TCOOP 2017: Purkenya punishes in Event #21 ($27 NLHE Saturday Speedway SE)

Event #21 of the TCOOP was a $27 No Limit Holdem Turbo Event and a Special Edition of the Saturday Speedway. It seems that "Speedway" was a fitting name for this event, because a few of our players were definitely in a hurry! There was plenty of action throughout the final table, with players prepared to risk it all in the quest for TCOOP glory. In the end, those risks would pay off for Canadian Purkenya who was crowned the latest TCOOP champion, turning $27 into over $20,000 in prize money!

A huge field of 6,278 turned out to show their support of low buy-in, big prize money turbo events to more than double the advertised guarantee.

Team PokerStars Pro Felipe Ramos fired a maximum three entries into the prize pool but came up short as the top 872 players would finish in the money. It would take three hours to reach that point and when Russia's sentpim was eliminated in position number 873, the remaining players were assured of at least $56.02. However that was still a long way short of the $20,000+ top prize!

Over the course of the next two-and-a-half hours, the players would drop away until just nine remained. The final table bubble would burst on masiins in dramatic fashion. masiins was all in preflop with aces against the king-jack of ongggg but when the flop produced a ten and a queen and then another ace appeared on the turn, the rockets of masiins had been cracked by ongggg's straight. The river bricked and our final table was set:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: SexyFlush (7,256,426 in chips)
Seat 2: Ramzey23 (11,104,406 in chips)
Seat 3: Purkenya (8,531,307 in chips)
Seat 4: tavarez04 (3,781,943 in chips)
Seat 5: chonseSTEE (5,988,352 in chips)
Seat 6: smeltchoklad (8,407,947 in chips)
Seat 7: cchen16 (4,493,168 in chips)
Seat 8: ongggg (11,509,497 in chips)
Seat 9: mariojgua (1,706,954 in chips)

There were some big stacks around the table, but with the final table blinds kicking off at 120k/240k/30k, it wouldn't take long to find some action.

The short-stacked mariojgua found a lucky double with king-jack spiking a jack against chonseSTEE's ace-king, and continued to play the rush with the first elimination of the final table.

From early position, smeltchoklad moved all in for a little over ten big blinds, and mariojgua was happy to do the same with Q♠Q♦. The rest of the table folded and smeltchoklad revealed A♦K♦ for the classic pair versus overcards confrontation. Both would hit the flop and smeltchoklad picked up a flush draw on the turn, but ultimately the A♥Q♥9♦3♦T♣ board would leave mariojgua with a set of queens to take it down and eliminate smeltchoklad in ninth place for $1,095.14.

ongggg held the chip lead and extended that further with the elimination of cchen16. In a battle of the blinds, action folded to cchen16 in the small blind who moved all in, trying to steal the blinds with an above-average K♠5♠. ongggg was in the big blind and made a strong call with A♦7♥. cchen16 was live but neither player could connect with the board of 4♥T♥9♦Q♣8♠. That left ongggg's ace-high in front and sent cchen16 home in eighth place for $1,592.57 in prize money.

A few orbits would pass without further incident before tavarez04 made a move. With the blinds getting hefty, tavarez04 was left with a little over ten big blinds when he moved all in preflop with A♣J♠. ongggg was once again the caller and tabled a powerhouse Q♦Q♣. There was no help for tavarez04 on the baby board of 7♠2♣2♦6♥5♦ as he was out in seventh place for $2,315.94.

chonseSTEE would be the next to fall as ongggg was again the player responsible. With an open from ongggg from under the gun, chonseSTEE moved all in from the big blind with 7♣7♠ but that was in trouble as ongggg made the call with J♠J♥. The board fell 9♣6♠9♥4♣A♥ and with no lucky seven to save the day, chonseSTEE was railed in sixth place for a handy $3,367.86 collect.

With five players left, ongggg had a massive chip lead with over half the chips in play. Ramzey23 found a handy double up, but ongggg continued to apply the pressure.

