TCOOP 2017: Player of Series contest heads-up, and five more winners for Day 7

The news for Wednesday; there were five more winners since yesterday, with Polukalos, Leukotape, K123K, gzp74, and luismi1912 all in the winner's column. GeraldoCesar and caprioli continue to duel for top spot on the leader board, with five more events scheduled for today.



The headlines from the seventh day of TCOOP 2017

We're past the half way stage of TCOOP now with 37 of the 65 scheduled events now complete. While each winner comes with a unique story (click through the links in the results below to read about them), the bigger picture is shaping up to be one about first time winners, with that list increasing every day.


These are the names you might have seen at the tables but never known much about. So to help clear up some of those mysteries we'll be featuring more interviews with TCOOP winners over the next few days.

In the meantime be sure to check out the scrap at the top of the leader board, which is shaping up to be a thriller. You can find details of that further down this page.

Box scores from Day 7

TCOOP-33 ($27+R NL Hold'em [Turbo, Little Splash) results
Entries: 1,640 (3,088 rebuys, 1,005 add-ons)
Prize pool: $140,745.15
Places paid: 224

1. PoluKalos (United Kingdom) $20,444.30*
2. BuckFitchez (Estonia) $16,545.63*
3. zen_mec (Belgium) $11,287.94
4. fricirics (Hungary) $8,191.64
5. Gustavo "22ehnutzz" Mastelotto (Brazil) $5,944.68
6. LuckyPanch75 (Ukraine) $4,314.04
7. grindanugets (Malta) $3,130.70
8. Mikal "mikal12345" Blomlie (Norway) $2,271.95
9. ImYourBluff (New Zealand) $1,648.74
* denotes deal among the final two

TCOOP-34: $82 PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO (50%)] results
Entries: 993
Prize pool: $74,475 ($37,237.50 regular prize pool, $37,237.50 bounty prize pool)
Places paid: 119

1. Leukotape (Austria) $6,122.49 + $2,765.78 in bounties
2. MrMTucker (United Kingdom) $4,442.54 + $2,316.79 bounties
3. magesblood (Finland) $3,223.95 + $727.09 in bounties
4. The TJS (United Kingdom) $2,339.62 + $1,667.18 in bounties
5. S3d3m2 (Poland) $1,697.86 + $199.20 in bounties
6. Van Bijnen (Netherlands) $1,232.14 + $625.74 in bounties
7. Andreas "mrAndreeew" Berggren (Sweden) $894.16 + $440.00 in bounties
8. zaadar72 (Spain) $648.99 + $934.50 in bounties

TCOOP-35 ($82 Stud Turbo) results
Entries: 647
Prize pool: $48,525
Places paid: 79

1. K123K (Sweden) $8,470.13
2. Dainiux (Lithuania) $6,146.45
3. JoeGall (Canada) $4,460.48
4. Stroynowski (Poland) $3,236.97
5. dorschcharli (Germany) $2,349.07
6. Antti1996 (Finland) $1,704.71
7. lexdodge (Canada) $1,237.11
8. Craz-e99 (Denmark) $897.77

TCOOP-36: $700 NL Hold'em Ultra-Deep 8-Max Turbo
Entries: 916
Prize Pool: $609,140
Places Paid: 103

1. gzp74 (Hungary) $85,497.01*
2. LA KOVE (Thailand) $69,369.93*
3. pistecaloze (Netherlands) $71,404.08*
4. Fahredin "FeriBo" Mustafov (Bulgaria) $38,394.09
5. Billy "b8chatz" Chattaway $27,862.61
6. anteen (Sweden) $20,219.91
7. wazawskiHH (Canada) $14,673.57
8. abhinaviy550 (Australia) $10,648.61
* denotes three-handed ICM deal

TCOOP-37 ($320 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Fat Tuesday SE]) results
Entries: 2,102 (1,520 entries; 582 re-entries)
Prize pool: $630,600.00
Places paid: 260

1. luismi1912 (Honduras) $89,640.39*
2. AcePheres (Brazil) $72,869.71*
3. zwwzzwwzz (China) $49,593.85
4. ThaSquirrel (Malta) $35,990.29
5. Nacho 'PokerLoans1' Barbero (Argentina) $26,118.19
6. GuiKsy07 (Brazil) $18,953.94
7. needdollarz (Russia)$13,754.89
8. weekesy333 (Canada) $9,981.95
9. wiper222 (Netherlands) $7,243.89
* denotes a heads-up deal

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Current leader board standings

It's getting exciting at the top of the leader board, thanks mainly to the performances of GeraldoCesar and caprioli. Having first shared the lead it was GeraldoCesar who nudged ahead yesterday, only for that order to switch around today. Caprioli leads GeraldoCesar by 15 points.

leader board - 25 Jan 17.jpg

You can check out the leader board in full on the TCOOP homepage.

Vaguely interesting TCOOP facts so far

AcePheres is the new highest earner from TCOOP 2017, with $108,888.53.
ImluckNuts still has the most number of cashes, up to 16 from the 12 he had yesterday. That's six more than the nearest rival.
Brazilian players have amassed the most prize money, up $150,000 on yesterday with $882,425, and the most final table appearances with 28 (up three).

For more facts and figures from this year's TCOOP series, check out the TCOOP statistics page.

Have you tried Phase Events yet?

A phased tournament is one in which some number of levels at the beginning of the tournament are played non-concurrently from the end of the tournament, for different groups of players.

You can chose from different starting phases that begin at different times. Each starting phase will play the same amount of time, and then all remaining players will later combine in a single, larger tournament.

Phased tournaments allow the schedule flexibility normally associated with smaller-field tournaments, while still enjoying the large prize pools associated with larger-field tournaments. Chip counts at the end of Phase 1 will be carried over into the next round. What's more you can have multiple entries into the first phase. Just ensure you're available to play future phases as you're unable to unregister when you start.

Think of it as the multiple days ones you might see in a PokerStars Championship, with the same chance to win big. Check out the PokerStars Tournament Lobby for the next phase event.

Coming up on Tuesday

• TCOOP-38: $82 NL Single Draw 2-7 [Turbo], $25,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-39: $215 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo, Shootout, Progressive KO (50%)], $100,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-40: $700 PL Omaha [6-Max, Turbo], $125,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-41: $82 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Big Antes], $150,000 Guaranteed
• TCOOP-42: $27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max, Turbo, Day 2], $150,000 Guaranteed

You can find details of each of these events on the TCOOP homepage as well as details on how to play and/or win your seat to every TCOOP Main Event.

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