TCOOP 2017: Russia's Dmitry1967 wins Big Splash Event #17 ($7.50+R NL 8-Max)

To win the Big Splash, Russia's Dmitry1967 faced a tough final table in TCOOP Event #17 that included 2012 WSOP bracelet winner Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara and 4-time COOP champion Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli from Brazil. Caprioli, fresh off his victory in Event #11, attempted to become the first player to win 2 TCOOPs this year.

Dmitry1967 and nkeyno battled for the chip lead as the final few tables played down to the final eight. Once the final table got seated, the frenzied turbo-charged atmosphere took hold during a blitz of multi-way all-ins and rapid eliminations. nkeyno's deep run ended in seventh place and caprioli busted in third place. Meanwhile, Russia's Dmitry1967 only needed 5 hands of accelerated-heads-up play to dive head first into the winner's circle.

RodrigoCaprioli-LAPT.jpgTwo TCOOP final tables in two days for Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli

2017 TCOOP Event #17 a.k.a. the Big Splash was a $7.50 NL Rebuy 8-Max event that attracted 8,875 total entries with 22,604 re-buys and an additional 4,136 add-ons. The total prize pool surged to $242,894.30. The top 1,263 places paid out with $33,943.44 initially set aside to the champion.

At the start of Level 60, only 24 players remained on the final three tables. Familiar face Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara and Dmitry1967 battled for the lead with approximately 30M each. By the start of Level 62 with 16 to go on the final 2 tables, nkeyno jumped to 38M and had a firm grip on first place.

At the middle of Level 63, action went hand-for-hand with nine remaining, Dmitry1967 rushed back to the top of the leader board with 50M and nkeyno was not far behind in second place. At the start of Level 64, KUBSKOUT bubbled off the final table in ninth place after losing a race with 7♥7♠ against yarik1903's A♠9♣. yarik1903 hit the flop with a fortunate Ace and that's all she wrote from KUBSKOUT.


TCOOP Event #17 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: caprioli (18,144,828)
Seat 2: M.jess.F (39,123,690)
Seat 3: elayu23 (41,728,244)
Seat 4: Reynevanck (14,893,775)
Seat 5: nkeyno (44,657,319)
Seat 6: Dmitry1967 (55,028,844)
Seat 7: yarik1903 (33,564,818)
Seat 8: Moexxxx (16,180,482)

The final table commenced during Level 64 with blinds at 600K/1.2M and a 300K ante. Poland's Reynevanck was the shortest stack remaining, while Dmitry1967 led the final 8 with a 55M stack.

Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara is the second-best tournament player from Japan in career earnings. He won his first WSOP bracelet in 2012 in a PLO event. Kihara has made numerous COOP final tables, but had yet to break through to the winner's circle.

Brazil's Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli won 3 SCOOPs and 1 TCOOP (he binked Event #11 just yesterday!). With 4 COOP crowns under his belt, he was seeking major win #5.

Ukraine's yarik1903 won the Sunday Warm-Up in 2015 and the Sunday Storm. His biggest cash (for $144K) was a third-place finish in a 2011 WCOOP event.

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JANIE JONES: Moexxxx eliminated in 8th place

During Level 65, we saw our first bustout with Big Slick losing a fatal battle against pocket Kings. Moexxxx open-shoved for 6,780,482, caprioli flat-called 6,780,482 Dmitry1967 iso-shoved for 11,960,964, and caprioli bailed. Heads-up. Dmitry1967 led with K♦K♥ against Moexxxx's A♦K♠. The board finished up J♠3♣3♠2♦4♥ and pocket Cowboys held up for Dmitry1967. Germany's Moexxxx became the first player to bust at the final table. Eighth place paid out $2,580.77.

REMOTE CONTROL: Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara eliminated in 7th place

At the end of Level 67, nkeyno met his fate courtesy of a river beat. nkeyno open-shoved for 28,865,319 with A♥J♣ and yarik1903 called with A♣T♦. The board ran out Q♥6♥6♠8♠T♠. yarik1903 won the pot with a ten on the river. Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara busted in seventh place, which paid out $3,729.03.


Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara - 7th place

WHAT'S MY NAME: Reynevanck eliminated in 6th place

Reynevanck moved all-in for 10,426,040 with A♣T♠ and M.jess.F accepted the challenge with K♠Q♦. The board ran out T♦6♥3♠4♣K♣. M.jess.F outflopped Reynevanck and dragged the pot with a pair of Kings. Poland's Reynevanck was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $5,388.14.

LONDON'S BURNING: elayu23 eliminated in 5th place

Big-stacked caprioli opened to 5.6M, elayu23 bombed it all-in for 33,962,976 with K♠6♥, and caprioli snap-called with J♣J♦. The board finished up T♠9♥6♦A♣5♦ and caprioli won the pot with a pair of Jacks. Argentina's elayu23 headed to the virtual rail in fifth place, which paid out $7,785.44.

With four to go, caprioli led with 97M and M.jess.F was the shortstack with 34M.

DENY: M.jess.F eliminated in 4th place

Tough time to get ambushed by Aces. M.jess.F open-shoved for 48,757,464 with 9♣9♠ and Dmitry1967 could not have called quicker all-in for 45,557,464 with A♦A♥. The board ran out 8♠5♠5♥8♣3♠. Dmitry1967's Aces held up to win the pot with the "Dead Man's Hand" a.k.a. Aces and Eights. Canada's M.jess.F busted in fourth place and took home $11,249.38.

With three remaining in the hunt for the title... Dmitry1967 passed the 100M mark and sat in first place, followed by caprioli's 97M and yarik1903's 64.8M.


Almost another TCOOP win for Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli

GARAGELAND: caprioli eliminated in 3rd place

Dmitry1967 opened to 12.8M, caprioli bombed it all-in for 88,234,816 with K♥Q♣, and Dimtry1967 insta-called with A♠A♣. Yes, Aces again. The board ran out 9♥6♦4♠6♣K♣. Aces held up...again. Brazil's Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli was knocked out in third place, which paid out $16,254.48. After a win yesterday, a third place finish in this event is quite impressive.

HEADS-UP: Dmitry1967 (Russia) vs. yarik1903 (Ukraine)
Seat 6: Dmitry1967 (221,393,251 in chips)
Seat 7: yarik1903 (41,928,749 in chips)

At the start of Level 70, yarik1903 was outchipped by over 5-1. Heads-up lasted 5 hands. Before the final hand, yarik1903 managed to chip up to 84.6M and cut the lead to just 2-1.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: yarik1903 eliminated in 2nd place; Dmitry1967 wins Event #17!

On the final hand... yarik1903 limped for 1.8M, Dmitry1967 raised to 97,200,000, and yarik1903 called all-in for 80,157,498.

Dmitry1967: 6♦6♠
yarik1903: A♦6♥

The board ran out 9♥5♠3♣7♣6♣. yarik1903 turned a gutshot draw, but whiffed on the river. Dmitry1867 rivered a set of sixes to win the pot...and the tournament. Ukraine's yarik1903 was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up performance, yarik1903 earned a payday worth $23,486.47.

Congrats to Dmitry1967 for winning TCOOP Event #17. First place paid out $33,943.44.


TCOOP-17 ($7.50+R NL Hold'em [8-Max, Turbo, Big Splash]) results
Total entries: 8,875 (22,604 re-buys; 4,136 add-ons)
Prize pool: $242,894.30
Places paid: 1,263

1. Dmitry1967 (Russia) $33,943.44
2. yarik1903 (Ukraine) $23,486.47
3. Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli (Brazil) $16,254.48
4. M.jess.F (Canada) $11,249.38
5. elayu23 (Argentina) $7,785.44
6. Reynevanck (Poland) $5,388.14
7. Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara (Japan) $3,729.03
8. Moexxxx (Germany) $2,590.77

Visit the TCOOP home page for a full schedule of events and find out who is in the lead for Player of the Series.

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