The blinds were sneaking up when SexyFlush found 6♣6♦ and moved all in with a stack of thirteen big blinds. Purkenya made the call in the small blind with A♥J♥ and connected with the board of 7♦3♥J♣9♠9♥. A pair of jacks meant SexyFlush was jacked in fifth place for $4,897.58.

Purkenya played the rush and found some more good fortune to eliminate Ramzey23. From under the gun, Purkenya opened with a 4x raise to two million chips and it folded around to Ramzey23 in the big blind who moved all in for almost eight million with 9♠9♣. Purkenya decided to make a gambling call and tabled a rather adventurous Q♣5♣. Ramzey23 looked set to double but the nightmare board arrived T♦J♣A♠K♣2♠ to give Purkenya a remarkable straight. An unlucky end for Ramzey23 who picked up $7,122.12 for fourth place.

The action didn't slow down with three aggressive players remaining in contention. mariojgua found a big double up through Purkenya with pocket nines holding against ace-seven, but those chips were given back a short time later when mariojgua three-bet jammed pocket tens and Purkenya called it off with a suited queen-jack. A queen on the flop gave Purkenya the chip lead and left mariojgua in trouble.

mariojgua found another pocket pair of nines and landed another double up, but when ongggg caught a runner-runner straight to crack a flopped set, mariojgua was left crippled.

Next hand, mariojgua had to go with any two cards and found 2♣K♠ against the 3♦3♥ of Purkenya. The board landed 8♣Q♦7♣2♦4♠ to leave a gallant mariojgua to depart in third place for a five-figure return of $10,357.08.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 3: Purkenya (44,226,928 in chips)
Seat 8: ongggg (18,553,072 in chips)

Purkenya carried a handy lead into heads-up play, against ongggg who was a former TCOOP PLO Heads-up Champion, but such were the swings of this final table, anything was possible from this point.

After a couple of hands of passing the blinds, ongggg landed the first blow in a rather interesting spot. In a three-bet pot, ongggg would check the action to Purkenya on an ace-high flop. Purkenya took the bait and bet enough to virtually put ongggg all in. ongggg committed the extra and Purkenya thought for a bit - clearly not liking the situation. The price was too good as Purkenya had to call and showed the bluff with just five-high as ongggg's strong read with pocket kings was good to land the double up.

However the next major blow would go in favour of the Canadian. Preflop, ongggg limped the button and Purkenya put in a raise. ongggg then came back with an all-in shove of around 35 big blinds and Purkenya had a decision. Purkenya had already showed a dislike for folding as he made the call with K♦9♣ for live cards against ongggg's A♦J♥. ongggg was a favourite to win it all but the board would hit Purkenya twice for two pair for the game-changing double up.

ongggg was left with under eight big blinds and a few hands later they were all in with K♠4♠ against Purkenya's 6♣6♠. The board ran out A♥3♥2♠6♥9♠ to give Purkenya a set of sixes to take the pot and the championship!


It was an exciting run by the Filipino, but ongggg would fall just short of the title with $15,061.43 a fantastic return for second place. Today, it would be Canada's Purkenya emerging victorious to capture the title and $21,906.84. Congratulations!

TCOOP-21: $27 NL Hold'em Turbo Saturday Speedway SE - $75,000 Guaranteed
Entrants: 6,278
Prize Pool: $154,124.90
Places Paid: 872

1. Purkenya (Canada) $21,906.84
2. ongggg (Philippines) $15,061.43
3. mariojgua (Brazil) $10,357.08
4. Ramzey23 (Canada) $7,122.12
5. SexyFlush (Netherlands) $4,897.58
6. chonseSTEE (Canada) $3,367.86
7. tavarez04 (Brazil) $2,315.94
8. cchen16 (Canada) $1,592.57
9. smeltchoklad (Sweden) $1,095.14

The 2017 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is offering over $15 million in guaranteed prizes across 65 turbo-charged events. It all wraps up on January 29 so check out the TCOOP home page for more information about upcoming events.

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Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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