TCOOP 2017: _pippzor_ pips them to win Event #9 ($82 NL Omaha Hi-Lo 6-Max)

The PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker continued today with an event well suited to the Turbo format. No Limit Omaha is already an action game, so it was no surprise to see a big field turn out for Event #9 of the TCOOP series - and $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Six-Max Turbo Event.

In the end it would take five-and-a-half hours for a champion to be crowned with Sweden's _pippzor_ agreeing to a heads-up deal before taking down the tournament just one hand later to win over $12,000 in prize money.

The prizepool was guaranteed at $50,000 but that was easily surpassed as a field of 1,118 players took to the virtual felt for the ninth event of the 2017 TCOOP. Adrienne Rowsome and Marcin Horecki were representing Team PokerStars but they were out well short of the money for the top 143 players. When Poland's profek20 was bounced out on the money bubble, the remaining players had locked up at least $187.30 for their efforts as the race to the final table was on.

It would take just on five hours of play to reduce the field of 1,118 to the final table of six. The final table bubble would pop on Brit willchamp3 who moved all in preflop with aces, but monopoI called in the big blind and made a queen-high straight. With no low possible, willchamp3 was out in seventh place and our final table was set as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: sprocketsAA (2,544,009 in chips)
Seat 2: ksieciunio97 (2,079,365 in chips)
Seat 3: _pippzor_ (2,577,486 in chips)
Seat 4: monopoI (2,407,826 in chips)
Seat 5: otitov (380,911 in chips)
Seat 6: korjae (1,190,403 in chips)

With the final table blinds starting at 40k/80k/10k, there wasn't a lot of room to move and the short stacks wasted no time in getting busy.

On just the third hand of the final table, former SCOOP winner korjae moved all in from under the gun and action folded around to monopoI in the small blind who made the call with A♠Q♣Q♠4♥. It was a nice hand but korjae showed up with A♣8♠A♥K♠ to be in good shape. However the board was spread T♣3♦2♥K♥J♠ to give monopoI a Broadway straight on the river to crack the aces and eliminate korjae in sixth place for $1,599.01.

The short-stacked otitov would've been happy to make a pay jump and landed a double up next hand to harbour dreams of a comeback. However that hope was dashed just one hand later when otitov three-bet all in preflop with T♣A♠T♦2♠. _pippzor_ had opened from under the gun, and made the call with 3♥4♠K♠A♦. They were two solid hands, but the board would land 6♥K♥5♥8♣2♥ to give _pippzor_ a six-high straight which was good for the high and the low to scoop the pot. That left the former two-time SCOOP winner otitov to depart in fifth place for a $2,443.35 score.

Big stacks _pippzor_ and monopoI would clash over a series of pots with the two exchanging double ups before splitting a third pot. However their rivalry would be put on hold when ksieciunio97 was the next to go.

When the action folded to ksieciunio97 in the small blind, he moved all in for over eleven big blinds with 2♠5♠7♣4♠. _pippzor_ was in the big blind and woke up with A♥A♠7♥6♥ to make a quick call. The board ran out Q♣4♣9♥T♦Q♥ to give _pippzor_ aces and queens to scoop the pot and send ksieciunio97 home with $3,733.52 for fourth place.

sprocketsAA said, "you guys wanna look at numbers?"

The three remaining players were happy to pause the clock and take a look at a potential deal but that's about where the happiness ended. ICM numbers were presented and with _pippzor_ holding a narrow lead, he demanded a minimum $10,000 payout which was about $900 more than was offered. The other two players were pretty reluctant to budge at all and so the cards were quickly back in the air.

The short-stacked sprocketsAA would be first to strike following the break with a big double up through monopoI. sprocketsAA rivered the old "nut nut" with an ace-high flush and nut low to scoop the pot and shoot into the chip lead.

The same two players would then split a pot before sprocketsAA landed the knockout blow. sprocketsAA moved all in with J♣7♣2♠3♦ to put pressure on the short stacks with monopoI calling off just over eleven BBs in the big blind with A♥K♦8♦8♥. The board arrived 9♥6♦5♥4♠A♠ which delivered a straight for sprocketsAA to scoop the pot and eliminate monopoI in third place for $5,704.93.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 1: sprocketsAA (8,617,625 in chips)
Seat 3: _pippzor_ (2,562,375 in chips)

sprocketsAA had a healthy lead and tried to finish it off on the first hand of heads-up play, but _pippzor_ found a flush on the river to double up and stay alive.

sprocketsAA said, "yoyo"
sprocketsAA said, "wanna look at numbers now?"
_pippzor_ said, "y"
sprocketsAA said, "ill take icm"

The two agreed to look at the numbers but before they were presented, the current hand would play out with _pippzor_ calling the flop, betting the turn before moving all in on the river. sprocketsAA would fold but that would be enough for _pippzor_ to take over the lead in time for the deal negotiations.

ICM numbers were presented and both quickly agreed to the chop, leaving $1,677 in the middle to play for.

With a nice pay day locked up, the tournament would last just one more hand.

_pippzor_ opened from the button before sprocketsAA moved all in. _pippzor_ made the call and showed 6♠7♥A♠3♠ to be up against sprocketsAA'sA♥4♦7♠J♠. The board fell 2♥A♦9♦Q♣6♥ with _pippzor_ once again finding a life-changing river. Two pair for _pippzor_ was enough to scoop the pot and claim the championship!


An entertaining run by sprocketsAA was brought to an end in second place for a post-deal total of $9,858.74 as the TCOOP title would head to Sweden. _pippzor_ conquered the field of 1,118 in around five-and-a-half hours to secure the victory and $12,179.58 in prize money. Congratulations!

TCOOP-09: $82 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max - $50,000 Guaranteed
Entrants: 1,118
Prize Pool: $83,850
Places Paid: 143

1. _pippzor_ (Sweden) $12,179.58*
2. sprocketsAA (Mexico) $9,858.74*
3. monopoI (Germany) $5,704.93
4. ksieciunio97 (Poland) $3,733.52
5. otitov (Russia) $2,443.35
6. korjae (Canada) $1,599.01

* denotes heads-up deal

The 2017 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is offering over $15 million in guaranteed prizes across 65 turbo-charged events. It all wraps up on January 29 so check out the TCOOP home page for more information about upcoming events.

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Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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