TCOOP 2017: rodajc90 wins Phase Event #42 ($27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max)

Holland 1, Germany 0. With 30 or so players remaining in Day 2 of the "Phase" TCOOP Event #42, CupiRuleZ from Germany emerged as the big stack and the player to beat. CupiRulez held off a slew of contenders until someone rocketed ahead of the German on the final table bubble. CupiRulez went into the final table of this six-max event with the second biggest stack. CupiRuleZ survived the initial onslaught at the final table and made it to the final two with Holland's rodajc90. CupiRulez held the chip edge when heads-up began, but rodajc90 went to work immediately. Their sparring session lasted less than six minutes, but in that short span, rodajc90 seized the lead. On the fifth hand of heads-up, rodajc90 dragged a crucial 56M pot and CupiRuleZ was left with only 5M. Sixteen hands later, it would be all over for the German. CupiRuleZ headed to the virtual rail in second place, and Holland's rodajc90 stepped into the winner's circle as the newest TCOOP champion

2017 TCOOP Event #42 $27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-max attracted 1,516 players on Day 2 of this Phase event. The top 851 places paid out. This phase tournament attracted 6,092 total players in all of the combined phases. Each phase stopped play after 24 levels. Only 1,156 players advanced to Day 2. First place initially paid out $21,319.45, but the final four players arranged a money chop.

With 18 remaining on the final three tables, Germany's CupiRuleZ was the big stack with 8.2M. At that point, Kevin 'ImaLuckSac' McPhee was in the middle of the pack. McPhee is one of the most successful online poker players in the world, but he had never won a COOP event despite getting close several times. During Level 32, ImaLuckSack lost a 3.8M pot to Vovan7778. The crushing blow left ImaLuckSack with under 750K, which was last overall. He attempted a comeback but fell short when rodajc90 took him out in 18th place.

With 12 to go, two Germans led the pack. CupiRuleZ retained the top slot with 12.7M and Chamäleon1 moved into second place with 7.2M. Chamäleon1 would stay there too long and swiftly exited in ninth place.

With seven to go, action went hand-for-hand. Estonia's kasein had seized the lead with 17.5M. Monsterpotten on the bubble. kasein got it all-in with Q♠Q♥9♣6♠ against Trysbew's A♠K♦T♦6♥. kasein flopped top two pair and rivered a full house. Without a qulfying low, kasein won the pot and Trysbew bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


TCOOP Event #42 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: kasein (24,110,862)
Seat 2: CupiRuleZ (15,586,106)
Seat 3: rodajc90 (8,111,188)
Seat 4: DoItForBella (1,627,126)
Seat 5: The Milch666 (7,853,572)
Seat 6: D_T_G_7777 (3,631,146)

The final table commenced during Level 35 with blinds at 180K/360K and a 45K ante. Estonia's kasein sat atop the biggest stack with 24K. DoItForBella was the shorty with 1.6M.

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WONDERFUL TONIGHT: DoItForBella eliminated in 6th place

On the eighth hand at the final table, we saw the first fireworks. D_T_G_7777 open-shoved for 2,721,146, and DoItForBella called all-in for 542,126.

DoItForBella: Q♦9♥7♥2♠
D_T_G_7777: A♦Q♠9♣5♣

The board ran out K♥J♦2♦K♠K♣. Without a qualifying low hand, D_T_G_7 won the pot with trip Kings and a Ace-high kicker. DoItForBella got outkicked and became the first player to exit the final table and earned $2,231.52 for a sixth-place finish.

LAY DOWN SALLY: D_T_G_7777 eliminated in 5th place

Japan's D_T_G_7777 was the next player to meet their fate. This hand was the battle of Kings vs. Aces. D_T_G_7777 moved all-in for 3,413,272, and CupiRuleZ called. CupiRuleZ led with A♣A♥9♠5♣ against D_T_G_7777's K♣K♦6♦3♠. The board ran out Q♠T♥7♦J♠2♥. Without a qualfying low, CupiRuleZ won the pot with a pair of Aces. D_T_G_7777 missed a straight draw and headed to the virtual rail in fifth place. Japan's D_T_G_7777 earned a payday worth $3,504.48.


