TCOOP 2017: smurf0 not smurfing around with Zoom victory in Event #29 ($82 NL 3-Max PKO)

How about a Zoom curveball today? The 2017 TCOOP Event #29 was not your granddaddy's Cadillac and an old-school no-limit freeze out. This particular $82 buy-in event had more twists than a M. Night Shyamalan film. Event #29 was a 3-handed no-limit hold'em Zoom tournament with a 50% progressive knockout bounty.

The U.K.'s smurf0 was short stacked at the start of the final table in TCOOP Event #29. Despite being down nearly 4-1 against the big stack, smurf0 launched a successful campaign to stay alive. It was so successful that smurf0 accumulated a big stack while avoiding a third-place bustout. When it got heads up after Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa busted in third place, smurf0 sat atop the big stack. The grand finale and heads-up battle between smurf0 and nana9192 went quick and smurf0 sailed into the winner's circle. In all, smuf0 notched at least $18,000 with a $14,118.62 first-place payday, plus an additional $4,132.31 in knockout bounties.


Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa - third place

TCOOP Event #29 attracted 2,839 runners. They created a total prize pool worth $212,925 with half of it -- $106,462.50 -- devoted to the bounty prize pool. The top 341 places got a cut of the TCOOP pie with $15,797.84 initially set aside for the champion.

Short-stacked The TJS bubbled off the final table in fourth place toward the end of Level 57. The TJS attempted to double up with A♠2♣ against nana9192's 9♥8♣. nana9192 rivered a pair of eights to win the pot and a bounty worth $1,068.98. The TJS was dunzo in fourth place and the 3-max final table was set.


TCOOP Event #29 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: smurf0 (4,187,898) + $2,151.44 bounty
Seat 2: markovitsus (16,101,235) + $818.48 bounty
Seat 3: nana9192 (8,100,867) + $3,143.26 bounty

The final table commenced during Level 57 with blinds at 120K/240K and 30K ante. Estonia's markovitsus held more chips than his other two opponents combined.

The final table included Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa who has over $3.3 million in career online earnings. He also final tabled a single-day high roller event in Barcelona on the EPT13 final season. Playing online under markovitsus, he final tabled the 2016 SCOOP Main Event and finished in fifth place for a $416K score. He also final tabled a WCOOP in 2016 and finished in third place.

The U.K.'s smurf0 had a runner-up finish in a 2015 SCOOP, but was still seeking a first COOP title.

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BLUE TRAIN: markovitsus eliminated in 3rd place

At the end of Level 60, we saw the first elimination. The final three played 3-handed for at least 3 levels. The first bustout was a tale of two middle pairs. smurf0 min-raised to 720,000, markovitsus moved all-in for 4,360,384 and smurf0 called with 6♠6♥. markovitsus led with 7♦7♠. However, the board ran out K♦Q♥5♥6♦9♠. smurf0 turned a set of sixes to win the pot. smurf0 also collected a bounty worth $409.24. Estonia's markovitsus became the first player to bust at the final table. Third place paid out $5,265.44. markovitsus tallied PKO bounties worth $818.48.

HEADS-UP: smurf0 (United Kingdom) vs. nana9192 (Vietnam)
Seat 1: smurf0 (17,909,684) + $2,560.68 bounty
Seat 3: nana9192 (10,480,316) + $3,143.26 bounty

With two remaining, smurf0 held the edge.


The final two decided to chop up the cash. Any deal had to leave $2,129.00 on the table. They agreed on a deal with these terms: smurf0 locked up $11,989.62 and nana9192 got $10,799.24. With a deal in place, the heads-up battle resumed.

LAZY BIRD: nana9192 eliminated in 2nd place; smurf0 wins Event #29!

Heads-up went quick in this Zoom PKO. smurf0 dragged a 24M pot after flopping a set with 7♠7♦ against nana9192's K♦T♣. After losing that decisive hand, nana9192 was down to 4M in chips. nana9192 was unable to mount a comeback and busted six hands later.

On the final hand, nana9192 was down to 3.8M and attempted to double up with K♥8♣ but unfortunately ran into smurf0's monster. smurf0 woke up with J♥J♦ in the big blind. The board finished up Q♥4♠3♣8♥2♣. nana9192 turned a pair of eights, but could not suck out on the river. smurf0 won the pot and the tournament. smurf0 earned a bounty worth $1,571.63.

Vietnam's nana9192 busted in second place, which paid out $10,799.24 per terms of the deal. nana9192 earned bounties worth $3,143.26.

Congrats to the U.K.'s smurf0 for winning TCOOP Event #29. First place paid out $14,118.62. smurf0 earned PKO bounties worth $4,132.31 for a total score worth over $18.2K!


TCOOP-29 ($82 NL Hold'em [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO(50%)]) results
Total entries: 2,839
Prize pool: $212,925 (Regular prize pool: $106,462.50; Bounty prize pool: $106,462.50)
Places paid: 341

1. smurf0 (United Kingdom) $14,118.62* + $4,132.31 bounty
2. nana9192 (Vietnam) $10,799.24* + $3,143.26 bounty
3. Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa (Estonia) $5,265.44 + $818.48 bounty

* Denotes a heads-up deal

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