TCOOP 2017: ratajpoker rakes in biggest victory in Event #3 ($82 NLHE Turbo)

There's no better way to bring in the year than fast-paced poker action and millions of dollars in prize money. Lucky for you the 2017 Turbo Championship of Online Poker started today. Several tournaments have already started, hit the money and played down to a champion.

Event #03 saw 4,944 players put up $82 apiece to play the straight-up NL Hold'em turbo event and after almost nine hours, only one player was left standing.

Poland's ratajpoker powered through the field and won the largest chunk of the $370,800 prize pool. ratajpoker's first COOP victory came with a $45,797.35 payday. It was a swift victory and relatively quick final table.

ratajpoker started the final table with the lead and stayed up top for most of it. ratajpoker only lost the lead when play got heads-up, but it was momentary. This tournament belonged to ratajpoker.

The final table


Seat 1: ratajpoker - 15,366,239
Seat 2: IAmSoSo - 5,257,622
Seat 3: petrios1980 - 712,795
Seat 4: AcePheres - 1,954,810
Seat 5: YerSoLucky -1,992,380
Seat 6: daskalos20 - 2,611,936
Seat 7: gunnersfun - 5,671,432
Seat 8: pur3decided - 9,019,863
Seat 9: Jesper8 - 6,852,923

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The first hand brought us our first all-in.

IAmSoSo raised to 720,000 from the button and petrios1980 called all-in for 682,795 from the small blind. IAmSoSo turned over 3♥8♦ and it was easy to beat. petrios1980 showed K♠9♥ and the turn paired the Greek player's 9.

petrios1980 doubled up, but then lost it all exactly one orbit later.

ratajpoker raised to 570,000 the next time petrios1980 was on the small blind and the Greek player moved all-in again. Once again petrios1980 showed the better hand with a dominating K♣5♠ to ratajpoker's 7♥5♥.

The 6♣7♣A♠T♣T♥ board paired ratajpoker's 7 and petrios1980 hit the rail. ratajpoker's lead grew to 18.5 million while petrios1980 won $3,297.67 for finishing 9th.

Small blinds win big

There was more domination and another elimination a few hands later.

daskalos20 moved all-in for 1.9 million from the cutoff and pur3decided reshoved for 5.2 million from the small blind. The big blind folded and we had another showdown.

daskalos20 turned over A♣T♠ and pur3decided tabled A♥Q♣. The A♠K♣8♠ flop gave both players an ace and the J♠ on the turn gave the at-risk player a flush draw. Then a T♥ came on the river to give daskalos20 two-pair, but it also gave pur3decided a broadway straight.

daskalos20's 8th place finish was worth $5,663.66 while pur3decided chipped up to 3.4 million.

Then the small blind took out another player the very next hand.

YerSoLucky moved all-in for 2.3 million from hijack and Jesper8 rejammed from the small blind for 4.5 million. The big blind folded and we had the first flip of the final table.

Jesper8 turned over a pair of 7s while YerSoLucky showed J♦T♠. The 8♦8♠3♣6♥Q♦ board fell in Jesper8's favor and the Dutch player chipped up to 7.5 million. YerSoLucky on the other hand won $6,595.41 for finishing 7th.

Another bust and some doubles

Turbo tournaments aren't kind to short stacks. A minraise quickly becomes deadly. When AcePheres raised to 720,000 from under the gun, IAmSoSo decided to call with A♣J♦ from the big blind.

The J♠9♦8♠ flop paired IAmSoSo's jack, but both players checked. The turn brought a 2♦ and IAmSoSo bet 720,000. AcePheres called and a 7♥ completed the board.

IAmSoSo moved all-in for 2.1 million with the pair of jacks, but AcePheres showed K♣T♣ for a rivered straight.

AcePheres became the second player to cross the 10 million chip mark while IAmSoSo was eliminated in 6th place and won $9,327.32.

There hadn't been a double up since our first hand, but then players went on a frenzy. First Jesper8 doubled up to 10.5 million with A♦5♠ against ratajpoker's Q♦J♠. Jesper8 hit a five on the flop and left ratajpoker with 14.6 million.

Then gunnersfun took one off of Jesper8. gunnersfun moved all-in for 3.4 million with a pair of 6s and Jesper8 called with a pair of 9s. The board didn't bring gunnersfun a set, but it did bring the Ukrainian player four clubs for a flush. gunnersfun doubled to 7.4 million while Jepser8 dropped to 8.3 million.

Back to busts

That's as far as gunnersfun would go though.

gunnersfun moved all-in for 6.3 million from the button a few hands later and pur3decided reshoved with just 26,912 more. gunnersfun turned over A♠7♥, but pur3decided had a dominating A♦Q♦.

The 5♥4♣9♥T♦J♦ board missed both players and pur3decided's queen kicker took down the pot. gunnersfun won $13,190.83 for finishing 5th while pur3decided chipped up to 13.4 million.

Short-handed play and big blinds started taking their toll on Jesper8 and the Dutch player was chipped down to 5.7 million when AcePheres moved all-in from under the gun. Jesper8 called with T♥T♠ and AcePheres tabled A♣4♣.

The flop opened with an A♠ and Jesper8 was out of the tournament. The 4th place finish gave Jesper8 an $18,654.68 payday while AcePheres chipped up to 14.5 million.


The final three players were fairly even in chips, but ratajpoker's lead grew early on and players decided to cut a deal.


ratajpoker - 21,307,339
AcePheres - 11,335,021
pur3decided - 16,797,640

Tournament staff crunched the numbers into the PokerStars Mega Deal Computer and came out with the following numbers.

ratajpoker - $38,381.35
pur3decided - $36,743.06
AcePheres - $33,917.54

Left to play for 1st: $7,416.00

AcePheres didn't last much longer. The Brazilian player moved all-in for 10.1 million and pur3decided called. AcesPheres showed J♦6♦ while pur3decided turned over A♦4♥. The K♥3♦A♣4♦Q♥ board gave pur3decided two pairs, one elimination and 27.3 million chips.

AcePheres won the agreed-upon $33,917.54 while the tournament went heads-up.


ratajpoker - 22,094,839
pur3decied - 27,345,161

The elimination put pur3decided in the lead, but that didn't last long.

pur3decided raised to 1.6 million a few hands into the match and ratajpoker made it 4.2 million. pur3decided called and the flop came 5♦6♠7♠. ratajpoker bet 3.2 million, pur3decided called and the turn brought a Q♥. ratajpoker moved all-in and pur3decided folded. ratajpoker took back the lead with 28.0 million while pur3decided dropped to 21.4 million.

ratajpoker kept pulling away and hammered pur3decided down to 6.8 million. Then pur3decided moved all-in with 3♥3♠ and ratajpoker called with A♠6♥.

It was a flip for the title and the 2♥9♣J♦6♣5♠ board landed in ratajpoker's favor. pur3decided won $36,743.06 for the 2nd place finish while ratajpoker took the title and $45,797.35.

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TCOOP-03 ($82 NL Hold'em Turbo) results
Entrants: 4,944
Total prize pool: $370,800.00
Places paid: 620

1. ratajpoker (Poland) *$45,797.35
2. pur3decided (United Kingdom) *$36,743.06
3. AcesPheres (Brazil) *33,917.54
4. Jesper8 (Netherlands) $18,654.68
5. gunnersfun (Ukraine) $13,190.83
6. IAmSoSo (Sweden) $9,327.32
7. YerSoLucky (Ireland) $6,595.41
8. daskalos20 (Cyprus) $5,663.66
9. petrios1980 (Greece) $3,297.67

*Denotes a three-way deal that left $7,416.00 for first place.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in TCOOP