 plus another $535.39 in bounties. lcl1988 (17th), sixa26 (16th), TheWesss (15th), and R0NALDÃO 99 (14th) followed, earning $1,668.06 apiece from the prize pool plus various amounts for bounties, including R0NALDÃO 99 adding more than $2K that way.

iforoni (13th), sergewiceq (12th), and Sidddhu (11th) followed, each taking $2,298.56 from the regular prize pool, then Hoelle1 (10th) bubbled the final table to earn $3,167.35, all four also collecting bounties, too.

With turistlituan the new leader and Grekzorba not far behind, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Stoqnov303 (Bulgaria) -- 942,248
Seat 2: 3xcited (Canada) -- 935,129  
Seat 3: turistlituan (United Kingdom) -- 4,451,188
Seat 4: monzemann (Austria) -- 2,519,516 
Seat 5: Grekzorba (Poland) -- 4,215,070 
Seat 6: MrLuckDragon (Russia) -- 2,403,675  
Seat 7: santi.shrek (Uruguay) -- 1,230,718 
Seat 8: G1a1u1s1s (Brazil) -- 1,070,162 
Seat 9: venced0r (Germany) -- 2,912,294

On the very first hand of the final table, 3xcited open-raised all in from the small blind for 922,629 total (just over nine big blinds) with A♠2♥ and chip leader turistlituan called from the next seat with A♣9♠. The board came K♥A♥J♣9♥9♣, giving turistlituan trip nines and sending 3xcited railward in ninth.

A few minutes later G1a1u1s1s raised 3x to 480,000 from under the gun, venced0r jammed all in from the next seat over, and when it folded back around G1a1u1s1s called with the 230,162 left behind. G1a1u1s1s had Q♦J♣ but had run into venced0r's A♦A♥, and five cards later -- 6♦8♦5♦K♥2♥ -- G1a1u1s1s was done in eighth.

Soon the blinds had moved up to 140,000/280,000 when venced0r open-raised all in for just over 1.08 million from the button, then Stoqnov303 reraised from the small blind to isolate. venced0r had A♠5♠ but Stoqnov303 turned over A♦K♠, and after a runout of 2♦A♥7♦6♥4♥ venced0r was eliminated in seventh.

2017-TCOOP-06-KO-bounty.jpgOn the very next hand, turistlituan shoved from the small blind for about 1.26 million (around five BBs) and monzemann called from the big blind. turistlituan had Q♣9♣ versus monzemann's K♦3♥, but after the 9♦T♥9♥ flop turistlituan's prospects appeared bright, having flopped trips. Then came the 2♥ turn and 6♥ river, putting four hearts on the board and giving monzemann a flush to end turistlituan's run in sixth.

The remaining five players played a half-dozen more hands, then it was Grekzorba making a 3x raise to 840,000 from the button -- about half Grekzorba's remaining stack. MrLuckDragon three-bet to nearly 3.6 million from the small blind, and when the action got back Grekzorba called with the 825,070 left, showing Q♦6♦ to MrLuckDragon's 9♣9♥. Grekzorba couldn't connect with the J♣4♣5♣8♦5♦ board and went out in fifth.

They were down to four with monzemann the chip leader, and two hands later it was monzemann taking over for good, winning the last 10 hands of the tournament in a row while knocking out all three opponents and collecting their bounties.

First up was Stoqnov303 open-pushing from the button for about 3.72 million (just over 13 BBs) with Q♣Q♥, then monzemann got A♦Q♠ in the small blind and three-bet shoved to isolate. The flop came 3♥K♠A♠ to pair monzemann's ace, and after the J♣ turn and the 4♥ Stoqnov303 was finished in fourth.  

Shortly after that hand santi.shrek pushed for 2.12 million from the small blind with K♥7♠, monzemann called from the big blind with 6♥3♥, and the board came Q♠J♣8♥5♣... 6♣! The six on the river paired monzemann and stopped santi-shrek in third.

monzemann had about a 3-to-1 chip advantage to start heads-up play with 15,561,076 to MrLuckDragon's 5,118,924, and had chipped up a little more before the final hand took place.

That one saw MrLuckDragon open-push for almost 3.6 million over the 320,000 big blind with Q♣8♦ with monzemann calling and turning over Q♦J♥. The last board of the tournament came T♦2♥7♠3♠7♥ and the kickers played, meaning monzemann had won.

Congratulations to monzemann for finishing well, winning Event #6 and earning more than $48K including the bounties.

TCOOP-06 ($215 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (33%)]) results
Total entries: 2,068
Prize pool: $413,600 ($275,726.44 regular; $137,873.56 bounties)
Places paid: 260

1. monzemann (Austria) $41,176.68 (+ $7,126.50 in bounties)
2. MrLuckDragon (Russia) $29,880.97 (+ $4,819.01 in bounties)
3. santi.shrek (Uruguay) $21,684.64 (+ $2,207.70 in bounties)
4. Stoqnov303 (Bulgaria) $21,684.64 (+ $2,253.13 in bounties)
5. Grekzorba (Poland) $15,736.56 (+$3,596.66 in bounties)
6. turistlituan (United Kingdom) $8,267.50 (+$3,258.68 in bounties)
7. venced0r (Germany) $6,014.25 (+$3,395.91 in bounties)
8. G1a1u1s1s (Brazil) $4,364.55 (+ $1,899.38 in bounties)
9. 3xcited (Canada) $3,167.35 (+ $1,541.58 in bounties)

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