With four to go, action was paused to discuss a deal in this turbo-charged event. kasein led with 24.3M, followed by rodajc90's 16.3M, CupiRuleZ's 12.5M, and The Miclh666's 7.7M. Any deal had to leave $3,000 on the table for first place. The numbers were floated...

kasein $13,754.25
rodajc90 $12,095.71
CupiRuleZ $10,998.05
The Milch666 $9,191.66

And everyone quickly agreed. With a money deal in place, action resumed.


NEXT TIME YOU SEE HER: kasein eliminated in 4th place

Shortly after the glow of the deal settled down, we saw another bustout. rodajc90 open-shoved for 19,106,876 and kasein called all-in for 15,329,592.

kasein: A♥J♠T♠3♦
rodajc90: Q♦Q♣8♣3♠

The board finished up Q♠9♦6♠A♣A♠. Without a qualifying low, kasein lost with an Ace-high flush against rodajc90's full house. rodajc90 flopped a set of Queens and rivered a boat. Estonia's kasein earned a fourth-place score worth $13,754.26.

With three to go... rodajc90 led with 35.6M, followed by CupiRuleZ's 13.3M and the Miclh666's 12M.

MEAN OLD FRISCO: The Milch666 eliminated in 3rd place

CupiRuleZ min-raised to 1.4M and The Milch666 called from the big blind. The flop was K♠9♥6♦. The Milch666 moved all-in for 7,177,144 and CupiRuleZ called.

The Milch666: K♥Q♠J♦3♦
CupiRuleZ: A♠K♣J♥J♠

Both players had flopped top pair. The Milch666 had a gutshot draw, but never improved. The turn was the 8♠ and the river was the 5♣. Without a qualifying low, CupiRuleZ dragged the pot with a pair of Kings and an Ace-kicker. The Milch666 was dunzo in third place, which paid out $9,191.96.

HEADS-UP: CupiRuleZ (Germany) vs. rodajc90 (Netherlands)
Seat 2: CupiRuleZ (38,227,420)
Seat 3: rodajc90 (22,692,580)

Down to two. Which country would take this one down? Germany or the Netherlands?

CupiRuleZ had the edge going into heads up, but would soon hit a roadblock.

PEACHES AND DIESEL: CupiRuleZ eliminated in 2nd place; rodajc90 wins Event #42!

CupiRuleZ coughed up the lead on the fifth hand of heads-up after rodajc90 won a decisive pot worth 56M. rodajc90 got it all-in with A♣4♦4♠2♣ and won the pot with an Ace-high flush against CupiRuleZ's two pair and A♥K♦J♥4♥. CupiRuleZ's stack was severely crushed after that devastating loss. CupiRuleZ attempted a comeback and appeared to get some traction going before rodajc90 found a spot to put away the German.

Going into the final hand, rodajc90 led 46.4M to 14.5M. rodajc90 opened to 2.4M and CupiRuleZ called. The flop was J♥7♠2♣ and fireworks ensured. CupiRuleZ checked, rodajc90 moved all-in for 43,932,820, and CupiRuleZ called 11,987,180.

CupiRuleZ: Q♦J♦9♠8♠
rodajc90: A♠Q♠3♦2♠

CupiRuleZ flopped top pair and a gutshot draw. The turn was the A♥ and rodajc90 took the lead with two pair. The river was the 2♥. Without a qualifying low hand, rodajc90 caught running cards to win the pot with a full house -- deuces over Aces. CupiRuleZ's two pair was not good enough.

For a runner-up finish, Germany's CupiRuleZ earned $10,998.05.

Congrats to Holland's rodajc90 for winning Event #42. First place paid out $15,095.71.


TCOOP-42 ($27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max, Day 2]) results
Total entries: 1,516
Prize pool: $150,000.00
Places paid: 851

1. rodajc90 (Netherlands) $15,095.71*
2. CupiRuleZ (Germany) $10,998.05*
3. The Milch666 (Australia) $9,191.66*
4. kasein (Estonia) $13,754.26*
5. D_T_G_7777 (Japan) $3,504.48
6. DoItForBella (Canada) $2,231.52

* Denotes a four-way deal

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